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  1. Yes mate seen that but no joy. I will PM him and see what happens.
  2. Tried to use paypal but it did direct to a home page, what,s the shortcut G.B.
  3. I,ll go for another two tickets GB. Will send payment shortly.
  4. Great work, was there that terrible day and the same age as the boys we lost. Donation made.
  5. TBH don't know where this strong finish is going to come from. We,ve still to depend on the same dross on the park no matter who organizes them.
  6. There are beasts in every walk of life, it was only a matter of time before they dug up a link to us, however tenuous or even fabricated. They have been going to extreme lengths for a long time to involve us. The difference is how you deal with the allegations, the correct way or the C***ic way.
  7. Said the same myself, he also said he was ONLY 20, unbelievable..... or maybe not.
  8. Hi GB, £40 donation made.


  9. Cheers mate, wasn,t sure how to go about getting the tickets, a bit thick sometimes. I,ll watch out for the date.
  10. G.B Will you need to know how many tickets each person wants or will it be the amount you donate ?
  11. A real life hard man.
  12. Where,s the follow up stories. As has been said the English papers more or less forced the Record to publish the story as this has been common knowledge for years up here and they wouldn,t touch it.. Now call me paranoid, but if that's us, they would run this and add ons for weeks, and a full front page. No stone would be left unturned. I await developments but expect it to fizzle out.
  13. McKay hasn,t kicked a ball since last seasons SC semi. I think he has lost a bit of confidence and 1 good game might bring that back. Waghorn doesn,t look fit or interested playing wide. Holt needs to look up now and again and look for options, he has bags of running in him but a wee think would make him a far better player. In saying all that, its our defence that's the big worry. The two that played at the back last night are brutal. IMO.