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  1. I canny find a link to listen live online or am i being a total fud?
  2. which phone in is the best to listen to tonight?
  3. People need to get rid of this “48 hour” bollocks. That’s media talk, don’t pay any attention to it.
  4. I’m a bit weird when it comes to Murray. It stems from the type of person i am i guess. Although i can be a nasty cunt, i always end up seeing good in people, i cant help it. I know Murray has been a fuck up for years but i can’t help but remember the 9 in a row stuff, that was an amazing time, Murray funded that so once this is done and dusted i will more or less forget this awful time and remember the good. it’s just the way i am. Don’t get me wrong, when i look at the way he has ran us logically, with no emotion the man has ran us into the ground and if i was in the metal business and any other business Murray is involved in i wouldn’t go near him with a barge pole because if he can’t run an amazing institution like the Rangers, what does that say about him as a businessman?
  5. 1. Murray wants rid of us 2. He wouldn’t ever sell us to a random, he would always make sure it’s someone that can take us forwards 3. CW can take us forwards and has passed all requirements that Murray wanted proof of. 4. Combine all three of the above points and Murray will now do anything to get rid of us even if it means he gets a fiver for us. He see’s a great big light at the end of the tunnel now which means he can move forwards with his life without the ball and chain that’s been round his leg for the last 7+years Just me two bobs worth on this
  6. Nothing much was ever gonna happen over a weekend. There might have been a few phone calls between lawyer to clarify this and that, but no serious movement is ever done at the weekend in the UK. This take over will happen, CW would not have gone this deep and if he was to pull out it would not look good on him as a businessman
  7. did peewee herman not get jailed for noncing kids?????????????
  8. Yeah i knew he was dead, i thought it was from steroid od or summit?
  9. We all know it's acting and basically a soap opera, but these guys are fit as fuck and if they get something wrong there's serious injuries to happen. I remember watching one in a cage and the big fat Jap guy jumped from the top of the cage onto another guy and went through the floor. Brilliant
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