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  1. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    I fully believe Pedro is the right manager for Rangers, even if it takes a bit of time to get us completely fixed. But failure to beat any team managed by that jakie Lemon cunt and featuring fucking Efe fucking Ambrose will see him right off of the Christmas card list. Get intae these mini-beasts.
  2. Whats the maddest bus you've ever been on

    Took that journey a few years back when I was seeing a girl from Mearns and I was living in Clarkston. Never again. Scuffed my brogues and pulled a stitch on my best merino cardie. Not been on public transport since. Animals.
  3. I think it was more that we tripped them up and sat on them.
  4. Is Niko trying to showboat too much?

    Nope. Reckon he's having to do it as the other players are struggling to spot the spaces as fast as he does. They'll get it and we'll really fly when they do.
  5. Windass

    He played well enough that I wasn't cursing his fucking hair for once.
  6. Fabio Cardoso

    I think we might need to enjoy watching this guy as much as we can this season. I think he'll be in demand from the bigger leagues soon. How the feck Pedro persuaded Setubal to sell him for £1 million is a mystery and a half. What a player.
  7. Martyn Waghorn - abuse

    Stating that Waghorn is pish on a football forum is fair comment and not many would argue against it. Its pretty well justified. Repeating it ad nauseum and with personal abuse is just attention seeking. The posters that bother me are the ones in the match threads who seem desperate for him to fail once he is already on the pitch. Fucked up way to show how special you are in your football knowledge.
  8. Pulled up for the paper throwing!

    I'm no fan of the kiddy dickhead element of our support, but the total over-reaction to singing songs and throwing wee bits of paper by UEFA, media and our own supporters is completely over the top and out of balance. How the fuck can anything up to, and including, pitch invasions and charging Rangers' supporters by 1000 or 10000 supporters be deemed exuberance and punished by pretty much fuck all and throwing paper at a big bit of grass considered a citable offence to be condemned by all and sundry, including our own fan's group? We should be going after UEFA for being a shower of nanny impersonating kill-joys determined to sanitise the fuck out of what should be a fun event. "Don't throw paper", "don't sing naughty words about opponents", "don't celebrate with your fans if you score", "don't have a slogan on a t-shirt", "don't make gestures", "don't take your top off when celebrating", "don't stand up". Absolute fucking nonsense. Next they'll be replacing crowds with videos of crowds and canned cheering so as not to offend some sad-sack watching on TV.
  9. Club 1872 statement. Is this for f'n real?

    I would say, in comparative terms, they're doing very well. How many citations did we receive before they banned our fans from Malmo? I must have missed their bans despite multiple fines and censures for misbehaviour including throwing dangerous objects on the pitch and breaching the field of play. We are pish at managing perspective on these issues when considering the size of both our home and travelling support, the triviality of the issues and the complete lack of harm done to anyone.
  10. Memories of Ian Durrant as a player

    I don't think it was quite his best game but he was easily the best player on the park that day. I actually prefer the second goal to Cooper's free kick but you're right, that kind of stole the headlines. I actually think his best game in a Rangers shirt was at the piggery in 86, maybe 85? Durrant and Derek Ferguson absolutely bossed the midfield in that game. I came away convinced I had just seen the future of Scottish football (I think they were 18 and 17 at the time).
  11. Waghorn

    I really hate this abuse of a Ranger's player and can't bring myself to call him names but he isn't even close to being good enough and needs to go. The effort he put in to chasing down defenders in the Championship even seems to have gone and that was the last redeeming feature he had for me.
  12. Player rating and standouts?

    Cardoso was the find of the night for me. Also liked seeing Rossiter for his wee cameo. Didn't do much but always looking to go forwards. Performance from the whole team was below average but saw enough promise in the new guys and returning guys (Kranjcar and Rossiter) to believe we will be a very different side this season. Keen to see Herrera after seeing some decent crosses wasted on the ghosts and square-heids we had "leading the line" last night.
  13. Bates

    I think he's OK in the tackle, average in the air but poor positionally. Not a lost cause but never a starter. My main concern last night was his positioning seemed to limit Jack's contribution in the second half. Jack appeared to be scared to move more than 5-10 metres ahead of him.
  14. Press on about fans again

    If this is the worst thing to happen to us this summer, I'll be pretty happy with that. I just can't believe wee balls of paper are even a newsworthy (t)issue.