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  1. I've heard it might be hard to sit on them tho
  2. don't see any question in your post! they kafflick schools sure taught you well eh!
  3. go fuck your sister/aunt and your mum/ sister
  4. load of shite! just some wank writing a story for hits on the website. scum fans will still be writing to uefa tho
  5. not too excited about this news, think we could've saved the wages for other areas we need strengthening more
  6. already been posted in other thread
  7. utterly embarrassing statement from they fuckers who call themselves a board
  8. my mistake thought you meant we scored a 3rd, no need for the language
  9. the sheep v Rangers matchday thread from april, look at pages 6 to 12 hilarious mate.
  10. read through this thread and the other one, funny as fuck!
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