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  1. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Div 4 finally in seasons
  2. Tuttomercatoweb 😂
  3. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    I've never enjoyed just playing the computer since online gaming became a thing. Rather beat a person
  4. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Ffs 1 point off going up to div 4. Was 2 nil up and the cunt came back to draw 2 2
  5. Thanks for this. I'm sure the SLO will be speedy with updates
  6. Whats the script with on the day purchases for this? Will not know if I am free till later in the week.
  7. Wasnt sure if anyone was watching that. Huge fight against 2 celebs. Reckon it'll be a good one. Hopefully Ksi wins
  8. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Pick it oot 20191108_191950.mp4
  9. Agree. In this window he's priceless. We need him here to challenge on all fronts. Suspect he'll go in the summer but he'll have scored 40+ goals and be worth £30+ million.
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