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  1. The state of this team today letting an injured boyce score ! some one tell them its 2020 not 2014/15 Rangers ! this is how you loose a title ! AWFUL performance !
  2. That's his own fault ! and if that is how he feels about being given an opportunity to play in front of 50k fans from effing Swindon town he can gladly fuck off ! hate players like him no respect. How about impress better in training and work hard enough to not have lost your #1 spot.
  3. " ensure we keep Ibrox roaring for every last minute of this 2020/21 season." who messes this up its 2019-2020 season....
  4. They are the Ferrari of the formula 1 world here. Ferrari has so much power and leverage even with the new owners liberty. think a year or two ago they threatened to walk if they didn't get there way. I see a lot of similarities
  5. Makes you wonder eh ! pure weirdos out there
  6. Some of our fans are so weird ! Ive been impressed with him Going forward his movement,passing and delivery. and shows for a tackle. On Rangers Instagram his debut picture I wrote lads playing well. Right away a Ranger fan write "yeah no ones running at him tho" Ovb not its Stranrear with 11 men behind the deck. Never understand the negativity. what a weirdo
  7. Our club needs to grow some balls towards all this bias stuff ! its getting WAY out of hand now ! but if you let a bully bully you he wont ever get bored stand up to him and show you arent a push over and guess what ! it usually stops ! We play in a league that despises us the hate felt for Rangers you would think we are some foreign invader ! not the beautiful institution that is 100% proud to be a Scottish club! that we are ! I am not surprised by this as since as long as I can remember we have been always been treated un fair ! but again its the clubs job from top to bottom to stand up to this blatant biased ! its so transparent its impossible not to see. Sorry I had to post it ! but the fucking balls on the SFA and the rest of Scotland to do this ! and we just sit back and take it ! and enough is enough ! Not one peep from them when Boruc did this ! hibs walked away with nothing when there fans by the thousands invaded the pitch and assaulted our players ! that fat fucking cunt boruc with the flag all the pictures above ! we should all write complaints to the sfa we need some one in the media highlighting this and keeping it fresh. and protest and the club should stand up to this shit. there is many more times what about Boruc running around ibrox with that big flag ! years ago So sick of watching our club get walked all over!!!!!
  8. Remember how shambles that was ! fighting for 4 trophies zero help !
  9. yeah but TAA would out do JT thats for sure.
  10. Just cause your 60 you can still have subs ! that sorts out Baxter etc. lol kidding but I know they had no subs back then. I know a friend who played for Rangers reserves in the 60s and he told me some wonderful stories.
  11. In the real world yes ! in the SFAs world a pay raise a hand shake and a thank you card lol
  12. Absolutely our club does need to come out guns blazing and fire some shots. Do the talking on and off the pitch.
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