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  1. Signed and posted on F.B.
  2. Budswiser

    Rangers related picture thread

    Jeez, that brings back memories.
  3. Budswiser

    Disappointing Defeat For 16’s

    Always enjoy reading about the young teams. Pity about the result.
  4. Budswiser

    sfa bigot exposed

    I,m sure that's not the case.
  5. Budswiser

    sfa bigot exposed

    Civility can be defined in many ways, the fact I kept my description of you to mearly being an arsehole, was me being as civil as I could muster. I think I did quite well.
  6. Budswiser

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Quite simply the ramblings of an attention seeking mental incompetent. The guy is struggling without the wee bit of exposure he had before the people who employed him woke up. Total prick of a man.
  7. Budswiser

    sfa bigot exposed

    I know you are the very definition of ADD, and any comment you make is designed for a reaction so I wont disappoint you. You are easily the biggest arsehole on this forum. Fact. I am well aware that you will enjoy that.
  8. Budswiser

    sfa bigot exposed

    As some say, just because your paranoid doesn,t mean they aren,t out to get you. There is plenty of evidence to suggest its not paranoia.
  9. Budswiser

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Cannot believe the amount of people on here saying this is because we have been getting rogered the past few seasons. It has fuck all to do with that, Christ you would think these games were the first time we,ve had a skelpin from that mob. I am fed up to the baw sack watchin they bastards enjoy the whole of the Broomie and their choreographed chantin, and we,re stuck away at the arse end of their gyproc pre-fab. Different when we had the old grounds and it was magic in the Rangers end, but they changed that. We should have done the same and only gave them part of the Broomie from the start and when the corners were done, threw them in there. FUCK them, there is no downside to this. Well done the board...Four words I never thought I would say... N.S.
  10. Budswiser

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Maybe the big investment is only coming because of the youth coach.
  11. Budswiser

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Get your point but I think we are such a fuckin state, mainly through these same cunts mind you, that this might be his last throw of the dice. Here,s hopin.
  12. Budswiser

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Gerrard isn,t stupid. He knows this team needs major money spent on it. He must have been given money assurances from King or he wouldn,t go near it. Surely at the very least we will see a better level of player on the pitch. Surely to fuck there must be an improvement on what we,ve got. For that reason alone I,m willing to give it a chance. We are going nowhere but down the shitter at present.
  13. Budswiser

    My letter to the Directors.

    Admire the time and effort you put into this mate but unfortunately this board don't give a flying fuck about you, me or any other supporter, or what we think.
  14. Budswiser

    From the lips of Jimmy Millar

    We limp from one crisis to the next. No matter what was said and by who, the root of all our problems is and has been for too long THE BOARD. Each and every one of them is culpable and should be chased down Edmiston Drive. With that mob in charge I,m afraid there is no hope.
  15. Budswiser

    We deserve better

    They should have put the fuckin padlocks on before the game on Sunday. With that shower of imposters inside.