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  1. Supposedly being offered 30k a week, would be our highest paid player. Decent player tho
  2. He gave me heart attacks in our Championship and first Prem season after admin. His shot stopping from distance was a bit of a piss take.
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    Unsure why so many are up in arms about a membership scheme, "rip-off" etc. The money is going straight to the club, at a time when they need it. It's clear the club needs to establish new revenue schemes outwith the traditional model. I can understand the arguments about away tickets but things change, especially true after the pandemic. If we want the in to reach that next level it needs to be bankrolled. If the rules around tickets end up a farce I'm sure the club will change it in time.
  4. chris182


    There was, Big hands Green had one
  5. I hope at least tried to chip down on the £4m price, he did well in a few games but in others the game passed him by. Suppose when you look at the comparisons it makes sense. I think he looks better technically than Kent and probably better value than Edouard across at the girodome.
  6. It's one thing to be linked, quite another for there to be any truth in it, especially the figure being banded about. Stewart's pals in Hollicom will be able to enlighten him on that. Another moron in the Scottish gutter media. For the record I think that £5m is pie in the sky stuff, cheap headline.
  7. Naismith is different level though.
  8. We don't need rats like Allan or Naismith FFS
  9. I doubt we'd be spending any transfer fees at the moment, never mind nearly £5m!
  10. I see the fat oaf Harrison has been rolled out to cheerlead our holy 'champions'. He thinks if the season was played out 13 pts would have been stretched further. Spaz.
  11. Fucking hell, that parasite needs removed from his ivory tower
  12. Their time-up will come, and it can't happen soon enough. There will be riots, mark my words.
  13. The mongo's celebrating a tainted title Suppose they've got used to it by now, handouts and gimmes
  14. Consultation doesn't mean cast iron agreement
  15. " ...congratulate the orks on their achievement *cough*" Fucking riddy
  16. Can imagine its a massive party, laughing and joking with Sleekit Pete how they spanked us again
  17. Jimmy Bell has the monopoly
  18. That's where lessons get learned, I hope
  19. Absolutely agree that had the roles been reversed, the league would not have been ended. 100%, cast iron guarantee
  20. I'm one of English's fiercest critics because of his role with BBC Scotland and his past shenanigans but theres absolutely nothing I disagree with there. He's nailed it.
  21. Our time will come if we work hard enough for it
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