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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/57096/Rangers_FC_vs_Young_Boys.html
  2. Whatever happens the young Bears can be very proud of their acheivements to date. They are really starting to mix it with some huge European sides. The experience can only benefit our club moving forward with hopefully some home grown lads in the first team in the future. Would be great to see some of these lads make the breakthrough.
  3. Yes I agree should have been part of the squad.
  4. Yes it is a strange one that most are not getting game time. Most of those lads should be holding down a place at these teams. I'm excited by some of the younger group ie Paterson, Kennedy, Mayo, NYC and the young lad Kelly at Ayr.
  5. Some youth need to be integrated soon imo. There is a few standouts coming through. Can't be any worse than a few squad fillers we have. I would like to think Gerrard will give them a chance.
  6. Seems an odd signing for sure. Surely we have a youth player who could have been part of the squad instead of Barker.
  7. Have to agree to disagree. There win today was nothing to do with mentality. They were lucky. There luck is running out. We're getting very close to them. They have had a better quality of player to us and the rest of the league over the last few years hence they have been winning all before them. Take them out of the scottish league scene and they've been a shambles for the most part in Europe. Winning mentality my arse. They've had fuck all competiton till now but thats changing.
  8. Exactly mate. Too many fans buying into this fenian agenda driven shite of mentality and serial losers. Serial losers been quoted by several on here which reared its ugly head out of the mouth of that cunt Sutton. Truth is they have had a better side to us up until now as we have been continually trying to rebuild and improve on a squad on a smaller budget and wages. These are the facts imo. They're due a pumping from us and it's coming, hopefully in their shithole end of the month.
  9. Definitely. Sheep shaggers have their midweek cup final to look forward too.
  10. Naive defending. Perfect example of a player taking one for the team. The forward should have been put on his arse.
  11. Linkage. Mon the Teddybears. .http://www.hesgoal.com/news/56479/Feyenoord_vs_Rangers.html
  12. Avoid champ league drop outs and group winners.
  13. Hope we top group now and avoid champ league drop outs and other group winners.
  14. Credit goes to Porto for that. Changed shape, tactics from 1st meeting.
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