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  1. shows perfectly why he was called the rhino.
  2. ok you win, i,ve worked in w.w. house didnt look like that must be v.old pic?
  3. derek parlane 5 may ,1973 cup finaL same day think he was 1 9 that day?
  4. it was light blue like man.city during the 20,s and 30,s ...
  5. looked to me like an old firm game from 60,s Rangers with big strong defenders clever mid field.celtic wit plenty skil but running about in circles till they lost the ball.
  6. not in my work,sick jokes in plenty
  7. dont remeber much respect given to bobby mckean or davie cooper
  8. gain could a.forsyth be standing behind doddy and the man in question is gordon dalzeil ???
  9. old black and white days..dr finleys casebook.. man tells son if you behave at the doctors i.ll take you to see the Rangers..thats what you got back then as a good boy..
  10. bbc showing youth cup final 25 april see bbc scotland sport for det.ails..
  11. where were the ball boys? time wasting .
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