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  1. Never seen it but I get yer sentiments
  2. It's always darkest before the dawn...
  3. Maybe. was just saying it doesn't matter if they get pumped. They've achieved their objectives
  4. Don't know what their accounts say but they clearly don't need to spend it.
  5. Doesn't matter. Anything after qualification is a bonus.
  6. Tranny shagger will be on massive wages but he's more than made them it back. I hate thatbmob but the gamble paid off bringing him in. Failing a miraculous season from us they'll be there next season too.
  7. Fuck 67. The Best thing that ever happened to them was in 2012 when we were demoted. A free run at the CL qualifiers for 5 seasons straight. £100m+ in the bank
  8. 2 OGs and flukey third Where have they amassed all this good fortune?
  9. Shock. 3 straight 'gimme' teams for the minks
  10. Yes it is 👍
  11. He needs replaced. If he's that good going forward he should be a right mid.
  12. I agree with the sentiment, not to panic, but with the equaliser and just after it we couldn't deal with hibs on the counter. They knew exactly how to play, it seems for years that just can't deal with that style of play. Some really slack passing didn't help our cause. In conclusion, yes undoubtedly the ref changed the game but we were anything but cruising. I would however have been confident of the win had it been XI a side. I also think we'll batter Hearts next weekend.
  13. That ref had a fucking nightmare yesterday. Got every major call wrong
  14. Stokes gets away with murder in this country. Can do what the fuck he wants to by the look of things.