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  1. Trying something unusual for me today, a wee bet-builder. Tried to keep it simple so I can fuck up small time to start with.
  2. This thread needs a public health warning in the title: "Contains Windass"
  3. Barcelona really are just taigs with tans. Never seen a more jakey-looking team. Do they all go back to their cardboard box beds under bridges when the game ends?
  4. That was a hell of a cross though. This is a very good game.
  5. Good point! That'll keep 2 of them busy. That's a weird one to call, that game. Barca seem to have been all over the place the last few weeks. Brilliant or bollocks, you just don't know.
  6. Ahh, see they bottled it. I cashed out at £85 from potential £89 payout so cowardice pays off again!
  7. Liverpool's whole midfield have gone AWOL. They should be pushing for goals but they've just fucked off completely.
  8. Liverpool basically playing with 10 men. No need for Sturridge to even be out there. He only gets in the way, he is so off the pace. Huddersfield really are rank.
  9. Having a good night so far. Porto 2-0 up as last leg in a wee treble with Ross County and Metz. Bet builder with Liverpool to win by 3, Mane scoring and over 5 corners, only giving 21/20 but just need 1 corner and pretty much done by half time.
  10. Moaning when we lose or don't turn up is fine, people react to disappointment in different ways, but we do have a lot of posters on this site who genuinely seem to hate Rangers. Only turning up when we've been poor, over-reacting to every set-back, and finding excuses about how bad the other team were when we do put in a performance. Very Andy Walker-like in their behaviour.
  11. Gerrard appears to be preparing the ground to leave Morelos out after the suspension. Protecting the asset for sale. Don't blame him one bit for that as we are so close to the end of the season and we know our wee Colombian will be moving on.
  12. Throughout my lifetime, Hearts have pretty much always been our bitches, Hibs our bogey team. The one tiny bit of respect I manage to hold for Levein is the fact that he doesn't resort to McInnes or Clarke clogger tactics. This might be why we have spanked them so often this season. We're not getting bullied by them.
  13. This is it for me. The biggest difference in our performance with Katic is that Goldson plays better.
  14. Couple of domestics today. European leagues not looking too generous but I've got a slightly dodgy Bundesliga treble on as well.
  15. How good is it to see a Ranger in this company? FW 9 Radamel FALCAO (AS Monaco/France) 11 Duvan ZAPATA (Atalanta/Italy) 20 Yimmi CHARA (Atletico Mineiro/Brazil) 19 Luis MURIEL (ACF Fiorentina/Italy) 21 Sebastian VILLA (Boca Juniors/Argentina) 7 Alfredo MORELOS (Rangers/Scotland)
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