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  1. I agree to an extent, but look at it this way; if Barisic or perhaps Hellander had made the same clangers as Tav has made over the past month they'd have been chased out of town. See Worrell from last season
  2. For Hearts, also read Killie and Livingston. We took the bait. Managed to get over the line in both but they were warning signs
  3. He's just had two weeks Off. He's a highly paid professional. He needs to get a grip
  4. God knows what SG does with Tav, if he wasn't the captain he'd be dropped
  5. We won't be winning no league with these players if can't get themselves up for this type of game. What a horrendous performance
  6. Well that was fucking awful. No excuses, Gerrard and Beale got schooled by Craig fucking Levein
  7. All the warning signs of an upset are there. Just go out there, be professional and get the three points
  8. I'd hand him a years contract at the end of this season, extend to two if it works for us
  9. Won't make a difference if the hierarchy there are indifferent to the kind of behaviour coming from BBC Scotland Sport representatives
  10. Katic looks like he's reading off a script? Poor guy 😂
  11. What proof are people expecting from the club? An itemised telephone bill?
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