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  1. fenian clarke in the news for accepting a 10% pay cut..... 10% theres stendel at hearts taking no pay, naismith taking 50% cut, juventus players taking massive wage cuts same with barca players but fenian clarke takes 10%, cunts of their presuasion have no morals at all, clubs will die but this cunt take the most minimal of pay cunts during a crisis.
  2. Scottish education authorities have said that Scottish exams are cancelled until further notice, the last time this happened was in 1888, coincidence it occured in the same year as the tramps were founded? I think not
  3. couldnt give a monkeys if any of them went to the wall and if they ever need us I'd also hope we politely decline the opportinuty to help any of them.
  4. seemingly when celtic Boys Club coaches were told they had to work from home they held a lottery to see which youth player each got to take home with them...
  5. I'm 42 yrs old with serious heart problems but it doesnt stop me dreaming of being a Rangers player like I have since I was a kid, and guarenteed if I got on that park I'd give 100% of myself wether I dropped down dead or not, the problem is players these days dont think like the rest of us, they are there for the paycheque at the end of the week to buy their fancy cars and houses, a real Rangers fan would play for nothing but we'll never see that like play for us again in this day and age.
  6. McBurnie is total dogshit, the cunt tackles himself most times and runs about like a poor mans Lafferty, how hes commanded transfer fees the way he has is anyones guess.
  7. Only one in the starting 11 that actually "gets it" I may have been raging with him when he left the way he did but since hes came back hes been our "goalie" and dropping him for Wes "cant deal with shots from outside the box" Foderingham is not the way to go, if we had 11 McGregors on the park who all got it we wouldnt be in this situation but we have 10 outfield arseholes who strut about not giving a fuck for anyone bar themselves.
  8. both players are better than Barker and Jones signings, and i bet that Barker and Jones are on more money than both of them, no way would I have sent them out and brought in those 2 duds, add in Ojo and Stewart and I'd have had Glenn Middleton in before them too. I think it would be effective to have both them in the team right now as they know what it means to play for Rangers, Id go with something like this if both were here. McGregor Goldson Edmondson/Katic Tavernier Barisic Mcrorie Aribo/Docherty Kent/Middleton Hagi Morelos/Dafoe Kamberi On the bench: Fod, Katic, Docherty, Middleton, Dafoe Easily change that from 433 to 442 or a 541 if circumstances dictate and if Gerrad was willing to change shape during a game, I'd be happy with that for the rest of the season which is obviously impossible now but if they were here it would be options.
  9. childish attitude throwing stuff at folk no matter what other teams fans do we should rise above it, do they throw coins at their burd if shes taking ages wi her makeup? or start pelting the staff at mcdonalds wi coins coz their burger arrives a bit late?, some goalie timewasting shouldnt be getting folk so riled up that they need to throw stuff and get the club into trouble, we are in enough trouble at the minute, plus mcgregor regularly timewastes at the end of games we are winning, what goes around comes around and the very few mindless morons need to realise that.
  10. If they are going to show they give a shit for us and their manager it all needs to start on Wednesday night. McGregor Polster Goldson Edmondson Barisic Halliday (C) Aribo Kent Hagi Dafoe Kamberi I know Andy isnt the best footballer but for the rest of this season I'd make him captain to try get through to the rest what it means to play for Rangers, Gerrard always said he trusts Andy so use him to bark your orders at the imposters who think its fine to just turn up and go through the motions.
  11. its Gerrads fault, the board have backed him more than any other manager since Walters last spell, he decided to spunk wages on shite like Ojo, Barker, Jones, Stewart, Hastie when all those wages combined couldve had us another 2-3 decent players who couldve boosted our first team but he chose to fill the squad with shite and now hes paying for it.
  12. We need to win games boys, play to my system and we will win, 4-3-3 is the right system honestly, listen to me because I played in the prem all my career - Steven Gerrard Right ya bunch of fuckin idiots, wtf was that, that is NOT what playing for Rangers is about, you, you, you and you will never kick a ball again for us - Walter Smith Gerrard - never won a championship in his life Smith - A winner through and through if i was a player i know who id rather be giving team talks and managing me. Obviously the big man deserves his time in retirement but what I'd give to have him back right now 😞
  13. Didnt he come with this foot injury when we signed him, maybe hes been playin with it since he came and it finally caught upto him, he might be quicker covering ground if hes not nursing an injury? wishfull thinking I suppose
  14. I get what you mean if we had a strong defence the players dont need to worry about getting back but it should also be the opposite though, if we have a leaky defence the midfield need to come back and cover but they dont they still sit up there thinking their all attackers but when their up there all they do is play it side to side and backwards.
