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  1. This, it is rare I watch a match that we are not involved with,
  2. You fucking know where I got it 😂
  3. Not sure how to share the file. That might be too small to read. Click on image to make bigger
  4. Fuck that mate. The boy was here with humility and I'm glad @Perth_Campsie_Ger let me know about Elaine Twitter. I'm also so gracious that she took my messages in the spirit intended. Hardest time in life.
  5. Just had a lovely message from Elaine who is @ger4life_1872 cousin. But after such a difficult day this has made me so proud (even moreso) of my Rangers Family. We will always be grateful for your help x Proud of you all
  6. No need man but I appreciate it
  7. Best wishes to you all today. Cannot imagine what you're going through but you appear to be doing it with grace and humility. Pass on my regards to Elaine as well. To those who've donated and commented on here, well done on supporting this. Thanks.
  8. Is it @ForeverAndEver asking for his money back
  9. My mrs was asking me last night to reconsider going. She is already suggesting plans for Sunday now. I have Monday off work. Might just keep that though and have a nice day off to myself.
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