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  1. Nemesis

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    "The second was by Super Ray. A 30 yard bullet all the way" 2 years of class epitomised. Rest In Peace Butch
  2. Nemesis

    Nacho Novo

    Get back on your feet soon wee man
  3. Nemesis

    God bless the 66

    They will never be forgotten. They hold a place in the heart of every Rangers fan that few other clubs will ever be able to understand. Rest In Peace each and every one.
  4. Nemesis

    Saturdays Display

    Great display and noticed West Ham doing something very similar. Proud to be a bear when you see the work that goes in from all manner of unsung heroes who give up their own time without fanfare to get the job done. Sterling effort from all involved at every stage. Feel proud that you achieved something truly worthwhile.
  5. Nemesis

    Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    Pena wasn't ready but when he does get it he looks keen to play it on deck, link up and run beyond. If (a big if) we can get him lean n fit I think it transforms our midfield tbh Candeias is a good honest worker but up against someone where pace wouldn't be the deciding factor his lack of skill/flair was laid bare. Hodson looked every inch the back up player. First half it was unreal the amount of times he got done by Roberts sadly.
  6. Nemesis

    Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    Yeah cos flashing the light on our phones would absolutely show the vermin we mean business.... assuming they are under the mental age of about 12. Really hope you made this suggestion as a joke.
  7. Nemesis

    New members Joined friday

    WolfgangFluff has got to be his Porn Star name surely ?
  8. Nemesis

    Forum looks sleeker

    Had to adjust zoom to 90% so I didn't feel like a visually challenged person trying to read On my mobile it's not great as others have said Few tweaks and all will be well.
  9. We win. Spoon burners crash and burn. Oh and Hardie grabbed the winner for Raith. Carlsberg!
  10. Nemesis

    ***the Official Rangers Vs Hibernian Thread***

    I don't care (or know) what leanings the boy Cummings has but he'd fit us like a glove. 6 months with tutelage from Miller and Waggy and he'd rip the Premier to shreds. We can glory in beating our rivals but lets not forget to cherry pick the talent enroute.
  11. Hiv's will sit in and hit on the break so we'll need be at our creative best to slice em open and the fans need to retain the excellent patience and backing we have seen so far. The whole morning ha been excellent and a throwback to other days e.g sun shining, cars and buses full of bears, tunes playing with a genuine sense of belief, expectation and even a wee touch of our old arrogance is back. I now truly believe the Bear has been woken from it's slumber and it is hungry. Let us feed!! Come on Rangers!! 3-1.
  12. Looks like Warbs has rested the key personnel he could without going overboard. Guess this confirms McGregor and Temps are no longer in the plans. Otherwise Tav would have been rested I think and maybe even McKay. Calculated gamble by the manager but I disagree that Walsh will be CM. He will play AM and rotate all over the park with Oduwa and McKay. When was the last time we could say we had that flexibility? Shiels has played a slightly advanced CM countless times now and been steady so that is how I see it shaping
  13. Nemesis

    *** The Official Alloa V Rangers Match Thread***

    Finally we can be sure we have a bunch of committed players who are tackling these games in the correct manner. No disrespect to Alloa but this is how we should always be treating these sides.
  14. Nemesis

    ***** The Official Rangers V Hibs Thread *******

    Subs have put us under all sorts of pressure/problems. In amongst the good thoughts this is nagging at me as not the first time. We had a choice between killing it with a 3rd but opted to try and see it out. Really uneasy we opted for the latter tbh Wee Stuarty needs to have the courage of the conviction he starts games with.
  15. Nemesis

    Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

    Not there today for health reasons but I urge every bear tonight if you see one of the Sittard lads? Buy em a pint and a good malt. All here for a Rangers Captain who graced both shirts. God love you Fernando. A true bear of a man.