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  1. Frank Cairney was the cunt that scum supporters actually quoted to defend Jock Stein and imply they handled it all above board. Cairney was Torbett's manager and then you had McCafferty who's currently charged and Cullen who stored indecent images in a cupboard in their main stand and was convicted. Four sex criminals that all worked together in one institution to further their disgusting, twisted ways. That's more than a coincidence and you have to wonder about the whole culture that allowed that to fester and the larger organisation that started that club and has also had that sickness. It's in their DNA, from their sorry, sordid inception. Yet Scottish football spent years worrying about songs and lyrics before they gleefully feasted upon financial woes, complete with heavy, haughty moralising. They have no moral high ground. They're up to their eyes in a cesspit.
  2. If they're that far ahead, how come the average result rounds to 2-1? Our problem has been Warburton's inefficient attack-attack-attack-but-never-defend-or-shoot strategy. We've just seen a guy whose strategy was effectively to lose matches in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Walter didn't need to buy a Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Thierry Henry to draw with Barca. Fuck, we drew with these supposed superstars in their own septic cesspit, none of whom would get into my 5-a-side team and we're a man short at the moment.
  3. There's more than one reason that shower of shite are undefeated and they're not all football related
  4. If anyone pays more that £3.2m or any of that shower of shite amateurs then they need they're head seen to and banned from football. We should have beaten them at least twice this year, but Warburton insisted on not defending at all. A decent centre back and striker, with a more organised formation and they're toast for breakfast.
  5. What decent £5m player's gonna come to Scotland to play for a paedophile ring, especially if we highlight that to them before signing? We really need to start the smear tactics. We're partly in the position we're in because we refuse to stoop to their level, but when it comes to the black arts of propaganda, we need to wise up. They should be getting ZERO sponsorship money for their heinous crimes.
  6. If they're that far ahead, why the fuck did they only win by a penalty and a shot that should have been stopped. They are actually massively Warburtonesque; they look good when going forward on a good day, but otherwise flatter to deceive, are pretty shapeless for most of the match. If I could abide the nosepeg and my sense of moral disgust, I could be a starter, if I slightly upped my treadmill routine. I don't know why you're so keen to suck Brenda's cock. It makes me think you must be a cheap, tranny hooker.
  7. Far better my arse. The scum were borderline competent in a couple of phases of play and that might be flattering them. They had a few players better than ours and one of those was, undeniably, the ref. Furthermore, we were without 3 centrebacks, two full backs, our two "marquee" midfield signings (one of whom has left) and were playing two kids in defence. Yesterday taught me that if we spend 2 or 3 million wisely, we'll be champions next year.
  8. Not exactly convinced by this report, but even if it's true, and even if we get hammered we're still infinitely superior than them by mere dint of the fact that unlike them we're not a glorified paedophile ring.
  9. The original capacity of the Broomloan and Copland was 7,500 and the Govan was 10,400. Lowering the pitch, narrowing the seats and adding Bar 72 area will have increased that amount. I reckon the most you'd get in each corner would be 2,500. That may even be a generous guess. So I reckon you're right. We're talking about a third tier to make it worthwhile. The demand and finance for that are a long way off and possibly in the past too.
  10. It'd be lovely if one our players, especially an English centre back, could pull out a late winner via a bicycle kick on Sunday. Then again, any goal and victory will be welcome. Hope the minute's silence is fully respected.
  11. I was genuinely saddened by this. Thoughts go out to his family. RIP Ugo.
  12. It's the roofs and the supports that are the problem. Look at the two original supports standside on the Broomloan and Copland. You could remove the three roofs, fill in the corners and add a third tier on those three stands with a more modern, lighter weight roof. But it just doesn't make financial sense.
  13. How many times does it need to be said, that it's really not that simple? The structure behind the screens is essential to hold up the three roofs, as they took out the four roof supports (2 for each corner) to create space for the screens. There was another more viable option of removing the Govan stand roof and replacing it after adding a third tier. There are actually images of this plan. I believe it was genuinely considered by Murray. The only other option would be narrow tall stands where the driveways to the gates are, but I don't think that would be efficient and would look odd as it would need to have five or six very small tiers, each of perhaps five or six rows of fifteen or 20 seats. Would it be worth it for 500-700 seats in each corner? I doubt it. As it currently stands, there's no financial justification for increasing ground sizes in the context of Scottish football. P.S. I believe that this one was an effort by a fan. So, please spare us the "remove the screens and add seats" baloney. P.P.S. I found images of the corner plans, but I don't think they're structurally viable, given the flimsiness of those two supports and the cantilevering above, if it even is that, looks questionable too.
  14. Well, I thought that Broadfoot did dive, but Majstorovic put his hands on his chest. Collum looked away when Broadfoot dived, but looked back as Majstorovic does the chest push and Broadfoot goes down. For what he saw, he had to give it.
  15. I remember them calling him an "Orange B" over Broadfoot Vs Majstorovic. Someone should score out ceptic and replace it with "Paedo Ring FC". Twisted cretins, the Leperous-Shauns are.
  16. You're struggling with this one, aren't you? I can tell.
  17. Well, I guess that's the moral high ground completely evaporated from below their feet. To think how they would moralise over tax schemes they also used, song choices far less offensive than their own and how a compliant media assisted them. Where are the moral guardians now? Is Graham Spiers heaping opprobrium upon their child-endangering ways? Who on earth can continue to support such vile scum after all that has been revealed?
  18. I wouldn't expect anything approaching class from the sort of scum, who still find it possible to support, what has now been exposed as little more than, a vile, glorified, paedophile ring. If they knew admitted their history... Well, they can hardly deny it, now.
  19. Mark King of Level 42, in his younger days, looks like... Guess who. Can you come up with others?
  20. The guy's been very unlucky throughout his career. He put a right few decent shifts in for us when we needed it. Hope he makes a swift and complete recovery.
  21. Quite an admission here, that he's a grumpy bastard at home for at least the previous two weeks.
  22. I'll never forgive the little thug for his violent assault on Alan Shearer's left boot!
  23. Quite simply, they need to be shut down. I think that now would be a good time to start a petition, demanding that they be shut down for knowingly sheltering at least one pervert and possibly a whole paedophile ring.