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  1. Dan Deacon


    I'm not kidding here mate. The scheme is a joke imo. It's purely for profits by the club. I understand they need to maximise revenues but it's not for me. Also long as I've got my season ticket I've no need for this mygers.
  2. He's being intentionally vague and no direct quotes during the proceedings
  3. Board have played a blinder here hahaha
  4. Just sent that in WhatsApp Wtf
  5. They are punting morelos kits so hope no
  6. Dan Deacon


    It is nothing more than a scam to fleece fans without a season ticket / who go to away matches.
  7. Some kids but not all. Scroll down the page fully
  8. 😂 It is if some of the delivery costs go to club / castore and not all to courier
  9. 4lads twitter Or clever marketing
  10. Maybe in future releases but I think at present the cost difference is purely based on printing as opposed to kit quality
  11. Player is if you want a name and number on 😂😂
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