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  1. Didn't someone on here say they had seen all three?
  2. I meant on the verdict. There was no leak I signed the petition long ago.
  3. I think you're dreaming Seems very curious that BBC McLaughlin tweeted about this first when he was silent all through our Big Tax Case Victory. I think it will be a Guilty Decision just not sure what Sanctions there will be. It's been a stitch up since day one.
  4. Reported today that deal is £2.5 mil overall if Targets are hit Nowhere near the £7.5 mil reported. I still have no problem with it.
  5. Why play Andy little right midfield? He is a striker
  6. Therefore nothing was 'done'
  7. Vanguard Bears got any further updates? *sarcasm
  8. It was about this time yesterday we got told no deal so hopefully something soon.
  9. Maybe not the RST, but someone has fed King info

  10. I want naked! I want naked I want naked! Lol
  11. Hope you don't mind! Just tweeted pic so bears can appreciate? I'll delete it off if you want?
  12. Can someone enlighten me as to what the joke is here? 87 pages in.
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