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  1. WeeJacksonRFC

    More Scum Abuse towards Gascoigne

    They really are the lowest form of pond scum in football. No class always disrespectful. Comments like these make so thankful my family was Rangers growing up proud to have the RFC crest over my heart. I hate there players and fans and club to the max but when I read about guys like Liam Miller or any bad health towards there ex players (Burns,Petrov) You genuinely feel bad and have respect and don't wish that upon them. But when I read comments like this and the ones directed at Ricksen and the 66 fans who never came home it genuinely makes me sick! ZERO CLASS! I genuinely hope we lift 55 and go on a dominating run for many years ! they deserve nothing!!
  2. WeeJacksonRFC

    Stevie Press Conference

    Matt Polster I do a lot of sports media- around MLS (Major League Soccer) He is a good Right Back was out injured last season is 25. He would be a good back up player. The other is highly rated but ive never seen him play in person. Matt Polster ive seen a few times and in the league. I live in Canada and watch the league closely. Gutman, a left-back, is regarded as one of US college football's most highly rated prospects, having played for Indiana University's Hoosiers sid The League has definitely grown massively and there is some great talent in the league. I attend every single Toronto FC match and have had the chance to watch the league and the players in league grow. Hope this helps.
  3. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers Football Club Share From 1908 - Rangers History

    Hey mate just give us a PM
  4. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers Football Club Share From 1908 - Rangers History

    feel free to send a PM and we can work something out
  5. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers Football Club Share From 1908 - Rangers History

    I don't know fella we looked pretty alive in Spain to me !! ? I did back in 2014 and had it appraised by club historian. he did mention they have several of them in the club. back in 2014 some one mentioned maybe contacting the Scottish football museum- I do love it tho two massive people in our beautiful history makes you wonder was it issued up stairs in the managers office all those years ago.
  6. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers Football Club Share From 1908 - Rangers History

    If only it was 1690! I would have went for it
  7. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers Football Club Share From 1908 - Rangers History

    I heard about that one. When I was in touch with club historian David Mason in 2014 I can provide the emails. He appraised it roughly 1400 Pounds and mentioned that value could go up with years. It also has a bit more value behind it for how many shares it was for and the fact it's Sir John Ure Primorse and not James Walker. I really do appreciate you posting that tho ? nice to see other shares. Some days before a game I will have a look at it just to get that feeling.
  8. Hi there fellow Bears! I've been on this site for years but don't post much these days. Reason for my post today is I would love to show off but also hopefully find a new home for this wonderful piece Rangers History. I have a framed Rangers Football Club Share Certificate from 1908. It is for 25 Ordinary Shares in the Name of Sir John Ure Primrose Sir John Ure Primrose DL LLD (1847–1924) was a Scottish merchant who served as Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1902 to 1905 and as Chairman of Rangers Football Club from 1912 to 1923. He was also Chairman of the Clyde Navigation Trust. It is signed by Our then Chairman/Manager William Wilton and directors David Lawson and James (J.) Walker MORE INFO A bit of background if I recall correctly. When Rangers incorporated on 24 July 1899, £12,000 of shares were issued which was needed to fund the move to Ibrox. The shares issued were: 600 Proprietary shares of £5 each 9,000 Ordinary shares of £1 each i.e. (600 x £5) + (9,000 x £1) = £12,000 As there were only 600 Proprietary shares, these are more rare than the Ordinary shares of which there were 9,000. After incorporation, shares could be bought and sold. When this happened, the share certificate would be returned to the club for cancellation and a new share certificate issued in the new owner's name. This is what seems to have happened here - Sir John Ure Primrose bought 25 Ordinary shares and a new share certificate was issued to him in 1908. The club may well have full records showing all sales/purchases from 1899 and so be able to tell from whom SJUP bought them. Although it is a certificate for the more common Ordinary shares, your certificate is interesting for a few reasons. Firstly it is for 25 shares - I don't think I have seen one before for more than 1 share, so that makes it a little more rare. Also, the certificate was issued to Sir John Ure Primrose who was our President/Chairman which makes it more directly relevant to the history of the club. The share certificate was signed by William Wilton who in 1908 was, of course, our first manager, as well as being the club secretary. Well guys I am deciding to part with this item to invest in my future. I am looking for genuine offers. Or if any one knows some one who may be interested in this item please feel free to put us in touch. I would love it to go to a Proper Rangers fan. I also won't sell it unless the deal is rite for all parties. Shipping will need to be insured and the best available. To protect buyer and seller. I appreciate your time and effort in helping. WATP! IMG_3517.MOV
  9. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers related picture thread

  10. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers related picture thread

  11. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers related picture thread

    Oh wow that is something !! oldest item I own is from 1906 but this is just class!!
  12. Hey guys just wanted to share a quick story. So I live in Canada and Attend our local club Toronto FC matches. So every once and a while I get to meet some ex Rangers when they play Toronto.- Met Danny Wilson at the start of the season and honestly he wasn't very nice at all- hardly wanted to talk let alone a picture. But had the chance to meet Bedoya tonight - He finished the game with a bad ankle knock - Despite that when they came out he gave me his match worn shirt and we talked about Gerrard-what it was like playing for Rangers-Ibrox etc. He was all smiles praising the fans and the club- He did say he really loved his time at Rangers was proud and said he hoped he would of came at a better time and to have stayed longer. Just though id share a neat little story. - Once a ranger always a ranger- Next up is Damarcus Beasley - Follow Follow
  13. WeeJacksonRFC

    Rangers related picture thread

  14. WeeJacksonRFC

    Netflix & Rangers

    Definitely isn't an EPL badge or Shorts.
  15. WeeJacksonRFC

    Netflix & Rangers

    So it is wow got the tattoos mixed up. I will switch the first part up. Regardless just thought it would be interesting. Dalicio is a myth