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  1. Whats the script with these things? They look pretty smart, I'm wondering if they are official club merchandise or just people making money from Rangers fans .???
  2. A wise man once asked.........Why can't we just all get along? Where is that wise man these days btw?
  3. Just to clarify, I've never spoken a word about David Edgar. The disdain for yourself is purely based on the past few months.
  4. I think we could easily ignore the half arsed ramblings of the likes of Bp9 and his ilk (if he has an ilk).
  5. Its gone to 10 posts per page, rather than 20. To make Furious Chris feel important probably.
  6. The vast majority in your head perhaps. I travel to most games with about half a dozen mates, and every single one of them thinks he comes across as an arrogant cunt, after what was a promising start. At first, I thought he was an improvement on the Fat Controller, but he's just the same.
  7. Nobody supports Chris Graham. You really are posting a pile of shite. Are you his wife? Look at the facts: he's banned from VB, he's fallen out with RM, he's had good bears banned from forums, he's been caught leaking info to the DR & last, the worst of all, he's been caught taking cash from the BBC. Both he'd previously urged fans to boycott. He stinks, & the only place all that is deemed acceptable is Dingwalls swamp, where all integrity & honesty was lost years ago.
  8. Is there something about the name Chris that turns people into arseholes? TWB, Furious Chris, GOAT......any others out there?
  9. Only when I'm referring to the child sex abuse cover up club, that's all.
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