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  1. beararse

    Coulibaly Unavailable For Motherwell Game

    Congratulations, it takes a lot to outdo some of the disrespectful comments I’ve read on RM over the past decade but you’ve managed it. The very fact you started with ‘Yes’ sets the tone. It can be read two ways. It’s either ‘Yes’ as if to dismiss a family bereavement as a trivial matter or ‘Yes’ as in ‘ya dancer’! Either way, you should hang your head in shame.
  2. beararse


    I think it’s more than reasonable to post a ‘perspective’ thread when we are only 1/3 of the way through the season, with a new management team and only 1 transfer window.
  3. That’s a penalty all day long, regardless of the fact the player went down like he was shot.
  4. Reminded me of McCoist’s goal against Leeds
  5. beararse


    He does actually have a better goals per minute ratio than Gerrard, i looked into it ages ago. Im not saying he's Gerrard class obviously, but what s undeniable is that he's a goalscoring midfielder, something he currently lack I'm not contesting the notion that he's a piss poor footballer with the ball at his feet but to score as many as one of the best attacking midfielders of his generation (regardless of opposition as you can only score against those you play) suggests he posses a much greater goal threat than any of our midfielders.
  6. beararse


    no' really
  7. beararse


    Think a lot on here are missing the point of your post. He might be a shit footballer with the ball at his feet but he had the knack of being in the right place at the right time, something our currently midfield sadly lack. He was also capable of a little bit of occasional magic outside the box (a wee one touch then dinked lob half volley pass springs to mind). Forgetting everything else about him, he had a fantastic goals per minute game, better than SG if you look at the stats, and that was when we has clearly struggling with life. IMHO the guy deserves a chance. He might prosper under SG, just as Halliday seems to have done. If he flunks second time round then by all means get him tae fuck, but don't judge him on the fact he couldnt trap a bag of sand, judge him on his goals return whilst fighting alcoholism.
  8. beararse

    Barry Ferguson

    Spot on. Shearer’s boot in the face was nowt to do with sectarianism or racism. It was because Lennon (and Shearer to be fair) was/is a c***. Have a look for yourselves. Not a Rangers top or sash in sight 🙂
  9. beararse

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    That....and common sense.
  10. Doesn’t matter if we would have been contenders or not. Rangers have never won league tittle when celtic weren’t involved. celtic have won 4 in our enforced abscence, and incidentally they were part of the enforcers!
  11. Not really. Whilst they were guff they were still there, they just couldnt put up a decent challenge. They had a chance to compete and failed. We weren't afforded the opportunity to fail to compete as we weren't in the League, hence my thinking.
  12. Im not denying that. All i'm saying is that winning something where you only have 1 realistic challenger, and that challenger isn't taking part, isn't much of an achievement.
  13. That's your choice. I'd celebrate winning the league but I certainly wouldn't be shouting from the rooftops that we had won 7IAR let alone 10IAR. 84/85 season was the last time anyone out-with the Old Firm won the League: 32 years ago! You'd have to be a bit soft in the head if you thought Rangers or celtic wouldn't win the league at a canter if one of them wasn't even in it.
  14. If any celtic fans crow about 10IAR should it happen, simply point out we weren't even in the league for 4 of them. If the shoe was on the other foot i certainly wouldn't be lording it up. In reality they are currently sitting on 3IAR. They know and we should remember it too.
  15. Pre admin we had cash, plenty of it (or at least we spent it like we had plenty of it). As a result we had teams full of experienced international players. These teams were occasionally subject to a hammering from Celitc. 6-2 springs to mind. Granted we were summarily humped by them last season. I doubt that scenario will ever be repeated again.