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  1. ‘What a coincidence, I was saying to some of the youth team earlier that I was really looking forward to staring into some Jap’s eyes this afternoon ’
  2. I’m only pulling yer leg. i know exactly what you’re saying
  3. So, lost 3 from 10 against vastly better teams than those in qualification. given we should have beaten Spartak when the officials fucked up badly and Tav threw away the game v Young Boys, that’s still impressive considering we were utter shite 18 months ago.
  4. Eh? Theyre currently four points clear at the top of their league. They must be harder to please than you 🙂
  5. Excellent in-depth analysis.
  6. Some folk are hard to please 🙂 Before Gerrard’s arrival we got pumped out of Europe by a team of part timers from Luxembourg in the first qualifying round. Even if Gerrard had inherited a team that had qualified for the group stages, 3 losses in 26 games would be some record. To achieve those figures from the state the club was left in courtesy of Caixinha and Murty is, quite frankly, astonishing.
  7. Only 3 losses. That’s a fucking incredible record.
  8. Never understood two things regards drinking and early kick offs. 1. Fans getting absolutely leathered before going to a game. Did it once, couldn’t recall much of the match. Never did it again. Would have been as well burning my money. 2. If you are of a mind to get the drink down you before the game, you just start earlier to suit kick off time and then have more time to celebrate/drown your sorrows and cause trouble after wards if that’s your thing. My supporters club used to alternate between members houses when it was the early KO old firm games and start the drinking at 5-6am. Id go as far as saying a lot more guys got far drunker as a result of early kick offs due to the novelty/devilment/peer pressure of getting blooterd at 7am on s Sunday morning. Makes no sense to me.
  9. How much did Kent actually cost us? Kevin Thomson talking about ‘thats what £2m buys you’ on Rangers TV.
  10. ‘STUNNING recovery from Jack’ Fuck off Tom
  11. Tom Miller’s commentary on Rangers TV is doing my head in and we’re only 8 mins into the game. everything is ‘exceptional’ or ‘sensational’ when it clearly isn’t.
  12. Technically it would be 31 more points as we only play 5 games in the last round of league fixtures 🙂 (Pedantic Loyal)
  13. Just watched the interview. Gerrard said ‘many’, not ‘any’.... ’we haven’t got many options’. There is no doubt in my mind having listened to the clip that Flanagan would be playing were he fit and available but he isn’t so it’s Tav on the team sheet for the foreseeable. He clearly see’s Polster as a midfielder.
  14. Greater strength in depth for every position bar the one which looked the least problematic ( ie the occasional defensive lapses were more than countered by assists and penalties) over the past 18 months or so. Needs sorted in the January window if it’s the case there are no options. EDIT: just watched the interview. ‘Many’, not ‘any’
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