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  1. If we didn't use EBT's, we would have used another scheme offering similar savings. Every major UK club is trying to minimise tax liability, and every major club, especially back then, was trying something of similar ilk to EBT's. My sympathy towards our club does end when we continued to use EBT's after advice not to. Celtic clearly advised employees about the film schemes, thats how they found a solution to tax avoidance. Difference is that the liability appears with the individual rather than the club. Morally.... is it that different?
  2. Tiger's driving was also wayward, but he was also a terrific scrambler. Speith isn't a particularly exciting player, but he gets the opportunities and has great touch on the greens. If the putter is off, he doesn't have the game to play into contention, like a Tiger or Seve.... or even a McIlroy. When the putter is on, he is brilliant at capitalising on those opportunities. That said a large part of putting at over 20ft is luck. I've seen experiments where a machine hits identical balls, with identical force, about 40 odd feet.... and the spread of the balls are probably over about a 3-4ft diameter circle. No golfer can analyse the micro effects that can make a big difference - tiny bumps, moisture on the ball, grain of grass, etc . All a pro is trying to do from range on the green is get it within a couple of feet, if you can do that, then you give it a chance of going down. Great putters prove their metal in the 6-15ft range, thats the range where tournaments are won and lost.
  3. Not a finisher, but a worker who played the lone striker role well. He was a good player for us.
  4. By pro tour standards Speith isn't particularly long or accurate off the tee, his iron play is tidy but not outstanding, he is also quite a slow player..... but when that putter is hot, he is terrific . I dont think I've ever seen anyone sink as many +20ft putts as an in form Speith.
  5. Yeah, reiterating the previous. I think it means brutal as in hard as nails, rather than brutal as in hopeless.
  6. MMA fighters are attacked from a number of different ways, their defence has to be versatile to a number of different attacks. IMO its easier to KO an MMA fighter with a punch, than a boxer. A UFC fighter does not have the defence against punching a boxer has, he does not have the timing, anticipation, feinting, countering or footwork a boxer has, from a punching perspective. My prediction is that McGregor will be KO'd walking onto something. If Floyds legs are planted he will be the biggest puncher he has faced, maybe not by sheer brute force, but by timing and technique.
  7. There is a bit of Calzaghe with Eubank Jnr and his freakish engine and output. He is probably not as good, and a little more orthodox in style, but sheer volume puts me in mind of Calzaghe.
  8. Watch Mayweather get nailed by Mosely. The 30 seconds afterwards are a masterclass in evasive boxing. No MMA fighter is trained to do that, because it is a relatively pointless skill in that sport. Regardless, a Hall of Fame masterful boxer/puncher in Mosely, a guy who had spent 20+ yrs learning boxing, with 50 odd pro fights and thousands of sparred rounds, could not lay another glove on a rattled Mayweather. Lomachenko, with a pedigree of being one of the best amatuer boxers ever (and developed into a brilliant pro), got beaten in his 2nd pro fight, against a grizzled fringe level veteran in Saldido, largely due to a lack of experience in the pro game. I expect McGregor will be game, if ragged, on the offence, it is his defence that will let him down. He almost certainly will walk onto punches, he probably will leave big gaps and well.... if Mayweather times these, he will go down. Nobody in MMA has the timing or technique of a top level professional boxer when it comes to punching, and nobody in MMA has the defensive boxing skills of a top level pro boxer. The bigger gloves don't cause as much damage, but they carry more momentum. It's momentum of a punch that knocks people out.
  9. For a player that wasn't great technically... he was a regular starter in a team that won 7 trophies. Obviously had something about him, although was one of the weaker regulars of that era.
  10. Mayweather hits a lot harder than folk are saying. Sure, he doesn't tend to go for knockouts, but ... if McGregor gives any opportunity, he will realise that the combination of Mayweathers, technique, timing and power is superior to anything he has ever faced in UFC. I see a KO coming with Mayweather timing McGregor walking on to something.
  11. I can't understand the controversy on this one. It was close.
  12. Maybe the most naturally talented player to be born on Great Britain. If he knuckled down and lived the athletes life, he'd have been an ATG, and nowhere near Rangers. He was such a good player though. Could make something happen out of nothing.
  13. If we didn't use EBT's, we'd have used another scheme offering similar savings. Rangers are far from unique in utilising a tax avoidance scheme. I'd guess every major British club has, certainly to some extent. The morality of it all is a seperate argument, but thats the facts of the matter. Celtic clearly have too with LLP's, difference being the liability exists with the individual and not the club. However, from a moral point it's pretty much the same thing, and surely weakens any moral argument from that side of the city.
  14. Any budget remaining should be focussed on attacking quality. Kenny Miller still appears to be the #1 attacking threat. The defence being so bad last season, hid the elephant in the room. The attack. The team needs goals and needs to sign somebody that gives guaranteed goals. In Scotland having a 20 goal striker, even if he struggles at top level (ala Boyd), makes a big difference. We badly needed it last year, and probably would have finished 2nd with a genuine 20 goal striker.
  15. I always thought Georgi Nemzadze, despite being the wrong side of 30, would have done a job. Very classy player. Ravanelli too.