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  1. The collective defence I thought were great. Great challenge from Flanagan
  2. Hardly brutal, gave the ball away once from what I remember. We looked solid
  3. chris182


    Was great tonight 😁
  4. Happy enough with that. Legia clearly came out more in the second half and we were very organised to keep a clean sheet -some great saves from Shagger too. Morelos chance would have been perfect but no gonna complain too much. On to Ibrox!
  5. Ooft, they've completely shat it in the goalkeeper dept. Hardly gonna do much for morale.
  6. Tickets came on just after 0900
  7. Just found him, Jordan Campbell. We'll slaughter them in there if they try that over two legs. Surely they'll tighten up in there 🤔
  8. Did he say why? Hasn't got a leg to stand on 😂
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