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  1. Where do you sit?

    Main stand front in line with the penalty spot at the Copland road end.couple of areas of restricted view.cant complain too much though. No Surrender Rab
  2. Danny Wilson

    Much criticized on here but I think the boy is class.stood out like a beacon today.fuck alves off his heart isnt in it. No Surrender Rab
  3. Could this be the new home top next season

    I'l have that home strip for the next 20 years.gorgeous. No Surrender Rab
  4. Any news on Danny Wilson?

    Much slated on here but I love Danny Wilson.boy is a class act .what a fuckin header that was.im getting carried away again .fuck sake Rangers.why do you always do this to me.fill me with pride and optimism.only to fuck it all up next week.feels great today.been a long time since we battled like fuck for a win.turning point I think for us. No Surrender Rab
  5. Superb.

    Fuckin yyyyaaaaassss Rangers. No Surrender Rab
  6. Aberdeen Calendar

    I'm still a bit pissed off we sold waggy to be honest.hard working forward who would have shone given a decent partner.wish him all the best. No Surrender Rab
  7. Kevin Cadle has sadly passed away

    RIP kev.very knowlegable about the info.and if he had connection to us in a small way even sweeter.god bless your family Kevin. No Surrender Rab
  8. Just listening to..

    ...paisley road west during my tea break at work and burst into fuckin tears.stupid big cunt.just thought I'd share.cannot stop greeting.great fuckin tune. No Surrender Rab
  9. Nacho Novo

    Mate for fuck sake I hope you are ok.ive been hell bent on your posts since I joined and if I could afford the plane Doon there I would be there.guess I'm just saying that I'm with you brother., even though it's only in spirit.just relax pal.im truly gutted.is at times like this that you realise the world is too big to bring round a flask of tea and a full Scottish breakfast. Take care mate. No Surrender Rab
  10. Nacho Novo

    God speed to you and yours mate.shocked to hear of your turn.i know it's thousands of miles away., but if you need anything sent from ibrox or anywhere just let me know. No Surrender Rab
  11. Anybody outside yet

    At the memorial.fuckin buzzin No Surrender Rab
  12. Anyone else buzzing about tomorrow

    Sitting here in my hotel in paisley in the bar and wes Just came on sky sports.fuckin buzzin.come on the sons o William!!! No Surrender Rab
  13. McCoist on talksport

    Fuckin shite post .the boy was magic for us on the park.could not cut it as a manager but neither could John Greig.super ally was a fenian slayer of the highest order.dont care if he did it for him or us.all I know is I loved him.he needed somebody like Jimmy calderwood or John lambie behind him when we were in the lower leagues to guide him.the reason most on here fire shit at him is because we all thought ally would deliver something special as he was always lucky.he couldn't.the cash? Those who stayed away did far worse in my eyes.he made massive mistakes., some so shameful. Challenge cup etc. Wish him and jasper had pulled it off.could not be any worse than it is now; full of cowards who won't put their foot in. No Surrender Rab
  14. McCoist on talksport

    Without a doubt one of the best posts ive ever seen on here and sums my feelings up perfectly.cant bring myself to hate him....i love him too much.my teenage hero alongside durrant and Billy boy Ferguson. No Surrender Rab
  15. Blue and a red one for me., xl .will pm later. No Surrender Rab