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  1. C1872 will never be fit for purpose as it has two fundamentally opposite objectives: a shareholding substantial enough to hold the Board of Directors to account; and acting as a supporter's group to be the single point of contact with that same Board of Directors. The conflicts are too great between the need for ruthless independence on one of those objectives and the opportunities for manipulation in the other are beautifully designed along almost Machiavellian lines to cancel each other out. Consider why Rangers First was a raging success by comparison to the clusterfuck that is 1872: RF was a wholly independent fans initiative for the benefit of the club. It had a simple objective: obtain a sufficiently large shareholding to hold the Board of Directors to account. Side benefit: investment of capital into the club whenever possible via share issues. C1872 is a Board initiative that, in my personal opinion, is for the benefit of the Board. I would support this assertion by the events around the proposed loan from RF, the "projects" initiative, and the single point of contact aspect, which was included in the PR behind the merger proposal. Finally, the King e-mail to Wallace to the effect that he could guarantee the fans' groups would spin the message on the "Ibrox as loan security" deal, makes it clear that he was already using the RST for exactly the role C1872 is now fulfilling: spinning for the Board to the wider support. It is simply not in the Boards' interests to encourage the successful development of a group with the same objective as RF.
  2. Looking at some of the players Caixinha had at Santos and some of the players he has signed in the past who may be eligible for work permits (approved up front or on appeal), there may be a decent chance he could go after Djaniny, a 6' 3" Centre Forward from Cape Verde, who I suspect has dual Portuguese nationality. He's not prolific but he's a big lad, which might fit Caixinha saying he needs "Men" in the team, and Caixinha has signed him twice. Others that look possible are Andres Renteria, Nestor Araujo and Alonso Escoboza. Araujo is a big CB and the other two are wee wingers. Pure guesswork, of course, but they are realistic targets as far as value and work permits go, and Djaniny and Araujo look decent.
  3. Not sure I see how either one would qualify for a work permit, which will be the problem for most of the players Caixinha had at Santos.
  4. Feeling slightly dirty about this, but lumping on the sheep to win BTTS pre-game and again in-play, then cashing out at half-time has paid for all of my other weekend bets (18 of them) in just 45 minutes. Think this is the first time I have ever bet on a sheep win. Hope I never have to do it again.
  5. Good luck. I was going to have a cheeky wee bet on Ayr for this as Dundee Hibs have had shocking away form recently but don't want to jinx you. Watching it on 365, the football is really poor.
  6. Beginning to get that same feeling with betting on Rangers that I got in the early days of Warburton. The bookies are obviously working off of stats, so at this early stage in a form turnaround, we maybe have a wee head start on them by watching every game. Having had a shocking season so far, I have recovered all of my losses for the season in the last two games. Went big on a Gers win last week (sorry, sorry. Don't want to start another rumble) because 7/2 was just ridiculous. This week, basically bet the bank on a Gers win at 8/15 and threw on some extra sheckles for -1 at 13/10. Hope we get another couple of weeks before the bookies catch on again. Could get some cracking odds against the beasts.
  7. Its the Bayern - Real game on offer for this deal where I live. Had over 1.5 first half for my free bet. Vidal is a big cunty-bollocks.
  8. Other than the OP, this is the standout post in this thread. It is this sort of enlightened attitude that should light a beacon of hope for an all-encompassing, non-sectarian future for the new Scotland. Me, my children and my unborn grandchildren will take inspiration from this for years to come. I salute you.
  9. Health and Safety will never let us get away with that one. It's a lovely idea but not safe for the undead amongst us. There are a fair few zombies supporting Sevco, so we have to be careful.
  10. To mark this unique event, we should do something truly memorable, beyond even the now commonplace minutes applause, and swap ends at half-time. Let them have the Copland Road for the second half. I think they've earned it through their 50 years of modesty and inclusiveness.
  11. Somebody will need to set their alarm for the 66th minute in order to remind McNeil what he's applauding in the 67th minute.
  12. This thread has everything a good Friday night rumour thread should have except a bit of bullshit Muff-lite player analysis: Pish source - check Awful Youtube video - check "Wrong forum" moan - check Terrible puns - check Pish on everyone's chips serious cunts - check Half-arsed internet hard man bitch fight - check Casual racism - check Couple of genuinely fucking funny comments - check Positive comparison to resident useless lump of wood - check Old-timers anti-beast chant recollections - check A plane - check Archive it
  13. This is exactly the problem with McInnes. We appear to have no money. By many accounts, we are operating on a playing budget one third of the unmentionables. McInnes had 3 seasons operating with the 2nd biggest budget in the league, 2 of them against arguably one of the worst managers in beast history and couldn't get closer than 15 points behind. I'd rather take a calculated gamble on a relative unkown who might overcome the odds than go for a safer option who is pretty much a racing certainty to deliver 2nd best.
  14. I could point you in the direction of at least 500 sillier posts in this thread alone. There are an awful lot of very definite opinions based on fuck all.
  15. Typical Spaniard. Knows fuck all Portuguese. It's closer to Ky-sheen-yash. Best to take yer teeth oot and have a good swally before trying to say it.