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  1. Haven't missed a race in about 10yrs. Been watching since 1991. And a bit of an F1 technical geek
  2. I had Golovkin winning, 115-112. Too many close rounds, but I like aggression and Golovkin was generally the more aggressive. 35yrs is old for a pressure fighter like Golovkin. Not many stay effective into their mid 30s. The only thing that beats GGG in this middleweight era is age. 2-3yrs ago Golovkin would have, IMO, comfortably beaten Jacobs. Size and movement were enough to make GGG struggle and he has lost a few % on his attributes to negate it. GGG doesn't have long left as a top fighter. Father time beats everyone in the end.
  3. Could easily have been a red as it was wreckless. However he clearly went to kick the ball into row Z and missed it. You would lunge in if you wanted to hurt somebody, not kick them up the arse.
  4. McCoist probably has valid concerns but his tenure is a big factor in the mess we are currently in. Ally had trying circumstances, but he had 3 years to build a foundation and completely failed. It makes any opinion he has on structure somewhat invalid.
  5. Dangerous game it risks isolating 90% of all football fans. The biggest clubs will always be the biggest clubs. 30yrs ago, when it was a relatively level field, Juve, Barca, Real, Bayern, etc....... were still massive clubs, just..... everyone had a chance of competing. The likes of Rangers - we are a big club, big support that rivals the most passionate, loads of history, etc, etc. Because of geography, no matter what we do as a club, we can't compete - where Celtic are just now is probably about as good as it will get in future - thats depressing.
  6. Even countries with strongish leagues are starting to feel the pinch now. Holland, France, Portugal. It is impossible for clubs from smaller countries to compete. It doesnt matter how well run that countries FA are run, or even how well the clubs themselves are run - its just near impossible to become competitive, and completely impossible to sustain it. Some of the most famous clubs in European football are blocked out from being able to compete through geography.
  7. I actually agree BT sport coverage is good. I just don't want to pay for a sports package that sees little money go to my team, and simply makes footballs rich, richer. The champions league has became a boring tournament, same faces every year, few shocks.... a cartel for 7-8 clubs.
  8. I haven't watched a single champions league game, outside a background match in the pub, since BT took over.
  9. To be fair Haye is only second to Broner in boxers I dislike. Ths cynic in me thinks both fighters are delighted with a +€5 payoff with a rematchbin 12mths time.
  10. If he had more just a wee bit more ability he would be a star. Few players put themselves about like him, and fans love seeing it.
  11. Exactly. He fresh aired a ball he tried to boot to touch - it may have bobbled, not seen a good angle. Total accident kicking the man on the follow through. Yellow card probably is right, but there is a case for a red. Not sure why Walker thinks that is a cut and dry red card. Foderinghams was definitely, Garners not so.
  12. He went to kick the ball and missed.
  13. Leicester rekindled my faith in modern football last season. This season they've shown everything wrong with it. Money money money......
  14. Thurman v Garcia. A huge fight that has went largely under the radar. One of the strongest matchups of the decade so far.
  15. Weir was more a lead by example captain of Rangers. I am sure he carried respect, but maybe not that X factor that makes a manager. Remember he played under Smith, who was a very good man manager, as captain he was perfect to lead by example. Again being a good coach doesn't make you a manager, and vice versa. As I said the other day - guys like Fergie and Smith were great managers, but not particularly great coaches. The look at somebody like Cathro, very well regarded as a coach, but looking like a management flop.