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  1. We thought they’d never end 🎼.... Not sure what’s worse. The shorts or the cunts wearing them? Truly horrific, on both counts!
  2. beararse


    Barisic has flattered to deceive on several levels. 1. Looked excellent against us but those games were before the season had even started and we were essentially a brand new team under rookie management. 2. Whipped in some great crosses, again, against us in what was effectively a (competitive) pre season game with Tavernier as RB. Tav is universally lauded for his attacking play and hammered for his defensive duties (although his defending had improved dramatically since the start of this season) 3. The games against us were on grass. Cunt can’t seem to play on AstroTurf. And 4. We saw him playing with his entire head bandaged and thought ‘he’s like Butcher, hard as fucking nails’. He then exchanged tops at the end of the match at Ibrox and he was built like a Russian Special forces soldier. Turns out he can only whip in a decent cross if afforded lots of time, can only play on grass, is far worse than Tav at defending, is made of glass, has no heart whatsoever, has a physique more suited to ‘Made in Chelsea’ than the Spetsnaz and was probably wearing that head bandage because he was feeling the cold. Cut our losses and get him tae fuck!
  3. beararse

    Paul McStay

    I remember that .....
  4. i'm not a coffee drinker 🙂
  5. Spot on. I thought he'd missed out from maybe a pot of 4 but to fail to make the 'top' 11 is a wake up call for him to screw the nut and reminder to all of us that he maybe isn't all that and we should cash in when is stock is high. probably didn't help his cause that he's had a couple of shockers when he actually got his chance to play for Columbia.
  6. fine line between the two IMO.... experience has taught me that folk who act like fannies tend to be fannies enjoy your expresso 🙂
  7. any colloquial adjective which describes his lack of self control is fine by me 🙂
  8. Surely to god you must know exactly why he's calling him a fanny?
  9. This. He’s quoted in a few papers this morning saying ‘many clubs are interested’ and he’ll make an announcement at some point. no doubt he’s offski this summer and hopefully after a bit of a feeding frenzy leading to a heft fee
  10. Well, in that case, I hope your next shite is a hedgehog.
  11. Yep I do RockwellGers (re the slagging) .....I expect nothing else to be honest. I’m clearly taking the piss with this kind of stuff but it still seems to stir up a fair amount of animosity. maybe it’s jealousy 🙂
  12. You are almost certainly taking the piss but given the overwhelming negativity of this focus group i'm gonnae take that at face value and assume tacit approval until you confirm otherwise 🙂
  13. Must have been some feckin' size if it's been tightened up Wizards Sleeve proportions 🙂
  14. No’ even got that as an excuse 🙂 feckin thing popped into my head when reading the Rangers statement last night for some reason. Really should keep these thing to myself.
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