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  1. I'm in my work's Amsterdam office today and stopped for a chat with one of my colleagues who used to play for Ajax. A few of his ex-teammates are now in senior positions at the club. And that's it. He doesn't know anything. Just wanted to share that I'm in Amsterdam on a lovely sunny day and work with someone who used to be quite good at football. I'm going for a beer now. Cheers.
  2. I'd like to teach the world to sing The Sash my Father Wore......
  3. Had a good wee run of doubles and trebles recently but this was the biggest for a while. Southampton made me sweat for it.
  4. The law does say that as far as the page goes. I'm sure the original report on this said the record printed the IPSO judgement on the same page they ran the article, page 6. Can't confirm it myself as I don't read the record.
  5. They always seem to get underestimated because they are in a wee league and most people only know FC Copenhagen. But you're right, the owner knows how to get value for his budget and he certainly knows how to pick a manager. Hope you win a penny or two tonight. The odds seem quite generous.
  6. Ah, so screwed by the Fifers and the Teuchters. Just my luck.
  7. Lumped on FC Midtjylland single at 10/11, then a wee ridiculous treble of Midtjylland, Panathanaikos and Maccabi Tel Aviv to win and over 2.5 goals each game @25/1.
  8. Montrose bust me on a treble with Newcastle and East Fife but finally landed one with Legia, Ludogorets and Monaco. Looking forward to the Europa games tonight. There are usually a good few mad results in those.
  9. Seems to like to hit the ball early and with little back-lift, which is usually a good sign.
  10. Don't go spending any money on any prediction leagues old chap. Not sure you have a future in it.
  11. Leyton Orient currently screwing me out of £1300 despite 18 attempts on goal and 60% possession
  12. Sound advice. Thank you. I don't usually put too much thought into them. A wee bit of history and a wee bit of gut. My main accas are actually all trebles. I usually look for 3 homes offering 3/1 - 5/1 in total if I am going to just leave them alone. If I am going to be hanging around the house and in position to act during the games, I might go higher total odds on teams that are unpredictable, or away from home, in the expectation of cashing out if a couple of them get ahead. Again though, no science to it with me. I usually also just go for wins but have decided to start mixing it up for fun. Last season was the first time I have bet on the football for about 7 or 8 years. Started with a bank of £500 for the season and ended with £1500 but that was mainly down to Rangers great start to the season and the Bet365 risk-free in-plays. I also 100% agree about the unpredictability of the lower leagues. I usually stick to the top 3 leagues in England and top 2 in Scotland. The Alloa and Livi bets are really just difficult to pass up due to recent history in those fixtures. Last season Dunfermline and Peterhead screwed me royally in the second half of the season due to their erratic results after a commanding mid-season run. I am a real novice though and really appreciate seeing advice and tips from others, so thanks again.
  13. My Accas have been so bad this season, I'm going silly:
  14. Barton fair likes a challenge. Never knew he was so fucking good at it though.