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  1. Ex players who won't admit they are Bears

    i remember a part time player with clydebank ,worked as a slater on roofs in all weather then one day he was told to get over to ibrox ,needles to say any one would have ran, anyway he signed and soon was in the first team ,a no.9 called bobby williamson ,not a bad player more of a trier . he broke a leg one day and the club looked asfter him till he was fit,but he was moved on he did the rounds onm a downwatrdc direction and took up managing not bad eventualy hibs gave him a job he was aqsked to speak top some fans some nights .one of them asked about his loyalty to his time at gers just to get told listen pal im no H** which was him in the job. what happened to t6his arse?
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    5/5/73 ...today 45 y.ago.
  3. Rangers Reply

    i dont know what is majority is but the bluenose voters have good memories.googled it, 6,482 at 29%
  4. Willie Henderson

    his goal against them when he ran from half way beating one after another to score at broomloan rd end must be one of the best ever,when asked about how many p-layuers he beat the answer was the ones that got in my road. great player.
  5. glasgow cup final

    switchjed over at the end and next door channel showing english u.18 final chelsea arsenal who do i see but billy gilmour doing a good job in midfield and does he not score chelsea first goal,every one of the boys were about 5/9 plus anmd 4 white playrerrs but the skill was a good bit ahead of our final and they were all big sturdy lads ,on both sides
  6. Rangers related picture thread

    gillick charlie johnston billy williamson and a peak at jimmy duncanson on right.
  7. Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    not much point he is in charge for the 3 last games aqnd he just might get us 3 wins,he has beaten 2 of 3 already,its notr the guys fault he was thrown in when he was in over his head .
  8. Felt sorry for Alnwick today

    goalie saved us from a big score,but long ball clearances did,nt work against a mainly tall defence,not on ly the keeper too manny long punts to no one easly swept up.
  9. O’Halloran & Dodoo

    3 times the ball went to some clown who threw it away each time.same guy each time.
  10. Rangers related picture thread

    if i,m right thats stewart kenneday behind sandy ,and we know the score from that game.
  11. Sean Dyche on Scott Arfield

    if dyche is com,ing could someone get some cough sweets please.
  12. glasgow cup final

    stv2 monday 6.30. glasgow cup final v celic
  13. Rangers related picture thread

    i thought might be ally dawson ,but the jersey dates this pic.
  14. Rangers related picture thread

    berwick1 us0 bud got his ankle broke ,was lucky ? to be in the crowd,most miserable day/game ever,,,
  15. Rangers related picture thread

    george young going in goal ,aberdeen final.