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  1. I know money talks and we could probably benefit from taking a stupid offer for him in this window but as it stands his goals are helping us make a real challenge this year and we would be stupid to sell him. Unless he has a complete howler between now and end of season he is not gonna drop in value and could end up being sold having secured us the league which will only help attract clubs.
  2. Mate see on her live video she mentions hand washing. Immediately a comment pops up saying I'd like to handwash you 😂
  3. It's becoming embarrassing what he will do for cheap likes in the bears den
  4. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    Aye agree overall the game is poor this year. You PS4 or XBOX. A few of us from here play clubs on PS4
  5. Dan Deacon

    FIFA 20

    UT sucks baws. The amount of challenges etc in it is ridiculous. Made for virgins 100%
  6. Not sure if posted already but this is a great find Blows their nonsense out the water
  7. H** orange and black bastard shouted at him but aye lets move on eh.
  8. Alfie is a well known staunch proddy imo
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