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  1. chris182

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Barisic looked to be training
  2. That’ll probably cripple them
  3. According to H&H pod, Eleven sports La Liga coverage is a bit of a joke. No highlights shows, poor quality streams. Hope they don’t touch them with a barge-pole but I wouldn’t be the bit surprised if the cabal bite their hand off cause it’s slightly more money.
  4. chris182

    Sir Bradley Wiggins

    Well in Bradley 💪
  5. chris182

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    It’s some petty stuff
  6. chris182

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    So we as the club should be punished? By imposing a ban that is outwith the international break? Bollocks
  7. chris182

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    To his employer no less. Fucking cheek.
  8. chris182

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    Aye so we get punished for something the player has chosen to do? Under a FIFA rule in a UEFA competition no less. Ridiculous. Could you imagine if it had been the Mutants across the city who were stopped from playing a player? Jesus fuck.
  9. chris182

    55 is on the way

    I think we still need some creativity in midfield, Davis link could make sense. Ejaria could yet be the answer tho given enough game time
  10. chris182

    Scotland v Portugal

    What an absolute shell of a team we’ve become. Outplayed by a Portugal B & C team. McLeish, I like the guy but he was an horrendous appointment and it’s showing. Played 9 lost 7. Fuck the SFA
  11. chris182

    Edmiston Drive

    Terrible news. RIP ED
  12. chris182

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Unreal. ladies and gentleman, the imbalance in scottish football
  13. chris182

    Edmiston Drive

    So sad to hear. All the best, Edmiston Drive. Puts things into context.
  14. chris182

    Smart new seats in the dugout!

    Look great. Will look the biz under the floodlights for the European nights going forward 👌