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  1. Fuck off is he worth anything near £5m Laughable valuation - slightly above average defender who's won fuck all and is paid peanuts
  2. Left back, CB cover and a Striker (even more so if Alfie is sold)
  3. Sick to the back teeth of playing fucking Killie
  4. Grezda not joining the squad in Portugal according to Andy Newport. What a waste of resources. Not got the heart for the fight.
  5. I'm sure we need another striker, maybe another CB and a left back, regardless
  6. They'll hate him now. Hope he comes to us in future and scores for us at the Piggery 😁
  7. That is amazing The Biscuit tin is back!
  8. Oft, they are being wiped out! Quality. Will McInnes think about jumping that sinking ship or will he shite it again? Turning down Sunderland looking a terrible decision, who'd a think it?
  9. It's the Supporters Club data, they ask the question what team you follow when you register
  10. Corrupt shower of arseholes Surely a retrospective punishment would come at the most inopportune time for the puppet master. It's basically planted as a reminder to those who read the rags that were still to be portrayed as the bad guys. Coincidence with regards to the timing of this, not a fucking chance.
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