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  1. I think we should riot anyway. 1980 cup final style. Scarves, flares and v-necks with tarriers underfoot.
  2. That is a beautiful sight 😊. Brilliant result. Enjoy the reward.
  3. It did, thanks👍. Sporting doing Rosenborg also helped. Ended up doubling my money but I have learned my lesson to never bet on beast games. Even in Europe.
  4. Fucking ouch. Need us to do the business tonight to get that back
  5. Well that wee beast goal just lets me get another bite at even better odds..... Gonna be a profitable night.
  6. I despise Lazio. But I despise them even more. 'Mon Lazio.
  7. Two things I loved in the second and third goals: On the second one, watch when Borna's afterburners kick in: The third one. Watch Gerrard's part in it with the instruction to Kent just before the throw-in is taken:
  8. Porto's home European record since the start of last season: Porto 3 - 1 Schalke Porto 1 - 0 Galatasary Porto 4 - 1 Lokomotiv Moscow Porto 3 - 1 Roma Porto 0 - 2 Liverpool Porto 3 - 2 Krasnodar Porto 2 - 1 Young Boys Porto 1 - 1 Rangers And it was not backs to the wall. We were toe-to-toe over 90 minutes. Same possession, same shots, same quality of chances. Away from home. We have a very, very good team wearing our shirts this season. When we learn how to turn up for every game from the start, we could be devastating. Edit: oops, forgot Krasnodar
  9. Valletta. One of those weird nights with no atmosphere at all, when the crowd was so tiny and quiet you could hear all the player's shouts to each other.
  10. I think we might underestimate what we have been achieving and what we are up against this season. I certainly have. Midtjylland: Top of Superligaen after 11 games, only conceded 3 goals in those 11 games, we put 7 past them Legia: Not doing so well but 5th in the Ekstraklasa, 4 points off the top Feyenoord: Only 6th in Eredivisie but only lost 1 league game in 8 Porto: 2nd in Primeira Liga, one of the biggest clubs in Europe, we'll soon see Young boys: 2nd in Swiss Super League, undefeated after 9 league games We're really in amongst some good, good teams again and it is great to see we can hold our own.
  11. I have bets on with a couple of friends who support Young Boys and Porto. I got amazing odds on us getting any points out of the games with those two as they only know we have had a shitty time over recent years and have had to re-build. They went very quiet after I invited them round to watch the Feyenoord game. I just can't call this one. We look so good in Europe this year but threw in a couple of howlers last season. Young Boys look like a really strong team but so did Midtjylland and we absolutely blootered them. Even against Feyenoord we had so much control. I'm going for a 2-2
  12. TheMotor


    Something is obviously right in our coaching cos the wee fella just keeps getting better. I though it might be OK if we lost him during the summer if the money was good. Just don't ever want to sell him now, he's getting too good to lose at any price.
  13. His head's up. Looks like he is enjoying his football.
  14. Quite a few people pointed out last season that he's a much better player when he is free to go further forward than we were used to. He struggles if he has to sit deep. He can come deep but he's better with the freedom to go box-to-box. For me, it has been the excellence of Davis in the deep role that has seen both Jack and Barisic begin to shine. He is giving both of them the security to go forward. And I was against Davis returning. Dumb cunt that I obviously am.
  15. You applying for a job on bbc taigland? Cos that kind of talk will have you in the host's seat within the year.
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