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  1. I'm as suspicious of King as most of us but (and I've lost count of how many times I've said this) Ashley is NOT the man you want in charge of this club. He spends none of his own money (King, anyone?) in transfers/day-to-day running - despite what he says to the press. Plus he's managed to strip all the excitement out of following Newcastle (a city, like Glasgow, which lives and breathes football). An absolute Cancer on a football club.
  2. Glad we're still in it at HT
  3. We're getting rag-dolled down that right side
  4. I'm bemused at the lack of pace up front by Pedro
  5. Yaas Walker ye fucking troll
  6. Solicitors not available? Fuck right off ya bunch of tramps
  7. MAybe the first one as we'll be back in Europe but aye there will be a drop. The early season qualifiers have been bought previously by Premier Sports and I'm guessing the majority would rather attend the game than start a subscription with them.
  8. Laughable
  9. I'm thinking SS have fucked up. They've read he's free to play and assumed the red card has been overturned? Yeah, definitely not that the SFA have made their minds up already about tomorrow's hearing!
  10. Sky Sports reporting red card overturned? I think someone is gonna get their knuckles wrapped!
  11. Holt - there's a good player in there. English Championship or League 1 team may spend high 6 figures on him wouldn't mind if he stayed though