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  1. Anyone see it in the France Spain game last night. Wee Griezmann scored and the review was done and we was marginally offside, goal disallowed. Other end for Spain, think it was Delofeue scored but was flagged off at the time and then reviewed and awarded the goal. Clock doesn't stop and it probably only took 10-20 seconds for each incident to be reviewed. I think it will be a good thing for the game
  2. You got Alzheimers mate
  3. I am quite glad it happened in whilst only a friendly it was two very high profile teams in world football and both decisions needed the review and the correct outcome was given
  4. wait so no loading at all, I like him already ;)
  5. That's cheered me up this morning.
  6. Slovenia have been right dirty the night
  7. I wouldn't put it past Scotland to concede
  8. That Armstrong is a decent player
  9. Woeful from Brown. But the rat should have put it into the box instead of playing it to Brown
  10. 😂 as does his neck
  11. What's the lineups
  12. I just did a really satisfying shite and had a nap at halftime. It helped make me feel more human
  13. Aye sounds on but it's aggravating
  14. Wit has cammy bell got on his head
  15. It's their own, what school was it again?
  16. What day do you hate people on bro?
  17. Dunno why you think you are special OP.
  18. He's not looking for a pundit
  19. Just in this thread mate. Cunts would sell their maw to get McCann off sky cause he talks a good game. This isn't what the position Pedro wants filled
  20. I'm just keen to get it resolved so we can stop all the speculation and cunts fawning over mccann
  21. In the first half (which incidentally we were attacking the wrong way ;) )big clint was stood just off the pitch to the right of the goals when Lee was preparing to throw. The referee made clint come back on the park before the throw was taken, but he literally stood right on the line and the ball was launched right on his head and he tried to knock it across the goal. clearly something pedro likes to do and I hope we see more of the same
  22. The 2nd goal is indicative of how we defended
  23. Bank card found. Clearly a bear Lee k handed it into the bar at wrc Last time I did this I was slated 😂