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  1. (Wondering to himself) Does my bum looks big in this?
  2. He did say that which I thought was a bit strange.
  3. 7 if you count the fella he loses the ball to and wins back at the start of the move
  4. Not seen this posted anywhere..... Rangers TV’s brilliant ‘unique angle’ clip for Aribo’s goal. Apologies if it takes a while to upload but it’s worth it 🙂 IMG_8272.MOV
  5. beararse


    It was Kamara’s ability in finding space I was referring to. Hagi is obviously much more dynamic in general play.
  6. beararse

    Ryan kent

    Think Gerrard simply thought ‘fuck it, we’ve nothing to lose.’ If Borna is fit and on form he can’t be dropped but no reason why, if we are struggling in games, to make the switch if he’s getting no joy down the wing. Of course, by that time Kent will be off the pitch if it plays out like the last few games. would be interesting to see how it worked tho. Maybe try it out if/when Borna is injured rather going for Halliday or Flanagan.
  7. beararse

    Ryan kent

    THIS. It's far too predictable. Borna has turned his form around but our tactic of always feeding him down the left is fairly easy to counter. Would be interesting to see how Kent performs with Aribo behind him/cutting inside and allowing Kent to charge at a full back.
  8. beararse


    apologies in advance 🙂
  9. beararse


    Not to detract from the Hagi thread but that’s EXACTLY what impressed me when watching Kamara for the first 7-8 months. Heres hoping Hagi doesn’t go from being exceptional to looking like a donkey too!
  10. Gerrard will be a bit braver with subs and formations in future. All things considered, that was quite an astonishing turnaround.
  11. Kamara looking like a £50k player these days. Seems to have lost the ability to do the simple things. He used to be superb at making space, looking for space, offering an out ball. All gone.
  12. A big battering ram of a centre forward who holds his position and can get onto crosses would help enormously when trying to mix it up. When the tippy tapped edge of the box stuff fails to work pump the ball into the box from all angles and smash fuck out the opposition a la Hayley/Ferguson/Prso.
  13. Hagi is head and shoulders above our other midfielders
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