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  1. WHCRSC does have a good ring
  2. You need a snappy name first. What's it going to be called?
  3. Tv off
  4. Aberdeen are toiling They'll never last et They must win in 90 or they'll defo lose
  5. It's a decent game actually
  6. Goals coming soon
  7. The sheep have fucked this up and could easily have been 2 ahead. Sinclair could have and should have punished them in injury time. Sheep will tire and them rodents will pick them off
  8. Wtf was that trying to run into considine as he took the throw
  9. Short lead
  10. All these tragic bastard using who likes a tweet or follows us on Twitter to base transfer rumours on. Sad cunts
  11. Aye right then Robin Hood
  12. Has he put Pena to paper yet
  13. His press conference last week about diving punishments he looked and sounded pissed off in general