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  1. Have you had a look at the league table? Second was 13 points behind but only had five games left to play. Plus Brora had two games in hand. No relegation from that league AND the clubs had a vote for it. Nowhere near the same situation. Of course the greasy sly fat one from the East End will use it as a jumping off point.
  2. chris182


    Ill Phil right enough, fucking desperado
  3. I'd rather walk alone if you were my only other option ya rancid shower a cants
  4. It's bollocks according to EstConsultancy, no such rule. Another attempt by the Orks to muddy the waters
  5. Budge pretty clear there, good on her. Nobody benefits from that scenario(apart from the Orks)
  6. He's made a good living out of it so far
  7. Considering the sheep would miss out on 3rd place I find it hard to believe they would vote for that
  8. We'd be mad if we're not lobbying other clubs. Aberdeen would lose out too
  9. chris182


    Have half his goals been wiped from record? Unbelievable
  10. One retard hearts fan told me he doesn't care if they go down as they accepted they were going down, was happy if they were handed the title. That's what yer up against. Game up here is a fucking shambles.
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