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  1. All part of being at a big club .. maybe he's stepped out of line and he's been given a 2 week suspension by the club .. happens all over
  2. God bless you Fernando.. . We'll miss you 💙
  3. All the Taig Lurkers got excited there for a bit
  4. Need to.make it more appealing . Having our season from March to November would give us better weather for supporters to come out. Drop prices to encourage more . Sell beer prior and at half time at pie stalls for increased revenue . Being half way through our season would give us a better chance of CL/EL qualification hence generating more money. Sky would pay for our games during the summer with no EPL to watch .
  5. Big girl is wearing a scarf...it's oor summer FFS
  6. Aribo is playing for Nigeria tonight and won't be home till late tomorrow ish.. Arfield is playing against Cuba tonight is he no?
  7. Playing in Nigeria and No back till late Wednesday/early Thursday
  8. Looking like jack and Aribo could miss out . Replace with kamara and king and put ojo and Kent wide, resting arfield .
  9. We were pish as were they.. stop tinkering and bring Ryan in and play players in their right role and well bounce back. At our best we'll pish over the top of them this season but play like that again and we can kiss bye to anything again this season. We made a shite team look decent.
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