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  1. Was never sure if Casillas was good or just very lucky. Perhaps he was good and lucky. He seemed to make a lot of saves where the ball just hit him without him knowing a great deal about it. Obviously it happened too often for it to be luck, but he was a very instinctive keeper, who seemed to have a knack for getting in the way rather than goalkeeping brilliance - but it's no bad trait for a goalie. I personally do think he was overrated, but never the less had a fantastic career.
  2. In today's market, we would have signed a £30m midfielder. He was still a work in progress but was clearly going to become a really good player. Considering his age and clear potential, it is unbelievable in hindsight that we sold him at a loss - especially in an era where guys like Craig Beattie were moving for £2.5m.
  3. Looking like a washout today. That really puts the draw on the cards with England needing 19 wickets.
  4. I just don't think the wickets scoring fast enough to give any scenario where England can now lose. If Windies are still batting by close of play today, then I guess a draw is possible, but that is surely the worst possible result for England now.
  5. England shouldn't lose from here. Bad decision from the Windies to bat 2nd at Old Trafford
  6. I would love to find the article relating to an experiment - it was in a magazine I read in a hospital waiting room about 15yrs ago. Basically it was an experiment to determine at what distance does putting skill and luck cross over. It was conducted with a mechanical device replicating identical putts and measuring ball spread over various distances, green speeds, weather, etc. It determined that after approximately 12' on a typical PGA green, the natural microvariations of grass, wind, ball, club, etc - seen a deviation from the "perfect" putting line that means fewer than 50% of perfect putts would drop. I'm sure the term "perfect", was based on the statistical average line, thus the line a putt would average the middle of the hole.
  7. After South Africa, surely a bit of a wake up call losing that test. 2 batting collapses, and losing fairly comfortably to a very average Windies side that really did nothing special in the match. Some positives, Archer in particular.
  8. Windies will be bowled out by second session. Their batting line ups so weak.
  9. What the hell happened? Pitch looked flat with not much happening, went to shop with about 10 overs left in the day and the score at 235/3
  10. Umpire certainly not doing the Windies any favours. Is that 6 reviews they've won now? He is giving us everything.
  11. The West Indies team look like something you'd create for a laugh in the editor at FIFA. All shapes and sizes
  12. Windies started well. However given they're batting line up is abysmal... could be a low scoring match.
  13. I expect England will walk this
  14. And he was still a teenager! He just utterly destroyed defences - ran straight through them with skill and power. Folk forget Ronaldo barely kicked a ball for 3yrs between 99-02 with 2x knee tendon ruptures. He was never the same player as the one in that video - his injuries and attitude robbed us of seeing him at his peak - but came back fat and lacking the explosiveness of old and still.... won the 2002 world cup for Brazil and WPotY. Give Mbappe Messi's close control and dribbling ability and you have something like Ronaldo. I don't think any player has made such an impact on the game before his 21st Birthday as Ronaldo did.
  15. Given his Celtic persuasion, I think it's a massive compliment to Jim Duffy that - outwith the odd idiot - you never read or hear anything bad about him in Rangers circles. Whenever his names brought up on here, you always get comments - like those above - from folk who've had personal interactions with him, all saying positive things. Genuinely seems to be one of footballs good guys, and always comes across as fair and objective.
  16. He has comfortably won the Scottish championship twice now, once when we were there! He is no world beat, but he seems to know how to get out of the Championship.
  17. Plenty of brilliant goals. But in terms of brilliance and happening on the highest stage of all, ie a major final - hard to look past Van Basten and Zidane. Goals that have surpassed the memory of the victory.
  18. The 2x 3-3 draws between Man Utd and Barca in 1999 were probably the 2 best group stage games. Of course 2005 was incredible, as was 1999.
  19. I've seen 14x World Cup's and Euros. World Cup 2010 is probably bottom of the pile. (I hated Japan and Korea too..... because like most Europeans, we missed most of it with timings) Euro 96, France 98 and Euro 2000 were 3 good tournaments in a row. I still think 85-05 was when football got the balance right. Was professional enough, but the game still had character and soul - which is missing today.
  20. Could well have become the greatest ever if he didn't have such horrific injuries. The player at Real Madrid was a shadow of what he once was. We never got to see Ronaldo peak. Ronaldo in the late 90s was just so far ahead of everybody. So direct, powerful, brilliant dribbler and brilliant finisher. When he was on it, and he was most weeks, he just destroyed defences. He was phenomenal before the knee injuries. It's testiment to his talent that he was able to adapt his style and still remain a top player after his injuries. Mbappe reminds me a lot of him with his style.
  21. Cannot fault Wes, his only crime was he wasn't as good an established first choice keeper as the previous handful incumbents (I've removed Bell from memory). Honest pro who did a job for us - no more, no less.
  22. Dykes as an affordable robust option striker, who seems to play well against better opposition. If he is cheap enough, he is a proven SPFL player, who gives us a different option - he wouldn't be signed at a regular. Ferguson is a worthwhile signing too. Proven in the league, young, and supports us. Signed plenty like him over the years who've been successful signings.
  23. Hamilton, St Mirren, Ross County and Motherwell are all in league positions with points where voting no would be in their interests. Championships the one that confuses me. This is the problem with a members run organisation. Whilst totally democratic, everyone - quite rightly - votes in their own interests. Rarely are everyone's own interests aligned with the bigger picture.
  24. Minus 7 board member clubs and the 5-6 obvious ones with something to gain (or remove the risk of losing something) from the status quo. Interesting to see who voted what.
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