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  1. Starting threads with so is cringe material
  2. Have they got another qualifier after this
  3. You can. Just not from an epl club
  4. 5 nil back to being world beaters again
  5. Can a club object to which ref is appointed ?
  6. Well a host of shite decisions would indicate otherwise was his point
  7. Talk sport this morning talking about a few wrong decisions down south. Had a former ref on. Think it was mark halsey who said that refs won't be match fit yet after the summer break. Beaton is still on his holidays
  8. Simply unbelievable he didn't walk for that
  9. What's opening in Copland ?
  10. Could be a bomber in a chair mate. Can't be taking chances
  11. Went and gave him some money and wished him all the best as we passed him
  12. I liked when he just stopped and looked at the ball
  13. Fucking into them
  14. Hibs winning ht us ft
  15. Ha ha I mean 5 occasions normally a tenner spread over a few bets 😂
  16. You're looking for @JamieD
  17. Tenner chucked on these. I'm no much of gambler. 5 bets a year max If even one lands I'll be happy
  18. I'm sure it's before half-time
  19. I've seen them before mate so just avoiding any chance. Bus is a good laugh anyway.
  20. I get fucked anyway mate. Carry out for train. Pint after train. Shop for buckie or md. Match. Shop for buckie or md. Carry out for train.
  21. Indeed. I'm normally on the train but I'm not travelling from edin on a train filled with those arseholes. Supporters bus this week to travel with my own
  22. As I say ya know he did well.
  23. Hodson stopped 2 in a row last night near the end of the match.
  24. What's Whittakers pace like these days? Will windass (on current form) cause him problems