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  1. Can't imagine many of our support going onto a live stream with Edouard in the first place, never mind hurling racial abuse at him. Cunts are from a different planet.
  2. Same every season, you'd think people would learn. This group of players have a lot to prove when it comes to taking advantage.
  3. Nice to see everyone not getting carried away....
  4. Cunt should be sacked for gross misconduct.
  5. Griffiths and Bolingoli must have the same shit for brains.
  6. No as bad as that cunt that described some weird food abroad "to die for" or some shite. What was that again?
  7. The majority of the opinion I've seen on Roofe is that he is far better through the middle.
  8. Whens the draw for this years Europa?
  9. Me too and their toe nail clippings.
  10. On a side note, you can book hospitality packages now for the Kilmarnock game onwards. Think this is dependent on government advice.
  11. Clearly unfit and looks majorly disinterested now, I hope to see some movement on him in the next day or two.
  12. Aye a got dud information as mentioned above, apologies.
  13. Had a look through St Gallen forums and they don't seem to pleased with the fees being banded about of 4, they expected more.
  14. Apologies, must've been given dud information online.
  15. Probably to soon for Roofe with lack of game time recently. I think the Swiss league just finished so Itten might be a shout going straight into it if Morelos is off after tomorrow.
  16. Roofe has scored 5 and missed 4 in his career and Itten hasn't hit any.
  17. I assume him and Itten are available for the weekend?
  18. Was reading on a Leeds Utd forum that Roofe is best as being played through the middle.
  19. Played last year too and didn't enjoy it. Was very wet and some poor holes.
  20. Played Dumbarnie today, unbelievable course considering it is brand new and still bedding in. Played Old Course yesterday and loved it too. Ailsa tomorrow, looks like its going to be a roaster.
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