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  1. A just want the tims to go out so a can say no tims in europe like the good old days.
  2. Ties would get reversed mate, we would move to away leg first as tims are higher ranked.
  3. The little dink over the sliding challenge last night and then to control back into his stride was outstanding.
  4. Wish a had the interview skills of him 🥴
  5. Was down for Spurs game other month for a freebie. Terrible stadium for football, a mean terrible.
  6. Another player who seems to have turned into a superstar amongst our support since he left.
  7. No, should get three seasons. A new manager would come in and would need a rake of new players again/change things. More chance of Gerrard stopping 10 imo than a new manager.
  8. ShanksRFC


    I don't think his head is in it at this point but I hope he proves me wrong.
  9. They will get plenty of chances that's for sure.
  10. Cant see a trilogy fight happening. Only way Wilder wins is if Fury goes off the rails again on the build up.
  11. Fury absolutely mauled him, he looked huge.
  12. A never thought he would box again a few years ago. An unreal comeback tbh. I thought the opening rounds would be quite cagey but he dominated them, class.
  13. That was different class 🤯 AJ will avoid at all costs.
  14. Extra weight doing the damage for Fury the now
  15. 🤣🤣 two absolute crackpots
  16. Looks as if he has already went 6 rounds.
  17. Anyway, whats the bets? I cant see past a Wilder k.o, I bet against him in both the Ortiz fights and even bet Szpilka in play a few year ago. Cany see Fury dodging the haymaker over 12.
  18. Rank fucking rotten and the box office programme has only showed two fights.
  19. Bought it at half 12 mate and the first fight thats been on is skinny malinky long legs here. Pish, had UFC on aw night.
  20. BT Box Office channel was just slevering about the last fight.
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