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  1. gain could a.forsyth be standing behind doddy and the man in question is gordon dalzeil ???
  2. old black and white days..dr finleys casebook.. man tells son if you behave at the doctors i.ll take you to see the Rangers..thats what you got back then as a good boy..
  3. bbc showing youth cup final 25 april see bbc scotland sport for det.ails..
  4. where were the ball boys? time wasting .
  5. took one in the private parts today . i felt it and i was at home,andy the expert . walker said purely accidental. would love to do it to him and see if he changes his mind
  6. do you know this letter was printed in the fans page in the i today?
  7. dump you luggage feel good the holidays started the you go up the esc ltr.and bang you cant miss it luckily you turn away from it.
  8. back in the 50,s before they pinched it ,a grand old team,was sung around most grounds
  9. the canal bank at firhill on kitchenbrands debut. locked out full house ,every time the ball came over to our side of the park every body moved along then back must have looked like laurel hardy movie.
  10. the man is solid gold after his love for the kid that died last year cant respect him enough..
  11. his english is spot on for some one who hardly speaks english it looks like a p.r.job.
  12. poor wee john,aye right. glad the linesman brought some reality..
  13. i used to think of john g. beeing a sturdy build ,but the brazilian makes him look small.
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