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  1. He was horrible at the Sheep dome tho, that'll be at the forefront of people's minds
  2. chris182


    He's been unlucky in some cases, piss poor in others. I don't think you can bear his record in mind when deciding future OF teams. Our whole style of play is built around him
  3. For me the only take away from this is that there is no gap now.
  4. They've gone for pace, dangerous without the screening of Davis
  5. In the next few years our main priority has got to be to beat them
  6. Cannae see it. We should be putting our money into beating the Orks rather than an unnecessary expansion
  7. Yeah I kinda thought that after I posted and couldn't be arsed editing
  8. We need better quality cover for Tav, Barasic and someone for right wing IMO
  9. It seems that confidence is quite fragile in the team. To lose the head as we did after a sloppy mistake and failing to regroup properly after half time is pretty worrying. I'm not sure we have the mentality to be champs. This weekend will tell us a lot.
  10. Nail on head, that's the difference
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