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  1. beararse

    Ravel Morrison

    Ah, Allerdyce, that upstanding member of the community 🙂 in fairness, we don’t really need to take a punt on some wahoo with talent but a checkered history. Gazza might have been a talented fruit loop but it was all in good humour until he leathered his Mrs after he joined us. Besides, Gazza proved in his pre Gers performances he was worth signing. It was knee injuries which restricted his potential before he signed for us. Id give Ravel a miss. Happy if proved wrong mind you
  2. beararse

    Ravel Morrison

    What a strange post mate. If we were to lock topics and comments loaded with conjecture then we’d be as well shutting down the site given it’s a social media forum based heavily on opinion and hearsay. Failing that we could simply have two topics, namely Fact and Speculation and we all just pile in with Rangers related stuff and you can decide which post goes where 🙂
  3. beararse

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    Here’s hoping all that rings true.
  4. beararse

    Ravel Morrison

    Who hasn’t thought about giving their girlfriend’s/wife’s mother a right good pummelling? 😜
  5. beararse

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    Who says we are getting 15-20m for Morelos? Also, Morelos was a punt from the Finnish League was he not? Just because a previous Rangers manager made some dubious purchases from the lower leagues doesn't mean it should prevent us from signing other players from there. Besides, if this lad's free in the Summer you can still bring in some 'quality' players... although i think you're in for a dizzy as we aint spunking 4 or 5m on a player, let alone 3 or 4, any time soon.
  6. beararse

    Nikica Jelavic - Video

    Absolutely loved watching him play. Obviously nowhere near him in terms of ability but he reminded me of Zidane: the way he moved, his gait and build, and how struck the ball. An elegant footballer with an eye for the goal. Could be doing with someone like him in the team 🙂
  7. beararse


    He’s a solid unit. His kids attend the same primary school as mine.
  8. beararse

    By fuck the 2013-14 squad was grim

    Agreed. Like childbirth (I assume) You forget how bad it really was after a period of time!
  9. Stumbled on this tonight when looking for a stat and thought it served as a counterpoint to where we find ourselves right now. That squad still frightens the bejesus out me. It’s like we became a fucking donkey sanctuary, but with an ‘only lame donkeys’ policy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013–14_Rangers_F.C._season#Players
  10. beararse

    Celtic Sign World’s Greatest Striker

    In the style of Kerrydale Street online musings ‘what an eff load of shampoo!’ incidentally, what the fuck is that all about?
  11. beararse

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    Defoe needs to top up the tan in Tenerife if he’s our No.10
  12. beararse


    To be fair Moult is quoted as saying “What [Jon] Daly does with a football, I can do with an orange." 🙂 ie .... fuck all 🙂 x 2
  13. beararse

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    And help stiffen up our defence 🙂
  14. beararse

    Defoe confirmed

    I’ve NEVER had anyone of Caucasian descent annoying the fuck out of me to try their fine dining establishment whilst walking along a Canarian promenade 🙂
  15. beararse

    Defoe confirmed

    Looks like he’s going to try and coax passersby into a restaurant 🙂