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  1. Docherty Press Conference

    This boy reminds me of when Ian Ferguson signed. Big Gers man, likes a tackle can pass, shoot and I think will weigh in with a few goals. Really looking forward to seeing him. Here,s hoping he wins as many medals as Fergie.
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    Brian Heron ?
  3. Tonight's response

    Wouldn,t matter who we could afford. Our Laurel and Hardy in the boardroom would still make an arse of it.
  4. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

    A bit like Tavenier to me. Good going forward but gets caught out of position too many times. Leaves wingers tons of space but our best option just now.
  5. Rangers hugging beggars

    Sums up everything that's wrong with our club.
  6. Support an investigation.

    That's exactly what it is. Dress it up anyway you want, this is Lawell doing what he done to Smith and Dallas. Anyone not on the C***ic mindset will be removed and replaced with someone who is.
  7. I agree, but him....fight...not a fuckin chance.
  8. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    You canny blame Caixina for taking the chance when the job was offered. Blame that arsehole Robertson and that prick Park. A couple of total fuckin chancers. Not a clue, every time I see Robertson speak I want to slap that smug face, Lawell must be pissing himself at our board of heroes.
  9. KerryFail Meltdown

    Fuckin brilliant. PMSL.
  10. Have the players given Pedro a chance?

    Ma names no Kenny, and I said if ...fud.
  11. Who do you want to Replace Pedro?

    That's my big worry, that mhob will continue to win titles, trophys with little challenge while we stumble from one disaster to the next. The clowns on the board who appointed him need a swift kick in the haw maws and sent packing.
  12. Have the players given Pedro a chance?

    I,m sure every critic, myself included, would love Pedro to prove us wrong, I,m not that far from retiring and have worked under good managers and bad managers. You can tell pretty quickly which is which and seldom do they prove you wrong. Football players are no different and guys like Miller who have worked under a lot of managers will have made his mind up early doors about Pedro. If and it is an if, the stories coming out of Auchenhowie are to be believed then we,re in trouble. The early signs after the two worst results in our history are that he doesn,t know his arse from his elbow in any language.
  13. Candeias Free Kick in Training

    Is that how far we,ve fell ? posting a free kick in training. Fuck me dead.
  14. Fundraising for a disability vehicle for my mum

    Donation made, good luck.
  15. The paedophile apologist Graham Spiers speaks...

    Didn't read it , and didn't need to. Why do people give this arsehole the time of day? He is a nonentity and an irrelevance. His only vehicle to get any attention is his poisonous rantings about Rangers. Fuck him now and forever.