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  1. Size isn't everything you know 🖑👋🖑👋
  2. If this is true this will be a massive signing . You can see what Pedro is doing . Building a hard spine with alves Pena and moult
  3. Don't know anything about him . On another note I think it's a big mistake if we let McKay go..
  4. Canny believe halliday is not on it
  5. £1m or fuck off wonder we've no money
  6. If he wanted to live the dream then aye but he could still play in the EPL so I doubt it very much .
  7. I'm beyond caring now...If he signs and shows the quality we desperately need ill accept that .. but prior to.that i expect a grovelling apology, not for leaving as that's part and parcel of football but for what he said.
  8. If they played for the beggars they'd get £7m for them but because we're the world's worst at getting true value we'll maybe get 2 tops
  9. And so begins the dissecting of a ma. Jumping up and down 🤔🤔🤔
  10. Very good young player ..
  11. Good experience for the boys
  12. Would take Paterson...
  13. Should have been replayed with us against AC.
  14. Weiss McLean jack and alves..not a bad first 4 if possible eh ...