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  1. Kevin Thomson springs to mind those tackles on Keane ahah
  2. 2005 Dinamo Zagreb in Canada a young Luka Modric was in the squad ! best was getting to see Barry Ferguson play and got to meet and shake his hand after ! also gave Novo my scarf ! I was 14 back then ! never ever forget that
  3. Why doesn't everyone donate a few quid to him and his family 🙂 fiver each etc.
  4. I have a framed Rangers Football Club Share Certificate from 1908. It is for 25 Ordinary Shares in the Name of Sir John Ure Primrose Sir John Ure Primrose DL LLD (1847–1924) was a Scottish merchant who served as Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1902 to 1905 and as Chairman of Rangers Football Club from 1912 to 1923. He was also Chairman of the Clyde Navigation Trust.
  5. First kit my celtic loving aunt bought me had it sent over to Canada I used to wear it to training and around the house !
  6. This Gentleman rite here is Mr Danny Mclardy ! he played for the Rangers reserves In the early-mid 1960s. After coming on loan to a team in Canada he has remained since ! I hope he wouldn't mind me posting ! We met one night when I listed one of my signed Rangers shirts ! he came by we spoke and he mentioned he had known many of the same people from my NARSA -Cambridge true blues Rangers supporters clubs. Figuring since we have a massive following in North America ! was just a fellow fan! Danny is truly one of the nicest people I have ever met and have had the pleasure to watch a few matches with him. He had some amazing stories about Ibrox and what it was like back in those days. http://backoffice.afc.co.uk/matches/fixtures/mreport.cfm?fixture_id=7405&season=1965-66&squad=Reserves
  7. Roberts leading the billy boys !! God I wish I could go back in time and be there to witness those moments !
  8. This video does for me what Porn does for others ! 🖐️ Ibrox is gorgeous
  9. 100% Nailed it ! got to take the 9inarow specs off ! times have moved on ! we literally hit rock bottom and have finally stabilized the ship- Now we all want the tittle back etc etc but hitting re boot constantly cause we seem to forget 2012-2017 was a dark period- McCoist,Pedro,Warburton,McCall,Murty etc etc We finally have a Rookie manager ! complete rookie who as Malkytfp1 put it ! has our overall squad improved a 20million pound player in Morelos ! improvement in goals against,losses etc etc. by the end of next season if we are in the same spot and Stevie G hasn't learned his mistakes - and improved like late subs to affect the game ! then yes maybe then we need to look else where. But for me he has genuinely improved us brought us to the point where yes we have blown our chances but closer than ever before since 2012 to challenge them. give him time one season is not enough !
  10. Love this ! its amazing how 50-60 years ago things had been compared to now. Ibrox oozes with history IF WALLS COULD TALK!
  11. ever see some of those Sunday league tackles ! aha some nasty ones out there
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