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  1. Who cares about them or the media? i certainly don’t. There is no fucking way I’d be chanting about winning 9IAR with 4 titles if our biggest rival wasn't involved and when you’ve won another and not even played all the games. It is, and will be, forever tainted. All the above are undeniable facts.
  2. Playing Devils advocate.... In an ideal world, we play out the season, overturn the 10/13 point deficit and are crowned champions. In reality, we will almost certainly finish 2nd. So would you want celtic to claim 9IAR over the remaining season with games played whenever OR would you prefer them to forever tarnish their 2nd 9IAR legacy given the 9th SPFL title was awarded with only 75% of games played, and having only played Rangers twice? Its already a tainted 9IAR given we weren’t even in the league for 4 years. A 9th title, should it arrive without concluding the season, would be an unquestionably hollow fucking achievement would it not?
  3. Brilliant. I’ve spent ages trying to work out who the goggle box fella reminded me of, thanks 🙂
  4. That’s it....couldn’t remember for the life of me.... was a fantastic keeper too
  5. Lionel Charbonnier i thought this fella was superb that save from Larsson (or was it Sutton?) on 0.55 was phenomenal i seem to recall he disappeared off the scene for some unknown reason and left under a cloud. Maybe someone on here can fill in the blanks.
  6. If there is any truth in the Umbro rumour then they should bring out a new version of this strip but with the black and red socks.
  7. Imagine we didn’t have our dip in form and we were top right now......how fucked off would we be if it were scrubbed? maybe this misfiring team have done us a bit of favour 🙂
  8. that seems arhat seems a pretty fair solution. I would imagine it would then be 1 more than usual relegated for the two following years to bring it back to current levels.
  9. Matters not a fuck.... We could have Trent Alexander-Arnold and and Robertson whipping in crosses at will but if there’s no cunt to get on the end of them there is little point.
  10. Well in that case, they can fuck right off 🙂
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