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  1. Every kit should have the RFC crest that big !! that kit was class ! still looking to replace my XL one that got wrecked.
  2. At least one was a honest good man the other a cunt
  3. Where they brothers ? before I was born who are these two ?
  4. Saša Papac & Julien Rodriguez These two for me ! reliable what I wouldn't give to have Papac at LB rite now for Barisic when he needa break or is injured. & to me Julien was solid for us reliable.
  5. Well Put Jurgen really is one of the best in the world. Imagine him in our dugout one day !
  6. Lets be honest it is the SFA ! this could happen lol
  7. Can at least say had been apart of global history years from now season 19/20 will be talked about lol from corrupt refs,bad trips to dubai media which hunts on players then a global pandemic ! season tickets may be a collectors item. in the future.
  8. extremely lazy defending for that goal!
  9. Rangers 2020 so far. Can we go ahead and suspend the Europa league now
  10. Still a head scratcher eh ffs worst one ive ever seen
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