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  1. Rangers TV and a take ur laptop on a short holiday 👍
  2. chris182

    The Media Agenda

    The BBC Sport Scotland team are an absolute disgrace to the organisation and their idea of bias-free broadcasting. Who are letting them away with it? I'm not sure how we address it. The fact we haven't tried to open up and get cosy with STV as a rival to BBC isn't exactly encouraging.
  3. Barisic was an embarrassment yesterday - and I'm usually a fan. God knows what has happened to him. Pretty much run out of excuses for him now. He'll be gone in the summer if he doesn't kick on.
  4. chris182

    Kidding ourselves on

    Agreed, so f**king depressing
  5. chris182

    Kidding ourselves on

    Its been the same the last few seasons. As soon as they are over the line they will be standing aside and let the likes of the sheep and Killie to get results against them to make second place that bit harder. We have seen Brenda do this before. To try and make the best of what is left we must win the Cup and finish second. If we don't manage second, this season will be a flop regardless of what else happens. The league so far has been a horror show with the exception of a few results.
  6. chris182

    Steven Gerrard

    I think the youth setup is our future to be honest. Definitely going in the right direction there. Some talented youngsters coming thru next few years
  7. chris182

    Steven Gerrard

    Agree with a lot of this but say you were to get rid of Gerrard next January if we're not ahead, I'm not sure which manager is gonna stop 10IAR given a season and a half. Doubt we could afford it either.
  8. chris182

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That's a fucking leg breaker
  9. chris182

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I've got a feeling a Killie win will just raise expectations again only for the heart to be ripped out of us next weekend when we fail to break down Hamilton.
  10. chris182

    Our crossing

    A true gift for the likes of Aberdeen and the other hammer throwers
  11. chris182

    Kidding ourselves on

    One step forward, one step back. Purgatory without the Catholicism.
  12. chris182

    Kidding ourselves on

    Still in a foul mood since yesterday. Knowing that with all likelihood the title is over What a fucking let down since the Ibrox OF game. These players have a lot to answer for
  13. chris182

    Our crossing

    Its terrible
  14. chris182

    Steven Gerrard

    Appointing Tav as Captain was indeed his first mistake IMO. Surprised me at the time. I think it's clear there is no drive or management of the game ON the pitch.
  15. chris182

    Rangers retirement home

    Davis' passing today was laughable