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  1. We concede 37.5% of our shots

    Or do our strikers make them look better than they are due to pathetic shooting ability
  2. Graeme Murty

    Apologies if fake but just been sent this
  3. The sun

    Not on topic as I give that rumour no credence we should have pumped them 5 nil. Aberdeen lost hibs lost. Huge loss to us getting beat today and it's no the managers fault it's the spineless pricks on the park again!
  4. Scrap all first team players

    It's no any managers fault they are all shitebags. Yes you could blame managers for signing them but overall they are a bunch of spineless bastards and they can all get to fuck
  5. Tavs selling Dugs

    He can sell dogs all he wants as long as he helps us winalot
  6. Marathon Challenge

    Now that I've donated can we get more pics of your bird. I think that will help raise interest
  7. Marathon Challenge

    Bet you stink at games but fair play you mad bastard. I'll donate
  8. Michael O'Neill

    Scotland can have him and I think it's a better fit for him
  9. Michael O'Neill

    I heard this on talksport
  10. Michael O'Neill

    This alone is enough reason not to gamble on him for his sake and ours
  11. Derek McInnes

    Must have 2 dicks. Sign him up
  12. Derek McInnes

    Who's Carter
  13. Derek McInnes

    Compiling screenshots before going to focus
  14. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    Marathon bet hibs sponsor tweeted the picture. Hearts obviously pissed off have turned the attention to the fact that it says mongo in it to save them getting a ripping.
  15. Derek McInnes

    😂😂😂 not even sure if this is true