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  1. Great post mate, was in the enclosure that day.i thought ibrox was taking off. No Surrender Rab
  2. Me too.is the monthly option still open? No Surrender Rab
  3. Sorry for your loss mate.another bear to have a go on the gee gees with davie cooper in heaven. RIP Billy No Surrender Rab
  4. Just when it all looked painful, just when they wanted to poison their pens, when we looked like we fucked it again, just when we looked like we were gonna let it go, we gave our fuckin all and gave our support some night.well played Rangers, well fuckin played. Regardless of next week, our boys gave us something we will never forget at ibrox.gaffer has lost the dressing room? Bollox.they play for him and us 55 No Surrendèr Rab
  5. I remember getting the chance to meet the players at ibrox when I was a wee boy, about 6 or 7. All the players were sat on tables either in their pants or baws out with blue t shirts on. Big jock was at the front of the room . He made a beeline for me and my cousin Tommy and said: "they are the privileged ones, they get to play for you. They have to be good enough for that Jersey.watch out for davie cooper.magiç , but wee Bobby is still the magician" Russell he meant, the guy I spent copying for years after the talk. Jock Wallace embodies everything that is both traditional and great about Rangers, him and Walter both. .......no papes required under big jock for 2 trebles mind, players didn't want any either in the dressing room.. We live in hope, that integration doesn't steal our identity, or is it just the one our media have installed amongst us. Let us find out when we win 55. No Surrender Rab
  6. Fuckin intae them Rangers No Surrender Rab
  7. Mine came today.fuckin classic top. No Surrender Rab
  8. Fuckin come on Rangers! Do it for all the bears out there and woridwide.we deserve this.fuckin come on. No Surrender Rab
  9. Ive got that subbuteo team, the 66-67 team and the 72 team in my collection.me and my son Billy played a floodlit "midweek" European Cup game, me and kai johannsens Rangers against his Roy Race melchester rovers.i broke his goalie with the winning penalty by wullie johnston.magic night. No Surrender Rab
  10. Fuckin magnificent strips.better start the diet and lose the belly after bombays wedding next week cos i want all 3.well done Rangers and hummel. No Surrender Rab
  11. Love that foto.any chance of nicking it? Ha ha No Surrender Rab
  12. Sleep tight butch. The game has lost a true gentleman.RIP No Surrender Rab
  13. That is the way it should be and always should be.best post on here by a mile. When I tell people down the road who I support, they have the identity in their head straight away of what I am.that makes me proud.none of the English clubs have that.they are just tied to football clubs.we are tied to a people by and large.lose that and our club will lose part of its identity too.remember the Barca sports paper in the cl qualifier in 2007." The protestants are coming".that makes me proud as a bear.they were not offended, just stating fact. No Surrender Rab
  14. Fuck off Portuguese. Said it when he got the job. Fuckin disgrace. Not a rangers manager in a million years. Players can fuck off as well..gutted No Surrender Rab
  15. Fuckin beauty.can you do it in an orange one and a white 3rd kit? No Surrender Rab
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