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  1. Sadly he will play vs Porto we all know it ! so far Gerrard ( I adore by the way) has a flaw of not dropping players when needed !
  2. You are rite !! was raw in the moment !! thats what football does to you !!
  3. Not blaming him for tonight lmao was just residual from other games !! im just being a moaning cunt !!
  4. Just from all the other nights and games ! lol im just grumpy ahah
  5. Even if he is Captain no one is bigger than Rangers ! get him dropped test out Jack as Captain and I bet you Tav will work hard and get back into the squad. But for now he can do what ever he wants and get away with it.
  6. THIS !! I love tav happy to have him but he needs to be benched along with Goldson just to show them that you cant keep starting 100% of the time regardless of the performance they put in. Its getting annoying now ! Drop him let him earn the shirt back!! I reckon it would do him a world of good. Same with Goldson
  7. I think Gerrard really needs to have a word with these players ! love Tav I support Goldson (They have to know that they are not untouchable) only two who can start 100% regardless of performances and lets be honest time he grew a pair benched them both and OJO and shake this squad up. That was flat boring and loosing it at the end was unacceptable. I love Rangers but for the last 8 years they seem to fuck them selves over with these half ass displays.!!
  8. Can't believe I skipped my daily wank to watch this pish lol
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