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  1. I know some folk (including myself) have been critical of these happening too often but it was a great applause tonight. My only negative was not everyone standing for it. Thought that would be more respectful but nonetheless I hope it helps his family in this difficult time.
  2. Dunno why these folk bother tbh
  3. Another day and more scaremongering from OP. WHEN WILL PEOPLE OPEN THEIR EYES TO THIS IMPOSTER??
  4. The last match with Hearts they kept the ball in the air as they could not play football against us on the deck. They have a new manager now and although I have not watched them since I hope that he is not a neanderthal and wants to try to play football and if so we will trounce them
  5. Not respected by me. This will not change that. Wee prick imo
  6. Off topic but another month for Helander
  7. 🎙️ SG: Squad is pretty good after Dubai, the Tavernier rumours are untrue he will miss a couple of weeks not a good few months as was speculated. He had a quick procedure and is now recovering.
  8. Fuck up. He's pming everyone and their maw to share his wee supposed exclusive. Pile of shite mate 😂
  9. Btw if the guy PMing stuff does work at Ross hall he's a buffoon for sending out the info. Surely could cost him his job.
  10. Thanks for pm @born a blue nose
  11. Partick player. Get this shit out of the bears den
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