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  1. weir and warb filled the team with lower league players/rejects what can we expect?
  2. that makes the poss,we will be injury free.
  3. cant understand how a centre can play with only 1 foot,he hardly touches it with his right and makes it awkward to turn ,too one footed.
  4. jim steel 4 games 3 bookings
  5. at the time it was rumoured from a very good source that charlie nicholas was also on souness,s want list ,but hjs like for champagne was a bit too far even for souness
  6. 6 and 3 ...robertson mulgrew snodgrass and 2 martin ? morrison.
  7. true ,the hatered was low key ,mainly because other eams were winning things,aberdeen /st mirren cup final dundee semi finals europe cup, dunfermilne beating tims in cup final apart from tim games you could stand nearly anywhere in the ground
  8. the game with the sheep was duff and we were sure it was hearts league.i can mind standing at the broomloan stairway and the announcer came on about 5.00 we didnt have a good team that season but the roar was just as loud as ever .the hatered was just as bad ,remember this was only 2 year after 7/1..the team next season had about 6 changes.
  9. only regret ,there was no to know what he said.
  10. celtic v us
  11. i,ve been a gers man since 1945 and i still cant wait to hear how the boys got on ,it never leaves you if you are genuine ,never miss if the game is live on tele .cant manage the live stuff any more.
  12. i watched him thro.his career and had not a good word for him,but he is not a footballer and thats past ,wish him all the best ,and good luck ..caeser.,
  13. we need a centre that can shoot with both feet,the number wag misses cause he,s one footed
  14. man mountain ,a pal from school was a ball boy at ibrox and roger caught him smoking ,he turnd round and booted him on the arse. later her joked with him about it but my pall stopped there and never again.. rip big guy.
  15. the point is they have pissed of all of us on here../.