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  1. Mark King of Level 42, in his younger days, looks like... Guess who. Can you come up with others?
  2. Never a foul. Football's been totally emasculated.
  3. Couldn't imagine not intervening. I consider myself a good citizen, in that regard.
  4. Bigoted cunt! Hope he gets caught and faces justice- well, some form of it. These cunts have twisted their minds towards uncontrolled hatred. We're pretty close to being the most victimised demographic in Scotland these days.
  5. Kinda fucks up any compensation case. However, should the thread title not be "Warburton's new roll"?
  6. Absolutely. I don't think that Messi or Ronaldo would have been quite so effective 20+ years ago with the superior defending you had then.
  7. Fuck sake! Kelly Maloney's clearly aged a ton and must now be desperate for cash. Brenda must have got her/him a role at septic park, as some form of LGBT solidarity. Ugly cunt that he/she is. So, is that another septic official indulging in sectarian abuse? P.S. That goal reminded me of Ugo Ehiogu's, albeit not as spectacular, with it being scored by an English, veteran CB at that end of septic park.
  8. Think it was one of those decisions that could have went either way, but would probably be softish. So I can easily imagine a player saying, "Sometimes they go against you. Today, maybe I got away with it." and for that not to be an admission of guilt, but more an observation that some things in football can be close calls which can either go for you or go against you.
  9. Alan's got the battle fever!
  10. I hope that Sir Walter has given Murty the three secrets of Wattenacio. Perhaps, hitting on the break would give our players more space to attack, and thereby gain clearer scoring chances, than tippy-tappy passing around the opposition's box, which allows them to get back and nullify us easily. The one benefit we have against them, especially in the scumdome, is that they will feel duty bound to attack from the off. An early goal for us could give them the jitters, especially if we can hold it or even build on it, by not going with the Warburtonesque "everyone forward" option. Was tempted to put a bet on, but I rarely win bets and, despite considering myself un-superstitious, I couldn't bring myself to possible jinx the Gers, especially against the scum.
  11. Cash in! Ya!
  12. McCoist will be on STV News, telling us that the DoF search is a nonsense. The gardening contract dosh must be running low that he pops up now.
  13. That'd be a massive waste of a season's finances.
  14. Rangers are way too big to rely on just plan A. Not a fan of Bell by any means, but he talks a lot of sense in that interview. Then again, hindsight is 20/20 vision.
  15. Haw Mark! Why the long face?
  16. I punched a hole in a pub ceiling when that goal went in. It was pissing down that night. As I recall, Joe Miller went down dramatically in his own half and Andrew -the incompetent cunt- Waddell fell for it, to put it kindly.
  17. Hardly. You have your history upside down.
  18. FFS! Now you're The Stig! Or Jeremy Clarkson. Or maybe not. Not now.
  19. I wouldn't take the money if it meant actually being him, with that personality. He's such a complete arse. I find them both incredibly fake and soulless.
  20. I must say, it comes as something of a surprise at this stage in the proceedings, to discover that you are, in fact, a gangsta' rapper. Either that, or Donald Trump.
  21. ???? Really?
  22. In 1986, we had a caretaker manager for one game, between permanent managers. Who was it?
  23. And is therefore always appropriately clothed.
  24. A friend suggested that Walter would be the best short term candidate. I point out that he was nearly 70 now. After consulting Google, I said "69 in 12 days time", making it clear that I wasn't making an invitation. However, I did find out some very surprising news about Walter... Even more amazing, is that he made the first film before he was born! What a legend!