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  1. Gaffbear


    In Portugal so missed it .
  2. I rate him highly and hope for a bumper season
  3. Back to 2,000 next season begging us to buy more tickets and fighting relegation. Some Andorran side will be begging for Killie in the Europa league
  4. Typical end of season game . Remember us winning the league then Aberdeen pumping us 3.0 at ibrox .. everyone thinking of their holibags
  5. Thank fuck Worrall is going home tomorrow . Shows you how superior katic is
  6. Tav needs hawners down our right . Hayes has loads of space every time . Jack needs to cover
  7. Stop chucking high baws to Defoe...
  8. After everything they cunts have done to us since 2012 we better just pump them 4.0 and fuck their guard of honour .
  9. I'm hoping barisic is only cos of injury but I think both have come here thinking it's a piss take then realised it's a tough league and haven't fancied it ..
  10. Katic sat and waited . Never moaned or huffed . Has come back and looks class again .
  11. They're shite but we all know they try their best against us .. Fancy 3.1 Sunday
  12. Imagine the timplosion should killie turn them over tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  13. Might be a ploy to get the sheep to set up for a big striker only for Defoe to be passed fit and rip the piss .
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