  15. the problem is that a shakey defence needs the midfield to help out when the other team breaks but ours havent been doing that, it gets pumped upto our 2 centre halfs who are the only ones back there defending, they then fall over each other trying to get to the ball, if our defensive midfielder was able to get back and at least run in behind the 2 bumbling fools we'd have another player covering, or if our 2 attacking wing backs done their job and got back when we are out of possesion then they might also be able to cover for the centre halfs but none of this happens, the 2 of them are left exposed to fall over each other which regularly happens
  16. thats too much praise for Helander, hes not that good that we wouldnt have dropped at least some of the points we have, he also wouldnt have made our forwards score more goals or our midfielders able to break shite teams down. hes decent but only decent.
  17. as much as I hate that yellow teeth bastard across the road he changed their system when we beat them because he knew it was needed, hes able to change their system during a game to whats needed and he doesnt call out his players in the media every chance he gets, and this is from a manager who everyone knows is no managerial great, hes just able to adapt and get the best out of his players, Gerrard should use him as an example because hes obviously learned fuck all from the managers hes played under himself or the 2 seasons hes had to suss out our game.
  18. exactly what I was thinking when I had my first stroke.
  19. the whole back line is a worry but the pairing at centre back is shocking, weve went from having some of the best centre halfs i.e gough, boumsong, bougherra, cuellar, to having total pish who cant deal with balls in the air or balls to their feet, their distribution is shocking and a massive bombscare whenever either of them are on the ball. but... if we stick the ball in the net a few more times each game then we win games, we are shit at breaking down teams and most of our efforts on goal are wild strikes with no composure or placement of the ball. Hopefully Kamberi brings some composure as it was a great goal and good link up play from him today in one of the only positives to take from it.
  20. the guy played in the supposed best league in the world under some really good managers, hes also supposed to have Klopp on speedial, what the fuck has he learned in all that time? I'm starting to wonder if hes the jinx and why Liverpool didnt win the league in the years he was there. I wonder if hes been a Barry Ferguson type figure down there, great on the park but trying to undermine managers and ultimatly getting them sacked because the team werent winning the league. He strikes me as one stubborn bastard who will stick to something even when its clearly not working because he thinks his way is right, and makes me wonder what are Beale and MacAllister doing in the background, do they give advice or just go blindly along with what Gerrard does?. His formation and team selection along with his favs in the dressing room clearly arent working for him but I dont see him changing and I dont see him getting sacked, he really doesnt realise what 9 or 10 in a row means up here to us, hes just a manager whos trying to win us a league he doesnt get that this is a once in a generation thing, maybe once in all of our lifetimes, this needs stopped and hes only got 1 more season to do it or he will be known as the man who led us to our darkest day and even the man who led us when the taigs surpassed us in league wins. I like the guy but if that happens under his watch then I would never forgive him.
  21. He learned nothing from Houllier, Benitez, Rodgers, although none of them managed to win a league either, maybe its Gerrard whos the fuckin jinx. Needs to wise up big time, change the game and see it out and your a hero, change the game and revert to usual shite and your a failure. Katic should be nowhere near the team for the rest of this season, basic defending and couldnt even do that plus his ball control and distribution is fuckin dire sometimes you wonder how he actually became a footballer.
  22. Katic cost us that game, dont get me wrong hes been decent since he came but his errors and rash decisions are going to cost us big time in the long term.
  23. I never said he was good enough but if our so called better players had his heart we would be alot better off.
  24. say what you like about Andy but as Gerrard said in the post match interview, he couldve lost an eye today, gets stitches at side of the park, bandaged up like Dado and comes back on and puts his head back in where it hurts, if more of these over paid imposters done the same we'd be far better off than we are, he might not have the skill level that some expect but he bleeds blue.
  25. Tavs first cross till his last cross end up at the first man or in the stand but he gets a game every week, Andy "Holliday" is not the problem, its picking the same guys every week even if their well off form.
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