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  1. Over the fucking moon. So proud to see that great Rangers fighting spirit being instilled In the team once again
  2. another season down the swanny 3 games in. another title for the inbreds without a challenge.
  3. no light at the end of the tunnel. another year consigned to the dumpster and we are only in July.
  4. What language does the mutant speak?
  5. That c@nt Southgate is gonna get a roasting off the press after that. Days are numbered
  6. haha. thats funny. England are shite. They must be they've just been pumped by Scotland. Joe Hart is finnished. Who's next for the England job?
  7. This is some battle. No idea how the German is still standing
  8. Strappon is abysmal, that shite pink top is abysmal and that so called national team is fucking abysmal
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