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  1. If we play like we did first half yes if we play like the second half teams would walk all over us. We are very jekyl and hide.
  2. glad we made it through but this perfomace shows there is much to be desired ! they just don't have the character
  3. cant stand him hardly speak up but he drives my head in !! hate the player.
  4. this squad needs a boot up the balls ! they need a spine we lack leader ship and we have no balls ! fucking so annoying. no conviction tav in that pass jesus man this is so predictable.
  5. This team really has no winners mentality they bottle everything !! they can be so great then just bottle it always when we have a chance to lay down markers.
  6. there is such things a premier league tax. even in fm manager fifa etc any player coming from that league is always very pricey.
  7. Halifax wanderes CPL Canadian Premier league ! I meant supporters clubs ! to watch the game.
  8. they got a club our there to watch it ? I had a pal who moved out there back in 2013-14 think there was one.
  9. 5:30 Am here in Canada slept maybe 4 hours ! already up got the tunes on going to play an old firm on FIFA ! like a kid on Christmas still get so excited for these games ! BATTLE FEVER IS ON !
  10. Its like when you are getting bullied ( the media) you just try to avoid it and hope it will get bored and go away. But the don't until you stand up to them and kick there cunt in. Works everytime bully leaves you alone once you stand firm and kick its arse.
  11. my dad was still in the womb in 1970 I wasn't even in a baw sack yet. Love hearing about the old history !
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