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  1. I'm a dour faced cunt most of the time but I seriously fancy us on Sunday... They'll play like Lennon, in our faces trying to get a reaction so if we play the way we can and run at them with pace we'll get free kicks etc and could run them ragged...We play for a draw and they'll pump us. December 29th team shows up I fancy 3..1 the famous
  2. Gaffbear


    Most probably but a couple of victories over them will boost our confidence and make it known we're only a few silly mistakes or displays away from them.
  3. Honestly see us beating them twice but drawing against hearts or some other shite and blowing it again.. On our best game they canny live with us. Wish we showed it more often .
  4. Gaffbear


    I like him and feel he has bags a talent .. hopefully him and davis come back buzzin while McGregor and forest come back greetin 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. An attacking creative mid is priority . No nonsense CB Ryan Kent Andy Carroll type striker who's no made of glass
  6. Stevie has to earn his stripes now.. go 2 up ...
  7. With the pressure off we'll probably win 4.0 then Dundee will hold the beggars on Sunday and our arse will flutter again.
  8. 3.0 the famous . Job done , cunts put in place .
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