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  1. The labotomised never learn . Cunts canny stay in the hoose or no panic buy when told . What chance have we got stopping them chucking bottles .
  2. They also want eduard for £30m
  3. Let's hope it's not 6 months otherwise the economy will collapse.
  4. It'll depend when it peaks in certain countries . They're saying we should peak within a fortnight meaning we could maybe resume june .All going well that is . Some have peaked and some like italy and Spain for some reason is out of control..I think that's why it's a case by case basis.
  5. Met Tav in braehead last year.. solid big lad . Met alex Rae in the loft in Ashton lane 15 years ago on a monday afternoon . He wasnt drinking . Met willie Johnston outside the district having a smoke about 10 years ago
  6. I think they have to finish the league whether its june or july. Scrap the scottish cup and internationals . CL and EL and concentrate on finishing league seasons. They think this will peak soon (hopefully) and life will return to normal in a couple of months . This could be a close season and do pre season training before starting again . Flow from this season with a few week break in August straight into next .
  7. I think because its celtic they'll continue the league in a few weeks and play until june . .
  8. Well I'm self isolating now.. nae fitba to watch . Bastards lol
  9. Was only a matter of time. Make the season null and void and watch them go mental 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Is davis undroppable?. Kamara was better out the 2
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