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  1. breaks my heart seeing Fernando so healthy and ugh to know what his future was so sad!! loved him at our club and he is exactly the type of character we need in our squad!! bless you Fernando <3
  2. That goal in the OF from Ness tho wow !!
  3. Exactly!! I remember him getting games here and there etc and going out on loan wasn't once to dunfermline etc. Then all of a sudden he was our first choice and one hell of a keeper! still remember his save vs werder bremen
  4. maybe 85% in europe not the season ! lol
  5. I personally don't mind it behind the scenes etc but game day play like that person hurt your family !! they are the enemy ! but they say keep your friends close but enemies even closer !
  6. Kevin Thomson is massive friends with Scott Brown wonder if they ever got together after games to talk about his tackle of Keane lol ah ha ha
  7. I remeber Chris Burke being a player getting time and that huge virus hit ? and he wasn't the same after. still had a good carear tho. the saddest is the wee guy from Ajax Abdelhak Nouri suffered brain damage and all reports he was going to be some player! he was in the same class/year of players in Frankie De Jong and De Ligt.
  8. Mate children make Nike and they make good shirts !! ahah don't blame a child they make good gear to be fair !
  9. Naw the pedos across the streets are worse !! abused behind it and knuckle dragging bin lickin junkies ! lol that top is pretty shite tho
  10. Some goal that tho remember watching it go in thinking that boys life just changed !! Some goal !
  11. Yes you can tell he is ! and glad we got him at our club. Imagine we had him in his Tottenham days! even still he's very good I would instantly offer him a coaching role after he retires. His experiences training our youngster is vital
  12. Here is neat interview just came out ! figured a nice watch for us to keep busy. Talks about Depo saying he has potential 🙂 Great player to be learning from in Defoe
  13. Yes 2012-2020 its sad in 8 years to see what we deem acceptable! First is everything second is best of the loosers. We need to get stuck in !
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