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  1. last kick penalty miss dun utd why him taking the penalty ?. after that could,nt say a good word about him. average player at best.
  2. going out to cyprus earlyish flight ,in Boots loading up with sarnies who turns up next to me alan mcgregor with about 4 packs of sarnies ,he was heading out to germany with the team,leave uis one i said ,bigb smile and replied i,m not eating that sh... he realised my wife was next to me rubbish on the plane ,as long as you come back with a result.we will good luck and he was gone ,the dep. lounge was packed with blue blazers the whole team was there.cant mind the year but we played st.johnston l.c. final on the sunday.
  3. he also nearly ruined willie henderson put him out for months took the wee man long enough to get back to his best
  4. my grandfather told me it was his first winning final of his life since he was to young to go . he had to wait till he was33 by this time, may be some of the people on here can think about this.he was 8 the last time we won .
  5. when the snow and freeze of 1963 the games were nearly all played when things got back to normal,as i mind it was after new years day games till mid march.
  6. i met him a couple of times as he is a friend of a friend in gairlochjead,was very sensible with a sense of humour,and very easy going way ,should be good night.
  7. big george is only 22.
  8. top picture only recognise peacock and blanchflower and is that billy simpson top left.
  9. and hes a big gers fan .sadly lacking just know.
  10. will have to find a night no meetings are on, maybe sunday?
  11. i got abuse for saying no to signing him ,i said he was,nt that good first time round.
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