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  1. Those previous years are either profit or retail fee + profit, not revenue. I'm pretty sure the last year we had a total merchandise revenue figure was for 2005-06. We did the 10 year licence deal with JJB at the end of that season.
  2. Only comment I have seen from the club mentions revenue, not profit. It states that it is the highest amount of revenue we have ever had from a kit deal. But, as we have not had any share of revenue since pre-JJB days, who knows what that might mean. I think they are wisely keeping their heads down a bit on this one.
  3. ?? They are a Drop Ship Vendor. Drop is the correct term. Not his fault some marketing cunt decided to use it to try and sound smart. Could have been worse. They could have said "Wave". That's the Cunt's "Drop".
  4. I am no great fan of either brenda nor Pep but I do like the way both City and Leicester play the game at the moment. There's been more entertainment in the first 5 minutes of this game than there was in the whole Southampton Vs Villa snore-fest. Love watching two good teams where I don't care who wins.
  5. It's a shocking indictment of social media when you realise that RM is no longer the looney wing of the Rangers support . I still can't enter 90% of the threads on here and match threads are a complete no-go until at least the following day. But Facebook makes this place look like a temple to rationality.
  6. That was some walk he took that ball for. Sensational. Echoing the spot-on comparisons to Ted McMinn, there's a Vlog of the game and the goal on YouTube where the guy uses the phrase everyone used whenever McMinn got the ball: "Where's he going?" Then, BOOM! Bedlam.
  7. Game: Porto Away Player: Arfield Goal: Morelos vs Porto at home
  8. McCoist and Negri. One the right way, one the wrong way.
  9. I thought this as well until I watched it again a few times. He actually lifts his head up and looks for the players in the middle but neither one of them moves. It is only then that he shoots as he has no alternative. He still isn't what we need though. He looks like a player who will do OK in France, Belgium or Italy, where he will get time on the ball. Don't think he is cut out for the pressing game in the UK leagues.
  10. Second only to Goram in my 40+ years watching Rangers and I was a huge Chris Woods fan. Still think that save vs Bremen is the best I've ever seen. Hope we get another season out of him.
  11. Liverpool fans were saying at the start of the season that we would get frustrated by Ojo's laid back attitude and would turn on him I think we have shown him a lot of good will. Possibly based on how Kent developed over last season. But he is nowhere near showing similar improvement and I think we have just moved on to another level that he may not be able to reach.
  12. I thought he was very good again last night but I don't think he was fully fit. He looked like he was struggling for pace. I suspect this was the type of game he would have missed last season, which maybe shows how his determination and confidence have grown.
  13. Firmino is my favourite player in the EPL but on current form I would want double the money in that deal. Morelos has entered a whole new world this season.
  14. Feyenoord vs Rangers in Rotterdam and they were the team playing long ball football and mainly threatening via corners. Who would've thunk it🤔? I thought it was one of our two weakest European performances this season and we were still well above the level we have usually shown in Europe over the last thirty years. Even in 2008, we rarely controlled a game that well.
  15. I think we should riot anyway. 1980 cup final style. Scarves, flares and v-necks with tarriers underfoot.
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