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  1. Potentially my spare season ticket for this. If so I will update this thread and get someone's to email club info for a reprint. I do not want any money if it does go to someone on here but I am sure @govanblue would appreciate a donation. Will update as soon as I know.
  2. Same - My pal does this also. I had the pleasure of taking @Dazzler to a match, however being such a gent he insisted some money was taken. Pretty sure I spent it on booze and did not give it to my mate. @plumbGER's mate has benefited a number of times from this. Again no money is ever wanted. Would rather someone I know got the chance to go than sell it back to club.
  3. Scored the day to put us 1 up against them. Game still on
  4. You make a very fair point. It should be your decision to donate or not.
  5. Seems to me you need to get on board with the inculcation
  6. Cr 2 I'll renew when pished one night on my holidays next week and it'll hurt less
  7. Davie pulling out the thesaurus again
  8. In the queue now. Is it just pay all up front options that are online the now?
  9. Runs like he's trying to stop his phone falling out his joggies
  10. Ignore me I am a mongo. I wont even be in the country
  11. Unlikely. 2 wanted if possible. Ta
  12. It's not the same at all.
  13. No it means that the stadium has less seats than fans that want a season ticket
  14. Dunno if you seen mate but as there is a large waiting list we should be fleeced to give the manager a war chest. Seems fair IMO.
  15. Nice one. Would have been a meltdown if not.
  16. Dunno - Any update on the zebra situation / alternative finance so people can renew who are on that scheme.
  17. Thanks for that. Why is the club taking that stance?
  18. That is a shame. Want to buy it ? Nah joking aside hope that lad gets it back. That is low to steal at an event like that from your own.
  19. 😉 I hope this isn't true.
  20. Anyone got any experience of buying stuff that's signed? Her brother in law has had a kit and ball signed by this years squad donated to him as he does a lot of charity work. He's gonna auction them for his fundraising goals this year but doesnt know how much they'd expect to fetch. Any info welcomed
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