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  1. TheMotor

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Another good day today with a lot of cashing out and a couple of injury time winners from Charlton and Standard Liege making my day. Putting money on Liverpool as soon as they go a goal down is a bit of free money as well with their current form. In Play treble with Arsenal and Dortmund already in front was a wee bonus. If Watford and MK Dons had found their shooting boots, it would have been a much better day. Sorry for the big pic below, just gives an idea that there are a shitload of misses in amongst the gold. Just had a wee change in luck this weekend😃
  2. TheMotor

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Landed the first two with wee cowardly cash outs before Mechelen conceded a late equaliser to 9 men. £95 in, £262 out. Not spectacular, but decent.
  3. TheMotor

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Random pants tonight. Tried high odds coupons with small bets, singles with big bets and now trying low odds coupons with big bets (for me, anyway). Been pretty much level all season. Something's got to give. Norwich, Mechelen, Vitesse and Getafe - 30 returns 176 Bayern Munich, Genk, Braga and Porto - 25 returns 115 Palermo, Lille, Lorient - 40 returns 140
  4. TheMotor

    Ryan Hardie New Deal

    I can see the value of loaning him out again for the remainder of this season but we either have to take a chance on him next or let him go. I really like him and hope he makes it with us. He appears to have great instincts and natural ability. Imagine the pace and counter-attacking potential in a front three of Hardie, Kent and (by some miracle) Morelos next season.
  5. TheMotor

    Morelos temperament

    This is the repulsive cunt who famously stated that £14000 a week might be an OK salary for a homeless person but wasn't good enough for him.
  6. TheMotor

    From now till may

    I think we'll split the points in the head-to-heads, maybe come away with four. The sheep will lie down to the beasts but the rest of the teams are all showing the ability to stand up to them occasionally. If we're within a couple of points, up or down, come the split, they'll crumble. I just don't think it will mean as much to their players.
  7. TheMotor

    Our odds are improving.

    I've got a few bets on us, from 9s down to 5s. The week before Christmas, the cashout offered on one of them was about £125, after the 29th it went up to about £270, after we signed Defoe and Davis, they're offering £400. The bookies see it coming.
  8. Wouldn't drop anyone for Davis. Not a big fan of that signing, I'm afraid. Home games I would probably drop Candeias for Defoe but you then face the problem of changing formation or who plays wide right? Seem to remember Defoe has not performed as effectively out there but Morelos is so good through the middle, do you really want to move him? Tough decision. Away from home, depends on who we are playing.
  9. TheMotor

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    Warburton was what we needed at the time. He brought some structure to the football side of the organisation and some professionalism in the initial hiring and definition of roles. We would be much stronger today if he was an option a couple of years earlier. However, longer term he proved to be tactically weak, a poor man-manager and made a catastrophic misjudgement in McParland. He was definitely more of a Director of Football than a manager. As a few have said above, both Warburton and Caixinha brought something to the club but nowhere near enough. Gerrard feels so much more like the real thing.
  10. TheMotor

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    If Tavernier gets sold in the summer I actually think the natural replacement is Candeias, silly as it may seem. I actually think they're in each other's positions now. Tav has a better cross and shot on him, Candeias has better positional discipline and is actually a tougher tackler. They're both shite in the air, have great engines and a decent burst of pace when required. I love them both.
  11. TheMotor

    class, but expected

    I hope that wee toy cooker beside the TV is for pointing at and asking his mum for his dinner.
  12. TheMotor

    Beaton calls in the police

    For any poor fucker involved in arguments with beasts about how hard done by they are from refs, some numbers for seasons 17/18 and 18/19 so far: Average fouls per game given against everyone else: 12.6 Average fouls per game given against cfc: 9.3 Average yellow cards per team over the last two seasons: 111 (RFC 108) cfc yellow cards: 63 Average number of fouls per yellow card for everyone else: 6.7 Number of fouls committed per yellow card for cfc: 8.6 Average number of fouls per red card for everyone else: 117.7 Number of fouls per red card for cfc: 181.3 Number of fouls per red card for RFC: 75.1 For Beaton specifically: Average fouls given against other teams per game: 12.8 Average fouls given against RFC per game: 14.8 Average fouls given against cfc per game: 10.3 Fouls per yellow card for other teams: 6.9 Fouls per yellow card for RFC: 6.5 Fouls per yellow card for cfc: 10.3 Fouls per red card for other teams: 164 Fouls per red card for RFC: 59 Fouls per red card for cfc: No red cards issued
  13. That is brilliant. The wee gremlin absolutely shat it. Half the crowd behind it are pishing themselves😂
  14. TheMotor

    What the fuck is going wrong and how do we fix it?

    We've lacked a good back-up striker, not been brave enough in some games (which I reckon has been down to fear caused by some of the bad refereeing decisions early in the season when we pressed hard) and had a horrendous run of injuries. Looking at how Gerrard has done overall as a rookie manager inheriting a shite squad, it's interesting to compare his performance to other managers who have come in in the past and been successful in their first season: After 20 league games (when this thread started): Souness: 39 points, 6 Euro games before Christmas, won league in first full season Smith: 42 points, 2 Euro games before Christmas, won league in first full season Advocaat: 43 points, 10 Euro games before Christmas, won league in first full season, £30 million net transfer spend McLeish: 51 points, 2 Euro games before Christmas, won league in first full season, inherited Advocaat's team Gerrard: 39 points, 14 Euro games before Christmas, Will win the league in first full season
  15. TheMotor

    Morelos temperament

    There's nothing wrong with Alfredo's temperament, just his angles. He needs to learn to be a wee bit shadier. Get his jabs in unseen like the sleekit wee cunts who are always greeting about him.