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  1. Hopefully an easy one Taigs at coverup arena will do
  2. The fact these manky cunts are still having a meltdown 3 weeks later shows there's panic in paedoville
  3. They'll be riots when we win the league . These cunts are retarded
  4. Welcome to the SNPs banana republic. Racism and sectarianism is ok against us.. Hope Alfredo leaves in the summer after 55 and goes and has an amazing career .
  5. Maybe they should concentrate on the goon brigade
  6. He's only human . EPL bright lights tempt every player.
  7. Hibs had 2 shots against that shite yesterday . We're playing good attacking fitba . I think 3.1 to the Bears
  8. Problem is we as a country and city are ruled by anti unionists which in turn is anti Rangers . Our Liewell controlled media is the same and the SFA don't have the backbone to stand up to it. . No other countries media makes up lies about a club hours before UEFA praise them .. from fan zones to attacks by supporters . From double standards involving players to highlighted incidents agaibst us but against No one else. These are dark times and if we win the league this year I feel it'll be up there with our greatest achievements.
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