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  1. dougie gray 3 left sure thats bob mcphail front row right of centre in front of mr plod
  2. agreed about our weekness tim will just love this.
  3. is he, god he would be 130 this year
  4. english i dont know anything about but miller is def not and bonnar ,i worked in his house and he was always friendly and up for the banter. but when the cameras running who knows.
  5. that was an excellent read, very detailed ,funny as a youngster i mind of racing ,sparta, and arsenal all having games at ibrox there must have been close ties with each other i know struth had ties with arsenal , changed days when we had a seat at the top table..if i can help with old knowledge about gers i have been going ,not know.since 1945 and i cant not be interested in the gers.
  6. albert gudmanson. i do,nt think he had many 1st team games.
  7. look forward to our club getting respect.
  8. funny ,i gave up bt and went back to sky,great just yeaterday.
  9. j.b left in the summer 65 was the begining of the end of our best post war 11 ,within 2 year stein was spreading his power .
  10. the union flag is the colour now but originaly the flag was light blue after the scottish flag .
  11. was light blue till 1930,s and changed later to royal look at old pics from 20,s
  12. don,t think i will be at fir park again after last seasons police cordon insuil..
  13. harold davis,sammy baird ,billy stevenson.johny little,max murray andy mathews,george duncan...
  14. no idea
  15. so basicly i got nearly the whole story,good on you 53 year only meeting with paddy c. was home from wales where i was working it would be early 1960 ,my mate had got his first car and 3 of us went out on sunday for a run ,finished at the baillie nicol jarvie in aberfoyle. after a bit the doors opened and a bus outing came in noisy f,n lot ,i recognised a guy that worked beside me and he was telling me it was some st, something social club he wasnt..any way i went to the loo for a p and there was a young guy in a celtic blazer signing some f,n song about irish famines any way i got the look ,what the fk are you looking at he asked which i ignored there was 3 of them i got out pdf. any way after a bit we got off.when i met up with my old wk.mate we were talking about the night out he said i was lucky i took the quick exit as the youth was one paddy crerand and hes as f,n nutter..nuf said close call.