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  1. I fancy us to win . No supporters will be a huge bonus and playing against a side as open lets us play. Loving the new lad in defence . Looks solid and brilliant in the air ..
  2. We've dominated but looking tired. Typical first game of the season.
  3. Hagi needs to change his boots . Twice they've stuck in the turf
  4. Doing what they're good at intimidation , racism, sectarianism and an inability to spell and put the right flag on. Pretty much sums up yer average beggar
  5. The SFA should keep their fuckin noses out. A tickle in a friendly in another country .. gies peace FFS
  6. Front row of the Govan that night . Soaked through. Big Nissy will beat this .
  7. I don't want any of our players playing for them
  8. Boyata making a cunt of himself for Hertha Berlin. Brilliant
  9. Story I heard was we were playing clyde and forgot the socks for our kit so borrowed theirs which were black with red tops . We won so being superstitious we kept them.
  10. Frightening how fucked up in the head these cunts are ..
  11. All sides currently in the EL should automatically start in the group stages next season unless their league positions mean they're in the CL. Therefore there wont be a bizarre build up of games . Also think the league should start in september so supporters can safely return.
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