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  1. Might get game here. Just pain in arse wi pop ups.http://www.usagoals.ws/c/football/europa-league-qualifying-playoffs-first-match/22-08-2019/legia-vs-Rangers/1/
  2. Epic fail when this lad tried to, "bite the heed of a crocodile" 🙄
  3. No chance we're changing formation for this one imo. Jack starts in midfield.
  4. I thought the silly season for the majority of posts were confined to the close season where bored bears counted the days for the season to kick off...apparently not.
  5. Fair enough mate. TBF when I made that comment he had been playing of the right. Now he has been given a start left im even more convinced hes going to be a big player for us. He looked equally as good on the left. Compare them all you want. They offer diferent styles imo. Ojo better in behind. Kent good on one on one's and creating space for others. Both in our team is what I would like to see.
  6. Yep. Games against them should be seen as a free hit as most spl teams are not expected to win against them. Should just have a go as these games don't define their season.
  7. As inside forwards of course it matters what side of the pitch you play.
  8. Because this season our front three will play more like inside forwards. The most width in the front three will come from Jones but he also has the ability to stay narrow when required.
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