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  1. rab wilson

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Fuckin magnificent strips.better start the diet and lose the belly after bombays wedding next week cos i want all 3.well done Rangers and hummel. No Surrender Rab
  2. rab wilson

    LET'S GO!!

    Lets go.unlike others i was never in any doubt about this appointment.the man is a born winner.he fears fuck all, one of the best i have ever seen on the pitch, carried liverpool for years on his shoulders.he may not be the best dtraight away, there will be bumps, big ones, but i think this lad has the stones for the job.i dont expect much.all i want is a Rangers team that fights for every ball and tackle.only question is. Where is stevie going to find that one fucker who bullies our cowards into a fight.ive loved gerrard as a player for more than 15 years.the man looks cool and classyand looks like he belongs and is worthy.hope he talks to walter. Love ye stevie son. Good luck. No Surrender Rab
  3. rab wilson

    Rangers related picture thread

    Love that foto.any chance of nicking it? Ha ha No Surrender Rab
  4. rab wilson

    Favourite Rangers Kit

    Had that with a bigger than usual orange number 8 on the back.loved it. No Surrender Rab
  5. Happy birthday ma'am Long to reign over us. GSTQ No Surrender Rab
  6. rab wilson

    Favourite Rangers Kit

    For me as well.i have the 78 strip as my favourite because i wore it, never had this one, but to me this is The strip that we should wear every season, a thing of true beauty. No Surrender Rab
  7. rab wilson

    Favourite Rangers Kit

    Yyyyaaaassss.my favourite ever.thanks man. No Surrender Rab
  8. rab wilson

    Favourite Rangers Kit

    Thats mine.i has the red away one first.when i played over the park used to wear it with white shorts and the black and red socks.i thought i was the bollocks.slept in it, wore it under my school shirt.my maw had to make sure i was asleep to get it off to wash it.fuck sake its bad times the now, but i fuckin love you Rangers with my last breath.never will it change. No Surrender Rab
  9. rab wilson

    Uda all the way

    Yyyaaaaaaasss Dennis my son! Gie them fuckin laldy my boy. No Surrender Rab
  10. rab wilson

    Heart and Hand Extra - Ian Ferguson

    You down tomorrow mate? No Surrender Rab
  11. rab wilson

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Sleep tight butch. The game has lost a true gentleman.RIP No Surrender Rab
  12. rab wilson

    Absolutely bottled it

    Said to tje boy next to me that we were in trouble cos they left 2 up and lego was still a spare man..if we bring cummings on then, they dont score.fuckin guttrd. No Surrender Rab
  13. rab wilson

    £9 million we knocked back

    We fuckin blew it mate.fuckin morelos.i could have put that in with my cock. No Surrender Rab
  14. rab wilson

    Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    Will do it today mate.on it will be Robert wilson " king kai".its the goal he spoke about most. No Surrender Rab
  15. rab wilson

    Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    That is an honour mate.i think of you lot as family.sometimes you are the only family ive got.im so sorry for your loss mate.at the moment i feel nothing but guilt cos we never made it up before he passed.but when i tie his scarf to the gates on sunday i know he will be above me.thanks hutchy.your dad must have been so proud of ye. No Surrender Rab