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  1. All the best in your battle mate. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 21. Had two operations, a year of chemo and radiation, culminating in a bone marrow transplant.... 26 years ago! Never, EVER give up.
  2. Shouldn’t be a problem. He clearly thinks he’s ‘better’ Rangers fan than some/most in here. I personally would be happy to vouch for him if it meant he fucked off to his own little world where he could foam at the mouth unchallenged 🙂
  3. Sounds like a ‘win, win’ situation right there. FalkirkNS can ditch RM and join VB safe in the knowledge there are no infiltrators AND we wouldn’t have to listen to his paranoid pish on here anymore.
  4. If FalkirkNS likes your posts you’re in 🙂
  5. Except for the gratuitous killing.....
  6. This sort of stuff has went on for as long as I can remember. This vile wee fanny happened to be stupid enough to post it online. He's not the first and won’t be the last unfortunately, on either side!
  7. Please explain how you come to this conclusion.
  8. So the burden of proof lies with those who don't believe he exists, with their position formed on the absence of fact? 'The statement that there is no God is ridiculous' is just as ridiculous as stating the counterpoint, 'God exists' (i appreciate you are sitting on the fence with this one by the way) If faith brings you, or any others, comfort then belief in God's existence (in whatever form) has served its purpose. The point made by TBTB was that you can be raised with Protestant values without needing to believe in the ethereal. Similarly, the right to support Rangers football club is not exclusive to those with a specific religious faith.
  9. Gerrard (albeit right footed)?
  10. No’ really.... if anyone wants to prattle on about a simple oversight (George & Jorg sound practically identical, bar the ‘softer’ J) rather than remember and discuss the merits of a wonderful former player that probably says more about them than me.
  11. Like I give a fuck what you think....
  12. Fixed it....brain freeze. at least I got his surname right 🙂
  13. Stumbled upon this video of his 12 best Rangers goals tonight. What a player.....pity we've not got someone like him to rifle them in from distance.
  14. What a game, what a goal and what a strip!!! Ruud Gullit was asked years ago (on Soccer AM i think) what his favourite goal of all time was and he said it was McCoist's goal (Rangers 2nd) in that game. From own 18 yard box to back of the net: 5 touches. Absolutely stunning.
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