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  1. I know several guys who know Park well, not so much Robertson. They all said before anyone was appointed that those two, Park in particular, couldn,t pick the winner in a one horse race. Looks like they could be bang on.
  2. The way we are at present means we need every advantage we can get. By all means name a team,... then stick out a different one, tell them injured players are fit and keep them thinking that till the last minute. F**k them all .
  3. Excellent, really hope the wee man has a terrific day. Well done to everyone again and that's some gesture from Specialized Security.
  4. Been thinking the same for a while now, if only.
  5. Hope your good luck continues mate.
  6. FFS if a was the only wan in the raffle a still would win hee haw. Only kidding well done to everyone involved, especially GB and congrats to the winners.
  7. I know him, surname is Dick.
  8. Very true mate, I would have bitten your mitt aff for a draw the day. I wanted a performance that would give us a bit of confidence going into the semi final. This season THATS the one we want to win.
  9. Mad cow disease still rampant at the midden.
  10. Your mental.
  11. Success at last. Donation made.
  12. Yes mate seen that but no joy. I will PM him and see what happens.
  13. Tried to use paypal but it did direct to a home page, what,s the shortcut G.B.
  14. I,ll go for another two tickets GB. Will send payment shortly.
  15. Great work, was there that terrible day and the same age as the boys we lost. Donation made.