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  1. beararse

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    There’s probably a direct link between those who can’t handle the criticism of a legend and those who’s first reaction is to call fellow Rangers fans taigs, bheasts, rhodents, cunts etc because they can’t handle an alternative opinion. I got called all the above for simply suggesting a ‘dislike’ button would be handy on here AND I’m pretty certain I’ll get called a taig cunt for this post too. Pathetic and childish behaviour which suggests a lack of intellect.
  2. beararse

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    If you read the post Courtyardbear isn’t saying DJ isn’t a legend. He’s simply saying ‘legend’ is a term overused these days and that legendary players can also be arseholes. They are not mutually exclusive.
  3. beararse

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Spot on. I witnessed a bonifide Rangers Legend acting like a total and utter cunt towards a receptionist years ago. It was disgraceful behaviour and he knew it. A grovelling hand written apology followed along with a HUGE bouquet of flowers because he was told he was a cunt in no uncertain terms. Just because you were a legend doesn’t mean to say you are untouchable and above criticism. It wasn’t DJ by the way.
  4. beararse

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    What a lot of paranoid pish!
  5. beararse


    Don't think there has been any 'tapping' of our players since 2012
  6. beararse

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Don't think anyone is offended by DJ's spelling ... He is credited with an article quoting the wrong name, which could well be a typo (although C and H are separated by G, F, V and B on a keyboard) but he also refers to bringing him in to help out Morelos up front when the player he is presumably talking about is a centre half. The combination of both tells you he isn't the brightest, regardless of how good a player he was for us back in the day. If you are paid to write or dictate an article and referring to players the minimum requirement is getting their name and position correct.
  7. beararse

    Rangers Tv

    Get someone already a member to invite you to join Rangers Tele on Facebook. Every game seems to be covered and no need for Rangers TV subscription (although I still pay mine regardless) Puffin or a VPN. Never had any issues whatsoever and you can cast onto your TV. Its also real commentary and half time analysis and not Tom Miller and filler vids.
  8. beararse

    The Flute

    And gets a mighty fine tune out of it I may add 🙂
  9. beararse

    Glenn Middleton

    This. The lad looks a prospect. He is certainly an impact player. Whether he can cut the mustard over 90 mins remains to be seen. Time and time again young players are praised to the hilt, there is a clamour to throw them in the first team, they go off the boil, get crucified and become the whipping boy. Charlie Adam springs to mind.
  10. beararse

    The Flute

    Damn 🙂 The first i'd heard/read it was this morning.
  11. beararse

    The Flute

    According to The Sun.... Umar Sadiq is known in Italy as ‘il flauto’ (the flute) because of his slim build. First, his press conference and now this. He’s no’ even kicked a ball and I love this lad 🙂
  12. beararse

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Agreed. On reflection my use of ‘fuckwit’ was a bit strong. Bottom line: great player, poor pundit.
  13. beararse

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    Read the previous posts leading up to the post it would help.
  14. beararse

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    Wimp? Talking shite? Jobsworth? You’ll need to fill in the blanks as I’m at a total loss. Also, what proof is required to be a seen as a bear on here? Call somebody a taig for no fucking reason?