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  1. Wouldny be seen deed in a fake tap. Real tarrier behaviour.
  2. I dont think he is as much as a certainty to leave as people are making out. Wouldnt be surprised at all to see him still here next year.
  3. Andy Devlin tweeting to say appeal upheld. Free to face Kilmarnock.
  4. Not been paying much attention to this story the past couple of months as I thought it was getting sweeped away. Now seems to be gathering speed at a very fast rate? What's changed?
  5. Patrick Reed won The Barclays here a few years ago so went 10ew on him at 50/1 as my main bet. Also got Koepka £12.00 to win at 12/1, Simpson 5ew at 66/1 and Garcia 5ew at 50/1.
  6. Will we be seeded for it or not?
  7. Would also recommend Tavira if anyone looking for a trip away. Was fantastic and hotel was superb aswell.
  8. Played a fourball double tie with my brother yesterday and won 4 and 3. Usual terrible start from me but came into a game after about 5 holes, was still fucked from Sunday so quite happy with that.
  9. Played Santana last year and enjoyed it. Torrequebrada in that region is probably the best course Ive played, stunning.
  10. ShanksRFC


    Been top class since returning to the first team. He made an unbelievable defensive header at end of the first half (I think) to find one of our own players, quality.
  11. Their fans were awful too, hardly a whisper from them.
  12. He was sitting in just down from me in east enclosure. Looked like he was enjoying himself 🍾
  13. ShanksRFC


    No idea how he managed to save that shot. Was sitting in east enclosure and looked an unreal stop.
  14. Fucking pish today, +8 after 3 holes. Couldnt have started much worse. Driving the ball really well but struggling to get anything going. Annoying as fuck.
  15. I'd assume it's mainly down the fact people dont realise tickets are available. I certainly wouldn't have if I was a non season ticket holder.
  16. You're right mate, absolute howling appointment.
  17. Thats a mental result, fair play to Liverpool.
  18. How has he done down there?
  19. 25 points in Portugal the day, a was swinging like a fucking clown. Drinking aw day so a dont imagine tomorrow will be any better.
  20. Twenty of us flying out to Portugal on Thursday morning for 4 nights. Playing Benamor, Quinta Da Ria and Quinta Da Cima. Individual Stableford competition and also a Ryder Cup one over the three days. Can't wait.
  21. Man Utd are fucking dung. Team is full of average premier league players, how the fuck does that even happen after spending 1.3 billion?
  22. Joshua would have wiped the floor with him. Can't see it going ahead now.
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