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  1. Tony Pulis

    Big rondon up front
  2. Scottish cup draw

    I wonder if we'll get a replay
  3. Tony Pulis

    I'd take Tony the Tiger right now . Watching us stumble from 1 fuck up to another is dragging me doon .
  4. Tony Pulis

    1.0 to the Rangers would do me till may
  5. Mcleish

    A want tae greet
  6. Mcleish

    We all wanted McLeish chased
  7. Burst the Bank Dave

    Its in my letter to Santa
  8. Morelos missed chances Yesterday.

    He needs a bully next to him . McCoist missed 5 every week but when Hately played and took the CBs away ally scored loads . Alfredo needs a wing man and Miller ain' t the answer
  9. Burst the Bank Dave

    We need a proven top manager and £20m to spend . God knows where that will come from
  10. Kenny Miller

    A man down yesterday . Not a good start when were already 3 men down with windass hodson and Wilson
  11. Another low in the history of our club

    Maybe not but still better than what Warburton brought in
  12. Coleman turned us down

    Do you blame him ?
  13. Another low in the history of our club

    My point I thought was obvious . He got chased because everyone thought he was shite and our players needed better guidance. Bottom line is were still suffering Warburtons pish and our only shining lights are what Pedro brought in .. morellos candeias jack and mccrorie ( his nightmare aside). I' not saying he should still be manager all I'm saying he was still bound down with previous regimes dross .
  14. Another low in the history of our club

    Like Wilson hodson Miller windass holt .. like that shite who cost us yesterday
  15. My issue is penny pinching on a new manager and nothing getting better ..