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  1. Can see clear as day how a game flows much better on a grass pitch.
  2. Walters head looks photoshopped
  3. Short memories and a knee jerk reaction that a player is instantly shite if they have one bag game. Mental.
  4. Tav seems to be getting the brunt of it but he is still chipping in with the odd assist. I think we just need to back him, a spell off penalties would probably help. Ojo hasn't got a goal or assist since Feyenoord. Aribo and Arfield have also been rank.
  5. Morelos looks like he is absolutely loving his football this year.
  6. A total waste of a wage and from the same ilk as Pena with the spitting etc.
  7. Didnt even realise it was the same Bigriamana, serious fear. Where is next round played?
  8. Well done young team. Listen to Tom 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Cheers mate, will price up both and see where it goes.
  10. Usually mid September. Funnily enough the two you mentioned I looked at earlier and thought would be a great shout. Maybe check out Murrayshall, no heard many people playing that.
  11. Anycunt know any good courses with a hotel nearby in Scotland? I need to arrange the annual outing next year for about 30+ folk but no idea where to go. Went to Cardrona this year and Drumoig the year before.
  12. Halliday? Surely no, Barasic is playing quality the now and Halliday is dug shite.
  13. No mate, cant see it in any highlights. Saw it clear as day sitting in East Enclosure.
  14. Deja vu from another thread earlier today.
  15. If they both stay fit and Alfredo doesn't leave at Christmas it will be easy 50+. Also loved Robinsons face after Alfie strolled right through their technical area to congratulate Defoe
  16. ShanksRFC


    I thought he played a bit better the last 30minutes or so yesterday but still well below last seasons performances. He did play well away to Midtjylland He hasn't really had a break in the Summer like a lot of our players, I think he could be doing with a spell on the bench. He ceratinly doesn't suit that right wing type role.
  17. I think it is perhaps the former.
  18. Maybe ask the current taig manager of the Scottish national team? Ryan Jack in current form walks into that team. It's a good thing he isn't involved in that shitshow, less chance of getting injured.
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