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  1. You wonder, when you remember how good a player Gazza was, in spite of being a piss head, a bit mental, not really known for living the athletes life, and several major injuries (at a time when an injury such as a broken leg was a fair bit more serious than it is today) - how good he could have been had he approached things totally professional, like Laudrup. Regardless, he is one of the most naturally talented players ever to grace the British game, and it was a privilege to see him perform in our colours.
  2. He probably started to throw his final punch just as the bell went. It landed, according to a blog that analysed it, about 0.35 seconds after the bell started to sound, He started the combo before the bell went. He would need unrealistically sharp awareness to physically stop the combo as the bell sounded. The damaging punch was before the bell anyway. An awful decision.
  3. Davis made easy work of Walsh. On the undercard, its the first time I've seen Yarde fight after reading about him. Ok - it's only regional title level, but I always reckon the boxers that make it look effortless are the talented ones, he is one on my radar now. On another note..... Anyone see the Dirrell fight? Absolute joke of a DQ. The "KO" punch was landed a fraction after the bell sounded and didnt look deliberately flouting the rules. Dirrell up to his old acting tricks again as the punch neither looked hard, nor did he initially hurt.
  4. This. Even when flat out sprinting, the anticipation of getting clattered could make you lose balance as you brace for an impact that doesn't happen. Human instinct is to take evasive action. A dive isn't as clear cut as contact/no contact.
  5. He is a player I'd like to see with better players around him. He has some ability and strikes me as a player who may suddenly kick on, or....fade to obscurity.
  6. Appointing an obscure manager, with a questionable CV, with little experience of winning, or being at a club where winning is expected (as player or coach), no experience of British football, and has a management style that maybe isn't what we need just now..... I just can't help but feel he is a bizarre appointment, and represents a gamble that looks far, far more likely to fail than succeed and even then, what does 'succeed' mean differently from the safer bets on hand. Yes, some of the alternatives weren't exactly inspiring, even if 'safe' options, but..... I fail to see what makes Caixinha so attractive. He has done nothing in football, nor looks like doing anything, to suggest he is the correct appointment. We are relying on a gamble paying off to justify his appointment.
  7. A budget signing from Accrington Stanley, playing like a budget signing from Accrington Stanley..... what do we expect? Sign Accrington Stanley calibre players, get Accrington Stanley like results.
  8. In the 80s the likes of Aberdeen and Dundee Utd were genuine European forces...... a completely different era that had 3-4 genuinely good teams in the league. This season has been awful but the McCoist years were worse.....
  9. He hasnt had a fair chance but.... I can't really work out the logic behind the appointment of Caixinha, unless we had a very thin list of applicants. For me, looking at his management style, experience of UK football and CV.... he is simply a bizarre appointment. Obscure continental managers don't really have a great track record in UK football. Sure it may well work out for him, I hope it does, but he represents a fairly sizable gamble at a time we didn't really need that.
  10. The hand he is holding is poor, in terms of squad but...... I've seen nothing since Caixinha took over, and see nothing on his CV, to suggest that he will be able to take Rangers forward. A bizarre appointment by the board. A modern style manager, with no experience of British football, and no proven track record abroad. A complete gamble, at a time when can ill afford to gamble. Even the likes of Davis or McLeish, whilst utterly uninspired choices, would at least offer a steady ship and surely prove to be far more logical appointments than Caixinha?
  11. So much quality on that list. To sign equivelant calibre players today wouldn't see change from £100m
  12. We didn't appreciate how good a team we had at the time. Advocaat era marks the best quality football of my lifetime and probably the last time we had a squad that was genuinely capable of challenging the best. .
  13. Have to say, i haven't watched a single thing on BT sport bar streams of our games. I simply do not watch it.
  14. Judges are judges. Was joshua really 7-3 up in rounds going to the 11th? You have to give him the benefit of everything to get that score. Klitschko for me was 1 or 2 rounds up.
  15. Money, time and a bit of savvy. Even with a £20m pot.... it would be hard to get them gelled in and competing to win next season. That said, they've had an exceptional season. We have been poor. They have a more normal season, they might be 10pts worse off. We have a better season we might be 10pts better off...... suddenly the gap doesn't look as unsurmountable.