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  1. Dan Deacon

    Referee For Sunday

    Agreed. Best we could have got imo
  2. Dan Deacon

    Hummel training centre upgrades

    Good to see Murray Park getting upgraded. Fitting tribute to it's creator.
  3. Dan Deacon

    Hummel training centre upgrades

    A tim posted it here
  4. Dan Deacon


  5. Dan Deacon

    Spartak Moscow sack their Manager

    Prove it. That stats show otherwise
  6. Dan Deacon

    Spartak Moscow sack their Manager

    Might as well sing always surrender
  7. Dan Deacon

    Spartak Moscow sack their Manager

    The no surrender days are long gone.
  8. Dan Deacon


    Some on here ain't even fans.
  9. Dan Deacon


    He's a Muslim now as well.
  10. Dan Deacon


    Not surprising you have that viewpoint with that avatar
  11. Dan Deacon


    Folk will be on blaming the pitches soon enough. And I agree Gerrard has not beaten celtic yet and that just is not good enough.
  12. Dan Deacon


    Did you know that 58% of our passes are incomplete this year and we have the shortest passing stats. That means our players are failing at easier passes than the likes of Motherwell. And our manager was a midfielder.
  13. Dan Deacon


    Like a cheap aftershave mate. Does a job for a bit but wears off too quickly. Shame I had high hopes. Still wait and see IMO
  14. Dan Deacon


    IMO not at all mate. The cracks have been papered over for weeks. I expect us to lose the next 2 games and Stevie will be off by Monday.
  15. Dan Deacon


    If he doesnt start questions need to be asked of Mr Gerrard. I think his effect is starting to wear off. IMO