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  1. TheMotor


    Something is obviously right in our coaching cos the wee fella just keeps getting better. I though it might be OK if we lost him during the summer if the money was good. Just don't ever want to sell him now, he's getting too good to lose at any price.
  2. His head's up. Looks like he is enjoying his football.
  3. Quite a few people pointed out last season that he's a much better player when he is free to go further forward than we were used to. He struggles if he has to sit deep. He can come deep but he's better with the freedom to go box-to-box. For me, it has been the excellence of Davis in the deep role that has seen both Jack and Barisic begin to shine. He is giving both of them the security to go forward. And I was against Davis returning. Dumb cunt that I obviously am.
  4. You applying for a job on bbc taigland? Cos that kind of talk will have you in the host's seat within the year.
  5. I honestly think only groups F and L are tougher than ours. We've got smarter on our Euro travels but I think there will be some heavy duty bus parking on all of the away fixtures and some cagey stuff at home. More attractive group than last season though for the type of football that will get played.
  6. Would love Wolfsburg, Copenhagen or Gent and Rosenborg for us. Easy travel, some winnable games. Sevilla or CSKA, Partizan and Trabzonspor for them. Bastard travel, tankings on the pitch and by local polis/fans.
  7. I don't think it is a coincidence that Barisic had one of his better matches when Davis probably had his best match since coming back. Davis came and made himself available almost every time the ball came left across the defence. Borna had two or three options for a pass instead of the usual pass up the line or go back to Katic. There was also a telling moment for me when he made a very quick-footed switch from his left to his right and crossed to the back post with very little back-lift. It was an excellent ball just lacking a runner and looked to be a product of some renewed confidence. The most encouraging part was that most of the crowd recognised it and rather than groaning that it came to nothing, the fans applauded and cheered him as he got back in position. He's not yet what we've been hoping he would be but he's showing signs of getting there in his last two or three performances..
  8. If you want to keep a positive outlook, don't look at the biographies of our squad. Defoe, Arfield, Davis, Helander, McGregor all look solid. The rest, err, not so much­čś▓. And we might just be scary good........
  9. This thread seems to have drifted off into a world of the trivial and desperate. Started off with good intentions but it's all turned a bit taigy.
  10. Surely the principle Occam's Razor provides the answer here? Even if Tav were to excel at LB, we would still need to secure an excellent RB to replace him. We have OK backups at RB, nothing more. So two positions in doubt instead of one. Just bite the bullet and find a good LB. We don't even need a great one to improve the team. Even a competent one would do it.
  11. Those thinking McCrorie at RB is weird may not remember, or maybe too young to remember, that Gerrard played a considerable number of games there himself early in his career. It was also for the same reasons: too good not to be in the team but too inconsistent to be a first pick as CM. His athleticism, tackling and passing/crossing made him very effective. Don't think it will hurt RM's game. Seem to have this vision in my head that pretty much everyone we played at LM in Walter's second stint was played out of position. Felt most sorry for Fleck out there.
  12. TheMotor

    Joe Aribo

    Aribo doesn't strike me as the type to get intimidated by anyone or anything. Looks very relaxed and confident in his abilities. My worries for him against the beasts is that they will target him for some treatment. I'd like to see us give him a minder, which I reckon will be Flanagan.
  13. Fuck me, that's the holy grail of scrabble scores you've just listed there­čśë. Zs and Ks a-go-go........ (I know, I know, cheap stereotypes and all that). I'm expecting a fairly dull 0-0 or 0-1 from this unless we go all clinical assassin as we did in Denmark. I think we're comfortable now in our defensive, counter-attacking Euro set-up now and a couple of Polish friends are backing up what others are saying about Legia lacking cutting edge. Mind you, they're Szceczin fans, so who knows.
  14. I think the one in the second half was even better. If it wasn't for that bobble on that fucked up pitch, it would have been an even better goal.
  15. Was it not in one of the 92-93 group stage games? Because of 3 foreigner rule and an injury or something? I remember it did happen though, you're right about that.
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