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  1. Glad you mention that, one of the things that's been misinterpreted, in my opinion, is that we aren't attaching it to the club( a lot of it is there as well), but that's more outlining things we do across the board. We work with the club, with the support, with the pul community etc. some, like yourself, read that as attaching. People see us as a website, or a rangers forum, or whatever. We are a lot more than that, and do work in a lot of different areas. If it had been an admin not member article, then cheat puffing would be fair comment, but it's not
  2. What I find funny, is that since the guy who did the stirring/baiting to create the situation clearly said he would stop, and seems to have, others like yourself have jumped in to take his place, with smart little posts like you have been. But surely I must agree, asking for constructive criticism rather than trolling and sniping is such a terrible thing. Don't you think forums would be more "fun" without all the baiting?
  3. Haha I know, I was just saying. Not my fault I am a stickler for the rules eh? Haha
  4. You and your stoned, it's not good for you you know Baiting is against the rules haha that was my point, and I know all about manticore, has been here as long as I have. If that's what they do, along with sarcasm, then nobody should be surprised or bat an eyelid when someone takes annoyance with it, after all, what is the point of baiting if not to get a rise? For me it's far worse than the reaction to it. You can keep Dennis, too much effort for me
  5. I am too logical to be paranoid. It sounds very dramatic, but it's not really, it's so easy to disrupt a message board. Posts, not posters by the way. Oh, that's one of the broken rules by the way, you should read them
  6. I don't know if it's the full 30 pages, I had some decent discussions in there somewhere You know your opening paragraph? Well, generally he and manticore are "following" all the vb threads, you have to wonder why
  7. You may have a point, it's certainly 100% Rangers fan on there, no accusations at all. It's very refreshing. Some cracking arguments and debates too. I will be honest, when rm started, the bears den WAS the same. I think the reason was that fans of other teams could register. Bd was passworded, there was a general football forum, and an old firm forum. At least that way you knew who you were speaking to. In an open forum, others will always sneak in, usually a lot, you only have to see all the screenshots that appear on different boards. When you have enemies disguised as your own, it will always breed a certain level of suspicion, simple fact really.
  8. I won't be back until the nov 10th game, is that the one you mean? Anyway, you were always invited to the 100 club on the 25th remember, I don't mind saying hello
  9. Well that's better than I thought you would manage, well done
  10. I may have missed it, but there are a few more doing the baiting, I haven't seen twb in this thread since he said he would stop, which is fair play, although at the same time sort of shows that was his intent haha
  11. There is no alleged about it If you mean would I in a situation unrelated to this one, then I would think so. I don't think it would happen though. Reacting to something is different than a premeditated attack don't you think?
  12. It is of course mate, however one thing that's being ignored, is that the request was to stop baiting and spoiling, not to be banned if it did stop, then the issue goes. Have a look? Since he said he wouldn't, nobody has been going at him, as far as I have seen, however, others are seemingly relishing in taking his place, although fortunately most, even those with different viewpoints, have the class to put forward proper discussions I called cartman a taig, because he is. I covered a lot of that above though
  13. Oh dear that's sad. I was invited to join on the day it opened by CR, i have beenhere long before you had ever heard of it, I have seen every incarnation of this board, seen good and bad come and go. I used to write for this site. I think that puts me in a fair position to comment on things. And, if the breaking of rules affects me, then I think it's fair game to comment. In fact, this is one of the most pathetic comments I have seen in a long time, although I particularly enjoy the parts you completely invent. It seems you, unlike many others, can't actually put a point across without being seriously immature and petty, still, you might be young so who knows. If I can't ask a question about how rules are enforced, what right do you have to tell me to leave? Haha are you in charge? Edit! Don't call me "mate", you aren't one
  14. Maybe the rules should actually be enforced then? Since the fact they aren't leads to nonsense. People having a go at him for what, the last 12 months (as an example), wouldn't have happened if the rules had been enforced properly, as he Would have had a warning, and changed his behaviour, which would mean there would be no accusations now. It's a simple reality. Calling him one or saying he acts like one? There is a difference of course
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