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  1. Harry Forrester

    No thanks, ultimate spice-boy. More interested in the idea of being a footballer than actually being a footballer.
  2. Poor Nemane, 30 seconds action
  3. Get it up ye hammer thrower bastards
  4. There ye go, one rule for one team, one for another
  5. Wales v ROI

    Both NI and Oireland unseeded Paddys squeak into playoffs (8 of 9 teams)
  6. SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    Never have anything to do with these promoters again cheeky fuxks
  7. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    My thoughts too anything else is fantasy
  8. Is this faction willing to pay off PC, his whole coaching staff and a new squad of players? Didn't think so...
  9. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

    Can't wait for him to get out. He's got fuck all ambition apart from towards his SportsDirect balance sheet
  10. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    Bang on mate. Cunts the lot of em