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  1. Need to get a win here and back on track the ONLY thing that matters this season is winning the league and automatic promotion.
  2. Something to do with the Easter Uprising total cunt of a man awa back to Eire ya bam
  3. Other than the coaching last season once we were paired with the scum players lost focus I do not see Warburton and Weir allowing this so hopefully the main goal of promotion remains the focus we will see tonight
  4. Strange kick off time here due to the fact we are on Daylight Savings Time but will be watching from Vancouver ready to cheer us on to getting closer to assuring promotion.
  5. So want Houston pumped but any win will do
  6. In the second half time added for the first goal would have been at the end of the first half BUT who cares what a fucking team display
  7. New one he has had a few kicks as if Raith Rovers is an important club
  8. Get intae thum Rangers Love Kircaldy and nothing against the club but I hate their prick of a chairman
  9. Dan Dan he's our man if he cannae Dae it we hope Tae fuck someone else can
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