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  1. The amount of folk that keep mentioning it is brilliant 😂
  2. This boy in Botswana got his top lads.
  3. dont give her the credit. she clearly isnt that smart man. utter buffoon
  4. Someone on twitter got a top with tav printed on without asking for it 😂
  5. From new signings obviously these guys have had more games and are clearly good additions to the squad. Long may it continue.
  6. He's got you here man
  7. ooft bang out of order. Bring back willie vass
  8. Picture 4. I remember that and Hagis feet were on his arms in the original
  9. If you know this guy can you ask him for the original of this image for Sweetheart please?
  10. I shouldn't have bothered 😂
  11. Your eyes and brain are out of shape mate
  12. Riled by the forum mongos
  13. You are not well. You genuinely think that's been altered?
  14. What would be gained at altering the legs on this image? You're looking to be offended that your "favourite" photographer didn't take it. I think it's quite fair under the circumstances that as there is a restriction on numbers in stadiums that it's done on a rotation. Why should only Willie Vass be allowed to make money at this time?
  15. Wtf 😂 This place is bonkers
  16. No the end of the world for him it seems
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