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  1. Dan Deacon

    Rangers website

    It's fixed
  2. Dan Deacon

    Rangers website

    Must just be a glitch mate
  3. Dan Deacon

    Rangers website

    Anyone managed to get their ST seat bought I'm logging in but it's set up like general sale so looks like you can buy seats now rather than getting the season ticket holders sorted first. I can't select my own seat as it's blanked out. Pain in the arse
  4. Dan Deacon

    Home or away next week?

    I'll need to get my shift swapped but prepped the boss so should be fine
  5. Dan Deacon


    Made their number 9 look like
  6. Dan Deacon

    ***Rumours thread***

    I heard he was signing up to be an ambassador for a betting company which would limit where he could play football . Dunno if it affects Scotland. Either way I'm no interested. Rather invest in another goldson or Katic type with resale value
  7. Dan Deacon

    Coulibaly is a good prospect

    I've sat and watched about 40 minutes over the last 2 home matches watching him on and off the ball. He's all over the shop and he's reading the opposition's moves about 2 or 3 passes ahead and either getting to the ball or shutting down an opponent who might receive it.
  8. Dan Deacon


  9. Dan Deacon

    Coulibaly Vs Maribor

    Lewis' bird avoids salad
  10. Dan Deacon

    Coulibaly Vs Maribor

    I mind this less cos you're no a wee cunt 😂
  11. Dan Deacon

    Coulibaly Vs Maribor

    You must be at it quoting the op to say only 2 words. Fucking clown.
  12. Dan Deacon

    Whats the story with Ross McCrorie

    Wouldn't you like to know
  13. Dan Deacon

    Early days but.....

    I'll admit when the news first broke I wasn't for it at all. He's proved me wrong so far. Long may it continue
  14. Dan Deacon

    Tavs role in the team

    If he was up front think we'd have won by 5 goals tbh