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  1. Nothing new here . Boring . Believe it when i see it .
  2. Same old shite , from the same old shitehawk . If that annoys anyone , then it's fine by me .
  3. He came back on last night with a new username asking why he got banned !! Reckoned he should have had an email from admin! Suffice to say he didn't last long (again)
  4. This guy's good guys ! Take him on at yer peril .
  6. There was a lot to take in that day ! A good few of the firm were in with Chelsea too! Remember seeing a wee St.Midden tramp we knew from Renfrew skirmishes running away with a Leeds crew!!
  7. Like it was yesterday mate Also remember the Glasgow mods taking a spanking at the riverside in the very early days!!
  8. Are you using a worm by any chance?
  9. They were never much threat to us anyway. Mind you i took a slap or two from them once when i walked into their mob in George Sq. ! The away days on the special were more fun on the way back , when we hit the platform in Queen St. with a rousing "Hello". And to our delight finding Aberdeen there after playing the bheasts! Happened more than once if i remember right!
  10. Well well , The Trooper is here at last ! Break your heart old chap , tearing yourself away from ££ ? Aye you were there once upon a time mate . Hearts away on the special was always fun
  11. See what some don't seem to realize it's not the religion that's the problem, it's certain individuals that's carry that tag to hide behind and fuel there own agenda's. Now I don't think anybody would disagree, that some of our fans don't carry themselves well. That is why we get so much bad press and all tagged with the same brush. Perhaps its just an educational matter then DB? (How the devil are you anyway) Its a great point, ALL clubs have hooligans, in all honesty, all towns and cities have them too. It should be realised that it is these people, NOT (as you say) the belief system or the songs that are the problem. Once that is realised, you tend to find that most of these guys have banning orders. Spot on mate. Good and bad everywhere and we're always gonna have our so called, ahem, "darker side" ! . If certain people on here can't deal with that , then feck off and go an spout your pish in the stands of Firhill or the likes of ! Becoming very tedious on here with the all the lhurkers . Backbone loyal.
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