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  1. McGregor’s save was unbelievable!
  2. As per heading. 2 tickets available for tonight GR4. Would need to pick up from my work in Glasgow (G21) or I could meet after work around same area. Tickets sold.
  3. I think we'll see a few changes this week as Warburton has spoken about keeping all the players match ready and giving them game time. Maybe the GK and back 4 will remain as it's important to get some consistency at the back when we are playing such an attacking game. Not sure what he'll start with but I doubt Eustace will be fit enough to start (if eligible) so maybe we'll see Murdoch, Walsh, Clark and Miller in and around the team this week. Still hoping for a thumping win either way!
  4. There is no way MW is telling the players the same as he's telling the press. The players will be under no illusion of what is expected of them today. He's taken the pressure off them a little but they'll know today is the time to start producing!
  5. How is it possible Fabian Delph can join Man City for as little as £8m? In this era where EPL player prices are grossly inflated and we see average players routinely going for £20m+ how can an 25 year old England midfielder be allowed to go to another EPL club for so little? I understand he has some release clause in his contract but I just don't understand how Villa could allow such a clause when he's not long ago signed a 5 year deal! Astonishing!
  6. The longer it goes on the more I want Warburton as manager! Just comes across very well and seems that he will bring the kind of philosophy we were crying out for 3 years ago!
  7. Maybe because Warburton is on holiday?
  8. Atmosphere tonight was brilliant. Defence was good but we still give too much space in and around our box. Although much improved from earlier in the season I think Law, Shiels and Murdoch give the ball away too often I don't like Vuckic behind the striker, he's much more effective coming in from the right in my opinion! We need a striker! All that being said I though the result was brilliant, Zaliukas and Foster were very good, Zaliukas won everything in the air and I only wanted to kill Foster twice during the match which is a new record low! The midfield fought for everything and Murdoch's work rate and endeavour impresses me more with every match and the Vuckic pass for the first goal was lovely. One more big performance on Saturday will do the trick!!
  9. I thought that too but on second viewing thought although Vuckic touched it Miller was still onside.
  10. Not sure what the team will be tomorrow but I much prefer Vuckic cutting in from the right instead of through the middle. Worried about where the goals will come from, Boyd, Miller, Clark and Daly have been poor in front of goal all season!!
  11. Good to see the young lads playing and Gallagher on the bench. Disappointed for Shiels though!
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