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  1. I never said he was good enough but if our so called better players had his heart we would be alot better off.
  2. say what you like about Andy but as Gerrard said in the post match interview, he couldve lost an eye today, gets stitches at side of the park, bandaged up like Dado and comes back on and puts his head back in where it hurts, if more of these over paid imposters done the same we'd be far better off than we are, he might not have the skill level that some expect but he bleeds blue.
  3. Tavs first cross till his last cross end up at the first man or in the stand but he gets a game every week, Andy "Holliday" is not the problem, its picking the same guys every week even if their well off form.
  4. There shouldve been a feel good factor in the winter break, after the December we had they shouldve all had a spring in their step knowing that they could do it, but something has happened on that break, wether its being over worked or some sort of inhouse squabble I dunno but since then everythings went tits up, you dont become bad players overnight and you should be more used to a system youve been playing well in, who knows, might find out in someones autobiography in a few years.
  5. I cant understand the treatment of Docherty at all, guy was by all account player of the year on his loan last year and hes playing well and just scored a screamer for Hibs, surely hes a better option than some of the underperformers in our midfield. Murphy I dont know, wasnt overly keen on him before his injury but he also couldve done a job for us and I would deffo have taken him over the likes of Ojo or Aribo who for me offers nothing.
  6. sick of watching these overpaid premadonas, we have folk on the bench who might actually try to force their way into the team but as usual Gerrard wont give them a chance and will stick with his shite favs, utterly sick of him now tbh.
  7. I dont get this inexperienced stuff, wether hes been manager for one year or two, hes been in the game for 3 decades hes worked with some good coaches and been in the supposed greatest league in the world all his career, did he shut his eyes to the way teams play or how his managers setup and change things when needed? everything he learned from playing under diffrent managers during his playing career should stand him in good stead for his own managerial career but so far hes sticking to the same way every week which in my opinion is stubborness in thinking his way is right and thats that.
  8. getting sick of Gerrards stubborness with this formation and the same players week in week out, change it ffs, teams have sussed us, what does he actually see from the sidelines and watching games back? if he see's this as being a winning formula then we are well and truely fucked. Also what is the point of Beale and McAllister if they wont tell him to change things if its not working, their as complicit in this shambles as Gerrard is.
  9. well I'd take another one of those worst ever players if he could put the ball in the net as consistantly as Boyd did.
  10. like fuckin bambi on ice, the guy can have a great first touch sometimes and scored a couple of nice goals but for me hes trying to go past people with clever touches his brain can see but his skinny legs cant do, forever loses the ball, if he just passed and moved he could be a good player but hes powder puff and I'm not seeing a 10 million pound player in there that is sometimes mentioned.
  11. for us it will be sorry you cant come into scotland with your sectarian flags and songs, for the taigs it will be welcome to scotland with your tricolours and palestinian flags
  12. To be honest I dont think I'd have him near the team, hes caused problems before for managers, I think he'd try put his oar in a bit too much. Someone like Archie Knox whos been there, knows what it takes and is a number 2 and wouldnt step on the managers toes would do for me.
  13. I dont think ability is in question, look at some of our performances in Europe and in the league in the first part of the season, its mentality thats the problem, one slip and the heads go down and suddenly they cant string a few passes together, they might be disappointed with losing or drawing, but their nowhere near disappointed enough or they would get out there next game and show us what they can do and what we know they can do.
  14. Imagine what its going to be like if they make a bridge to the fuckin place
  15. Agreed that shouldve happened sooner but as they say theres no time like the present. If we can get them performing again and win all our remaining games and hope they drop points at least once then who knows, maybe far too much to ask on recent performances but I'll remain optomistic right now, one more loss or draw and its curtains though.
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