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  1. Not seen that clip before. What the fuck was he thinking? Don't think i have ever seen a manager do anything as ridiculous on the touchline. What a fanny!
  2. and yet, not completely out of the race....
  3. As a counter to all the doom and gloom merchants and hand wringers on here.... The likelihood is we will be 10 points behind by Monday. We then have 8 games to play. Beat celtic twice (a big ask I know, but given the absolute doing we gave them last time round, not impossible) and we’d only be 4 points behind with 6 games to make up the difference. That could be as little as them drawing twice. Doesnt seem that far fetched, especially if we rattle them. Obviously we could get spanked twice in the old firm games and trail by 16 points. Simply pointing out all is not lost, so bin all this ‘who should replace the manager’ and ‘they’re all shite’ threads and get behind the fucking team. No surrender!
  4. He did shoot, several times. Keeper tipped over, dived to right for another and snuffed out a third. His pass across the 6 yard box near the end was the right thing to do, it just so happened that our experienced strikers chose to stand still rather than gamble....otherwise it was a tap in.
  5. Call me crazy but I’d say the ‘first season’ excuse has a shelf life of one season.
  6. Goldson should be off for that .... plus the daft cunt has just ensured 90 seconds has been wasted
  7. What the fuck is wrong with people on here? Chelsea have an oligarch bank rolling them in a league which is the biggest cash cow in the world and are now rank fucking rotten thanks to all the chopping and changing of managers, successful or otherwise. Why the fuck would anyone think changing our manager for the 4th time (i'm including Murty in there) in as many years is the answer for a club with fuck all money playing in one of the poorest leagues in Europe? Mental...
  8. beararse


    that IS exactly what i was about to type. folk seem to deal with absolutes: it's either black or white. when things go well, they go over the top with praise. when things don't? everything is shit and everyone is a useless c***. in reality, it is varying shades of grey.
  9. Pasted wrong one earlier....try this http://stream.sportv.ws/42/55/5795/
  10. Try http://stream.sportv.ws/42/55/5795/
  11. Try : http://www.hesgoal.com/news/42184/Aberdeen_vs_Rangers_FC.html
  12. anyone lost a feed try this....commentary by Arabic Bob Bubka but still better than Tom Miller 🙂 http://stream.sportv.ws/42/55/5795/
  13. anyone got a link to the game Rangers TV playing up & Hesgoal has went down!
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