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  1. Did for the Commonwealth's didn't they?
  2. Popcorn teeth calling for compassion for a jakey racist cunt? Away and fuck yerself.
  3. That's exactly what we're doing, getting shafted
  4. Protected species, at least in Scotland. It fucking stinks. Why the club are still willing to lose the PR war up here I'll never know. We need to fight dirty, it's the only tactic that will work.
  5. Just saw Eric Dier missed a month of action last season. Loads of games in that time. Going to predict this will have a big bearing on our season. Flannigan and a youngster as cover 😳
  6. End February, surely not. Out for 6 weeks for having the appendix out??
  7. Sake man, rotten luck. Could be losing him for the next four matches if it's still a few weeks away
  8. At least a yellow if Morelos' deadly throat slit is anything to go by
  9. Interesting he focused on the defence there. Says it all.
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