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  1. I agree with you about Ojo, I still think he could come good. Only if he wants it though, hes got a massive opportunity this year, just like Kent last year. I think Aribo would probably be best in the Jack role, but Jack is playing too well for that to happen. We might see it when we are towards the end of the season and we need to rotate more
  2. I thought Aribo looked good first half yesterday, great energy, pressing and quick feet. I just think there are others who have been doing a lot worse than Ojo
  3. Aribo and Ojo have virtually the same stats this season yet Ojo gets fucking slated.
  4. I would think he's on the left as hes got a better left peg than goldson. Also Goldson played on the right last season due to worrall being left footed.
  5. How is Katic left sided? He is a right footed player.
  6. fernando0606


    I can see why he did, he has pace and did okay against hearts. Dont you think Katic was a more bizarre substitution?
  7. fernando0606


    Stupid post, Goldson was the worst player in a Rangers jersey again
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