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  1. beararse


    OR it does.... and he’s realised he needs an old head in amongst promising young talent. You don’t need to run around like a headless chicken to make a team tick.
  2. beararse


    This. His sprint to catch a nothing ball mid way through the first 45 in a shitty friendly was a bit of an eye opener.
  3. That was my only concern too. Its one thing turning on the style when it’s going well. Will give them the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a flat game, with a flat atmosphere.
  4. Really like the look of Edmundson. He is very good (and calm) on the ball.
  5. No’ sure, maybe it’s just weak but he did give himself a sore one v St Jo’s
  6. Probably fractured it when he landed on it v St Joseph’s in the away game.
  7. I’m liking the sound of this.... Polster quoted as saying: ‘At training we have a points system, which makes it even more competitive. “We’ve got a table so you can see where you stand. “We have round-robin games and if you win you get more points. The teams change every day so training is fun but we all want to win.’ Also, have a deek at the various open training videos on YouTube. High tempo mini games, shows exactly how Gerrard wants/has us playing without the ball. Beats trying to skelp the coach’s bare erse with the baw.
  8. There are more St Joseph fans in the pub than at their home game against us 🙂
  9. Barry Ferguson clearly means it’s exciting being a Rangers fan again, (ie the excitement has returned) rather than having stopped/started supporting Rangers etc. Irrespective, or more likely because of what Ferguson has said or done in the recent past, anyone who thinks otherwise is just looking for a reason to be offended.
  10. beararse

    Joe Aribo

    Watched him closely from the Copland Road Stand today and he glides effortlessly across the pitch. Seems to know exactly when and where to go, and is very very efficient in his movement. Combined with Kamara who passes and moves and is adept at finding space, I reckon these two will, on current evidence, boss many a game to come. Cant wait to see how they develop as Rangers players under Gerrard.
  11. Wonder if he’ll improve any having a left footed centre back on his inside?
  12. Not once in any of those videos did he go to ground. Seems very composed. Time will tell....
  13. He is EXACTLY what Rangers needed ..... someone who provides a pull towards a Rangers team starved of success and still lacking the funds to compete with their biggest rivals in the SPL. The project will continue to gather momentum and hopefully when he eventually leaves he will have created a legacy and a successful team which in itself will draw in the better players. His appointment will prove to be a stoke of genius over the long haul.
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