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  1. Need to get rid of fucking replays.
  2. Foderingham Patterson, Edumndson, Katic, Flanagan Kamara, Halliday, Arfield Ojo Defoe Kent
  3. Missing an important run of games, brutal.
  4. They do look utter shite tbf.
  5. Nice to see Tav is back in the good books with our support, am sure it won't last long 😂
  6. We don't use it anymore do we?
  7. Club need to come out now and say something about this, it's a fucking farce they haven't going on what has been written even in the past week. Even if Morelos moves clubs, the Scottish media will still continue to slate him at every oppurtunity. It's an unhealthy obsession.
  8. Glenmuir mate, they have a factory shop in Lanark thats good.
  9. No doubt they will have the token "marquee" loan signing shortly aswell.
  10. It's a weird time of year to be doing it considering all transfers fees are inflated in January and the players they are buying probably won't even be in their starting 11.
  11. He was a superb defender and no bad around the opposition box aswell.
  12. His hand looks like the butlers out of Scary Movie 2. Take my strong hand
  13. No hit a ball in two months, booked a block of 5 lessons and first one is Wednesday night. Looking forward to getting back to it. Last season was shocking so can't get any worse.
  14. What happened to that Bayo superstar they signed for 2million? Cunt must be rank rotten if the thumb is still ahead in the pecking order and this other boy signing.
  15. Man City have been a joy to watch today. I have Sterling in my Fantasy Football 😖
  16. Accusing him of shagging some slag? Seen it on twitter yesterday.
  17. They have been that used to winning everything for the past 8 years some of their younger fans don't even remember a winning Rangers team, the cunts are now realising what its like. Tattiedome will be struggling the season after we stop 10iar.
  18. Choking to see a game so no doubt I'll spunk £9.99 on this easy.
  19. Edouard strikes me as a player that will jump ship at the first oppurtunity. Was he no listed as they would listen to offers last Summer in that leaked transfer document aswell? No surprise these transfer stories are starting to appear in January.
  20. Aye they do, BT getting nothing a don't think/ Worth 17.5m per season, absolute fuck all in comparison to the EPL.
  21. I think United are fucked from the top down, I don't think Woodward has done a particularly good job and Solksjaer is out his depth by a country mile. They should have went all out for Dybala and then looked at Verratti type player to go into midfield. Their defence was utterly shocking in that first half last night. Phil Jones is a championship level defender at best.
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