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  1. Unfortunately for Rangers players the sfa / media etc have for years treated us in such a way that now certain morons in our society have decided that they can do what they want without reprisals. Now they feel they can target a married man on holiday because he plays for us.
  2. I get what some of the posters are trying to say. Yes a footballer should be able to go wherever they want on holiday and relax and just enjoy themselves. However we live in a fucked up wee country with arseholes who are willing to break the law and assault a person they dont know because of the team that footballer has chosen to represent. And if I was a footballer I'd not put myself in that position. I'm not saying that's right as it's clearly not, but I think I'd personally choose a destination that's not likely to have groups of drink fuelled morons that might want to take a pop at me because I played for Rangers.
  3. Why don't you leave again mate?
  4. you went with the 5xl this time?
  5. Thought you left you attention seeking loser?
  6. give her a right good fud punt next time yous see her for wearing this.
  7. I've heard a couple of rumours of a role at QPR and also Dundee UTD 🤢
  8. It is a huge cliche but he will be like a new signing for us next year. I am sure he has been working as hard as possible at the recovery to come back and earn his place in the team.
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