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  1. If their dirty hordes are to be believed they banked about £8m for Rodgers leaving, surely they won't get the cheap option in
  2. Sheep be fucked next season without him. They'll not be able to find a replacement
  3. It's an uncanny stat really. Shows you how consistent Rafa has been given the fat wank who owns the team has no interest in what happens on the pitch, as long as they aren't relegated. Bleeding them dry. Rafa will be away this Summer and I don't blame him as a fan
  4. Kent is back, bring him in. We need to give these guys an absolute mauling. They are well overdue it.
  5. If we were to finish within 6 points of them that would be a massive boost going into next season. Bad news is that Lennon probably wouldn't get the job 😣
  6. Id like to see Morelos just off the front in the 4-3-3
  7. SFA over compensating for the Hampden show last weekend. Much to the dark-side's advantage next weekend 🤔
  8. Really hope Katic continues to be first pick for the rest of the season, fuck developing someone else's player in such circumstances. We need Katic up to speed to kick on next season
  9. Absolute quality lads, lethal in front of goal Think we've found our alternative formation
  10. The reason they aren't pressing is because we'd just pass around them? Surely an ex 'pro' knows that
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