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  1. What's the chances of this tomorrow ? Clutching at straws ?
  2. Half 5 train after work Subway to Partick to meet drumloyal for a ticket then back on to ibrox
  3. Portugal are rotten at pens
  4. He'll walk it in the spl
  5. All sorted mate. Meeting Drum prior to the match.
  6. Hats off to @Drumloyal who's sorted me out. Meeting him tomorrow. Top lad.
  7. Right I've a minor problem. A season ticket my mate gave me for my pal was activated via his cccs he can't make so initially told the club to cancel it but immediately emailed back to tell them to ignore it. Rangers didn't see his request to ignore him cancelling it and they've sold the seat. Can anyone save the day?
  8. @Drumloyal is sorting me out mate. Thanks anyway.
  9. Pm sent
  10. Only if he meets me with dorrans
  11. Yes
  12. I've got one. Its for a mate. Thread in the ticket section. I'd be up for chancing it.
  13. How does he know what's on pages 31 to 95
  14. Plus do they just expect him to stay away from his employer as other clubs maybe interested. Gutter shite from journos
  15. Weiss was in qatar
  16. Fucking hell man some folk just hate a joke
  17. F1

    Vettel is a cunt
  18. Hopefully you stay over there.
  19. Megastore only
  20. Are you just on the wind up
  21. He'll probably bump it back up in the sd stores. Megastore should sell old kits for 16.90
  22. Done
  23. Got my ticket
  24. After mass