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  1. Perhaps even better than Broadfoot? 😂
  2. Non starter. We'll be held to ransom. Another we missed the boat on over the past few years due to pissing about at our club.
  3. I'm not sure he's worth it. If he was that important to our plan we'd of paid the going rate by now. Also not sure on the fact that all three bids have been made public. Are we trying to get him on the cheap?
  4. Move on. three bids rejected. Bit embarrassing IMO
  5. King used his Exec Club points - he's got the flava. Cunt doesn't give a shite anymore
  6. Still can't believe how much the co-efficient has fallen. FOUR rounds to get to groups 😩
  7. Goes with my best wishes. Honest performer, more than can be said for a few players last season.
  8. Sinking ship! Should've left when he had the chance!
  9. Oh and Scott Allan
  10. Hope he turns them both down
  11. No great loss. Was never convinced by him.
  12. Notice the difference in the reporting of these British deals? Press are all over every offer, counter-offer. Contrast that to the transfers we have closed out so far. One of two things could be happening here. We are trying to put public pressure on Norwich to sell for less than market value or Norwich/agent are trying to inflate the price by going public. It would be strange for us to haggle over a few £100k if indeed we have spent over 2m on Pena alone. if you are asking me he is well worth the extra cash. I just find it strange how this particular deal seems to be unlike the others we have seen this window - but like the type we have seen in previous windows. 🙃
  13. £2k a week
  14. All these new signings (incl Dorrans and Morelos) plus a fully fit Niko and Rossiter and we'll be a totally different outfit come SPFL kick-off. Especially after a few European games. 🙏🏻