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  1. On comes Nacho, should guarentee at least 4!
  2. Here we go. Dodgy team, but it's the one we're putting out so let's get tore into these mhanky bastards!
  3. Disappointing after the first half, but that's another decision on the list. Poor result going into next week.
  4. Job done, nowhere near a solid perfomance though. They're really going to need a kick up the arse before the next three games.
  5. Three minutes till subtime, JCD by the looks of it, hopefully getting a runner alongside Boyd or Velicka we'll nick a goal. This is just depressing.
  6. Bain would try and haggle those wages aswell.
  7. Furman for McCulloch and DMB for Dailly with Whittaker moving to right back would be nice to see. We need something in the middle to stop them waltzing through.
  8. Given the players we've got missing, I'm actually pretty happy with that line up. Would have preferred to see Furman in there, but that was never going to happen. That could definitley be a lot worse.
  9. That's just frightening. We're going to need a miracle to beat Falkirk on the first day of the season. Just depressing.
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