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  1. Priority is every game.... Kent is feeling his way back in and should not have started...But we're joint top of the league and winning. In Europe playing proper sides like Porto off the park. 3 years ago the beggars were putting 5 past us and Progrese were putting us out of Europe. Massive strides have been made and we will get there .
  2. Gaffbear


    Was brilliant as was barasic
  3. Hes now the player Gerard saw ..
  4. In Gerards defence he is new to coaching unlike the other 2 mentioned . I do agree his subs were questionable but like the rest of us he saw Hockey was struggling and maybe thought Kents pace would have destroyed him..Personally id have put on Stewart a lot earlier and Defoe... Ojo was struggling and Arfield was blowing out his arse,that was evident after 45 minutes but Gerard knows his players and the game better than the rest of us and he has to be trusted... 23 years ago on Sunday we struggled to draw 2.2 with a poor Aberdeen side with Sir Wattie at the helm yet went on to win the league...Every manager makes mistakes and if he's to become a top manager he'll learn from them.
  5. Kent or Jones will start from now on .. once jones is fit that is. Ojo not sharp enough .
  6. Fair point .. We're doooomed I say dooooomed 😭😭😭😭
  7. People need to calm the fuck doon... We drew. Big deal it happens FFS
  8. BBC and the beggars . 2 institutions with the biggest child sex abuse cover ups in history in cahoots to discredit Rangers . Hope our lawyers are doing OT on this .
  9. Silence on 40 years of rape yet headline news on a spanked arse . We have to investigate publicly and be the better people but highlight the taigs being left alone.
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