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  1. Key point in his post match press conference about moving on to next week. That's his first team against Celtic. He didn't get it right or the players had no fight whichever way you look at it. It's next week that we'll get a better measure of what he can do tactically to exploit any weaknesses he seen today in their team and build on any strengths in ours.
  2. We are dreadful. Players are not good enough.
  3. First shot on target 62 mins
  4. Hi Mate PM @born a blue nose, he runs a bus to the scottish so normally had decent levels of spares. I got a freebie last year as I helped him update his CV. Cracking guy.
  5. Didn't take him long
  6. Surely this is Bonjour Bonjour
  7. Shocked. Thanks for the delight you gave us with that goal. Rip
  8. So if it wasn't Pedro who was it
  9. That is rotten but fair play to you still pumping in money mate.
  10. this is one of them threads that probably sounded better in your head and you probably should have kept it there.
  11. renewed already
  12. It's like a lassies Facebook when they post an update such as "omg I'm raging" so their pals start asking what's wrong
  13. Worcester sauce
  14. Fuck it I'm in Renewal done