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  1. Nobody buys strips
  2. This is tragic
  3. Ok dr Phil 😂
  4. It's not. Halliday has not given his full effort. Lazy backtracking from him a few times.
  5. No he fucking hasn't
  6. With how depressing life must be with around you.
  7. He already said weeks ago he doesn't read the press of watch tv so they can say what they want
  8. Your partner must be constantly disappointed
  9. Today he showed he can play but over this season he's not really been consistent
  10. He could very well play in a squad that challenges
  11. Young Barajonas Ferguson was great. The rest of the youngsters also played well.
  12. Those young players showed more talent than most of Warburtons signings
  13. Broxi loyal on facebook streaming it
  14. He's always had a knack of putting a cross right where he would expect it to be if he was in the box
  15. No chance mark fowler
  16. Any links for android phones
  17. Aye but we'll find another cause to moan
  18. Cunt will be out of a job before long
  19. What a fud
  20. They might give us a fortune
  21. You're just being mein
  22. Nothing wong with what i said
  23. Where in China are you from mate?