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  1. Sky sports. Robson has mentioned Septic players coming "back in" on sunday about 4 times in 10 mins.
  2. Better not be. We need to take a leaf out of our manky neighbour's book here. They've made a habit of selling high for fringe players over the years. £2m please
  3. I don't know if this is true? 2nd and 3rd last season started at same stage in Europa this season?
  4. An absolute no brainer surely but then again!!
  5. Fourth place finish is a real ball-ache considering we won three games and only just lost to France 😩 Some small errors of judgement - Finn Russell's kick v France / early yellow against England - and unlucky injuries meant it just wasn't to be.
  6. We'll have an idea after the Aberdeen game I reckon. A good yard stick. 3 points in sheepville will mean it's game on 👍
  7. Indeed. Any type of win today should be the aim. Players need time to get used to new ideas etc. He's no miracle worker
  8. It's going the way of Football franchises in the good ol USA. Man U moving to London etc etc
  9. Big three points. If as expected the Sheep do beat Hearts then a win makes at least 3rd place looking likely.
  10. Interesting. good news one supposes, bigger the deal the better.
  11. Did he really say that? lying toe rag!
  12. Refreshing stuff 👏
  13. Barry McKay and O'Halloran like this 👍
  14. Aye, a few million max