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  1. if we are in the banning game why is the sun allowed in .worst liars on the planet
  2. think of what you could drop on the broomloan stand 2 times a year.
  3. ive been very often and i never heard of any trouble,just tim seem to like the place ,met john clark in our hotel but mainly our people .
  4. what hotel are you at ?
  5. if you are in cala blanca try the nautilis in the mall. always good for games tell him i sent you ask for chema and say your real madrid fan
  6. 1 answer murrayfield...
  7. jim stewart loyal....
  8. terrible news .jimmy was my first choice in your fav. gers team just loved watching him ,first time i saw him he was playing no.6 and i recall saying to my mate where the f. did we buy that but it was when moved to no.9 it changed my mind will always respect jimmy he was what that team was all about. just when the press are talking about players from that age heading the ball and jimmy was the best ..he never shirked any tackle or header..good luck jimmy.
  9. is that the steven wright we got from abdeen. in the 90,s?
  10. great landmark when flying into glw airport feel your home..
  11. alan mcmanus john prentice
  12. was gaza not one?
  13. first game ever the line was waddell gillick thornton duncanson and caskie,beat killie 3/2 1945
  14. many thanks for replies, was my first n.y. game at that place it was 2.00 pm kick off as no floodlighting then. remember going with my mates on the low level train and mixed fans.
  15. would love to see jimmy millar,s goal 1960 n.y. at parkhead,any film available?