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  1. Budswiser


    When we "lost" Mclean and McCoist there was an English commentary that kicked in. Pretty sure they must have been doing the commentary for the English. I may be wrong though. In any case McLean,s an arsehole and one of the worst I have heard. Not only his obvious dislike for us, which he canny hide, but the fact is that he,s just fuckin brutal. I would much prefer listening to the English commentary. They might get their facts wrong sometimes but there,s no agenda.
  2. Budswiser


    Your no listening to the same guy I am on Sky then. Never stops slabberin about that mob, no matter who,s playing.
  3. Budswiser

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Agree, Morelos is a liability and will never change. Time against us to change it now but I would bin him if and when we can.
  4. Budswiser

    The Debate

    I agree it doesn,t have to take years to overtake them, but a bit of realism is needed. We are a team still gelling, there,s a long way to go and we could easily go there next week and get beat. That doesn,t mean that over the course of the season we wont catch and overtake them . We have been used to watching so much shite these last years that this team has started so well, we are maybe expecting a bit too much too soon.
  5. Budswiser


    Apparently he is quote " worse than Dalcio" according to Windass when asked by my mate in Croatia and he was not kidding.
  6. Budswiser

    MOTM today Connor Goldson

    Met the big man on Friday. He was out shopping with his Mrs and kid. Really nice guy very friendly and everything I would expect from a Rangers player. Pleasure to talk to him.
  7. Budswiser

    Lucky Rangers...

    They did have some good chances in the first half and we were slack at the back. We were much much better in the second period. I think the gaffer must have given them a wee talk at half time... again.
  8. Budswiser

    Rangers Pools

    I was an agent for a few years in the late 70,s . That's exactly how it worked then as you describe. Big money prizes for that era.
  9. Budswiser

    Minutes Applause at tomorrow's game

    Spread the word guys. L.W.F.
  10. Budswiser

    Sugar daddy

    Think there,s a very good chance that,s the case.
  11. Budswiser


    Good squad player, no more .
  12. Budswiser

    Morelos red rescinded

    Fuckin sick of this. 3 from the last 6 rescinded. The damage has been done. One these "red" cards are going to cost us big time, when it really matters.
  13. Budswiser

    Something less than Semper Vigilo

    Great piece D,art. The method in which P.S. deal with matters concerning Rangers and their support will not change any time soon. We have no one in the corridors of power to stand our corner. The police are just an extension of the Scottish government who, lets be frank hate our ideals and even existence. There will never be a level playing field whilst they are in power. We are easy prey and they know it.
  14. Budswiser


    Police Scotland have released footage.
  15. Budswiser

    Barisic signs

    Group stages....if we get there. Here,s hoping.