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  1. They should be kicked out for serial offending over the past 10 years . But UEFA will fine them 15000 euro and nothing else will be said as usual .fenian bastards run the show
  2. If McKay had signed a new deal he might have stayed or didn't shite it from every tackle . I liked him but we need 30 games a season performers not 3
  3. That would be better aye ..
  4. Hence why walker and Naismith would be good signings.
  5. It's now just a propaganda rhag for Liewell ...wouldnt wipe ma arse with it .
  6. Great player and although he's a Bear and I'd love him to sign I can't see this happening . As long as he doesn't sign for the Plastic Irish paedos
  7. In my opinion if walker signed we'd have a really good first 11 . RFB the exception . But to be successful you need quality on the bench too . Wes Tav Bruno Cardosso Lee Pena Jack Dorrans Walker Cardeaso????? Herrera In a 423I. That's probably best side we've had since admin but we need proper guidance and quality subs .
  8. The most important thing is we stop that shite from dominating and personally i'd take almost anyone at the club..Naismith i'd take. No matter what was said in the past ( we've all got a past we're not proud of) we have to move on for the benefit of the club.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. 😭😭😭😭😭
  11. Heard his nickname by some players is the fraud. Guy my brother works with knows someone at auchenhowie. Just e mailed me . If true thats very worrying
  12. Cut our losses and get rid now and get someone in who knows what they're doing . We've a bit of quality in our first 11 now so with a good manager we'd win something this season.
  13. Maybe it's time for our coaches to say something .. murty Johansson and lovenkrands. On paper that's a really good side ...
  14. 4231 by the looks of it ..pena and Jack holding with Niko Miller and dorrans behind herrera
  15. Naw bored 👍