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  1. I think it's a bit strange tbh. Be like walking past a charity collection or beggar, not having any money and asking your mate to give you money which you then donate to charity / give to beggar ­čśé
  2. no chance of her suffocating with what you offered her tho
  3. They'll label that as class though and knock us if we don't. If they didn't need it leave it in pot for the clubs who are receiving it.
  4. Basically the reason I got it anaw ­čśé
  5. Looks very much like it. If anything I should be able to nominate someone on mygers to receive my points.
  6. You should be allowed to transfer your points to fellow fans. Therefore your mate who needs a refund even though he doesn't want to could still benefit from your loyalty for not taking the refund.
  7. So how will the club acknowledge us not asking for a refund? They are rewarding others for this. I should add a i personally dont need a reward or recognition. Just seems strange to reward only those willing to also join mygers
  8. And if we have no intention of ever joining mygers....
  9. seriously though @Louden_Greg for those not claiming the refund or joining mygers, and have even renewed. What acknowledgement is there. Surely the above is the best course of action for the club and as you've said above therefore what are they going to do for us?
  10. We should get a brick or our pictures up in the stadium imo
  11. ? Got a pro am team going and looking for more bodies
  12. Ooft headshot. About time someone stood up to him. Thinks he's mr Rangers as he seen a mural once.
  13. He's probably profited from all this then. Absolute scumbag.
  14. I don't really look into it too much. I was winding up FAE about being a leech asking for a refund but if he's needing the money then so be it. Doesn't affect how he feels towards the club. Genuinely just think some folk look to be offended or have a dig at the board. They were never going to please everyone with how they handled this situation.
  15. I'm not requesting a refund and not joining mygers but not annoyed at any of the clubs decisions on this process. Renewed st but don't see much benefit in mygers at this stage
  16. Good to see some ambition from the board.
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