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  1. A few shaky moments on Sunday but other than that good.
  2. I'd hope theres more to it but from the outset looks like a shocker.
  3. I'd rather they didn't get £20m plus
  4. Here's a thought, did the SPFL ever close out our 'wrist slap' over the behind closed doors friendly shit that was being banded about? Can't see the board getting involved for that very reason.
  5. Moved 24 hrs probably, just to suit them
  6. Now, this is the main course. The £15m question...
  7. I'm not comfortable with politicians getting involved in sport. If this falls our way tho, who am I to argue.
  8. As long as the SPFL don't meddle in our next two games we just HAVE to make it count. A very early test of our bottle right here. If we can't beat St J and Livi we'd be as well shutting up shop
  9. They should be hammered but any tough action against them is wishful thinking. Points deductions? No chance 😂
  10. They'll drag us into this with the reserve game admin error, guarantee it.
  11. £6m for both might well turn out to be good business
  12. I certainly hope so but their form post Xmas doesn't suggest that.
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