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  1. The reality is if they turn up, and play well, then we need a lot of luck to get anything out of the game. They are a level above, and we need them to play poorly to have a chance. They cruised that today, and had another gear if they needed it. This is not acceptable and surely highlights to the board that we need investment. They have ran away with the league, as the quality they have allows them to have an off day and win. We do not.
  2. He chokes when it matters. He is never a Rangers striker, and shouldn't be a Rangers player. If the last 5yrs never happened, Waghorn would be absolutely nowhere near Rangers.
  3. It isn't his fault that he isn't of the standard required. He is capable in bursts, but generally does not have the instinct, mentallity, composure or speed of thought for a Rangers striker.
  4. Waghorn has been awful today.
  5. It is just a lack of quality from front to back. Celtic are a little better in nearly every position, and the collective sum of the parts is a level above us as a football team. We need to invest in quality.
  6. You then give the ref a split second decision to make. Go to ground in the box, you need to clearly win the ball. Give ref no doubt.
  7. If you are making that kind of tackle in that context.... you need to win all the ball. Can't complain too much about the penalty.
  8. Good player, who underachieved for us.
  9. Murray probably won that fight. I had it fairly even but find it easier to make a case.for Murray. 119-109 though..... lol..... up there with the worst card I've seen.
  10. Gave us an honest 6mths after Smith came back, and scored one of the most memorable Rangers goals of the new century. Both because it was an overhead kick against them, and that victory marked the intent of Smiths second era. RIP
  11. He was a big, gangly, south paw.... who happened to have a little bit of talent to compliment those attributes. I feel Indongo would cause all fighters in the division problems, although will probably come unstuck against the best. He was awkward without being particularly brilliant, but the type of guy I don't think anyone will ever look good against. Burns has been past it as a world level fighter for a few years now, if he ever even truely got there. All he does is skip about, back peddling with unaffective aggression. He can get away with it at a lower level, but I can't see him picking up another world strap.
  12. It isn't his squad.... but disappointed by the lack of temporary "lift" a new manager has given. Nearly always a new appointment gives this. The players look scunnered and I suspect behind the scenes the players are not harmonious - this probably pre-dates PC's appointment, but he hasn't given them a new lease of life either.
  13. Tbf..... the pub party I was going to on hogmany was cancelled after a bit of a football related rammy broke out after guys had been boozing for 7-8hrs. It did sort of ruin New Year having to make new plans at 10pm, not to mention the downer of losing. The pub will have lost quite a bit of money. New Years day is when the match should be. It was a bit of a stupid decision going for a hogmany game.
  14. like this Its probably not on mobile though Which is a pain
  15. Rogers is a relatively classy guy. Acts well, speaks well, looks the part and generally comes across as totally professional. Yip he is Celtic manager, a big rival, but thats where it ends for most folk. I grudgingly have a fair bit of respect for him. Lennon on the other hand is a volatile character, who comes across bitter, and often acts unprofessional. Yes, he has been targetted for some horrific abuse, but then he hasn't always helped himself in that regard, often being at the centre of controversy. A frustration is the media often ignore this.