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  1. A collapse of monumental proportions. I though Gerrard and his coaching team could turn it around but a severely doubt it now.
  2. ShanksRFC


    Isn't any worse than Hummel is it?
  3. Only way he has a chance is if Fury doesn't take his camp serious next time which is possible.
  4. There is no guarantee that people will be interested in the Summer after all of this. If he does go it is going to be cut price unless he starts scoring again. He has been woeful since the suspension, its all a bit disappointing really as I thought 20m+ could be achieveable but I very much doubt it will be anywhere near that.
  5. You keep throwing money then mate cause its never gonny happen.
  6. We had same tactics up to the winter break. The players thought they had done the business after beating them, it was the same last year. Mentality issue, fuck all to do with tactics.
  7. Gerrard gets 3 year. He is the only man that will stop ten, simple.
  8. aww fuck off. When did he last win against them?
  9. The same players destroyed teams up to that game against celtic at porkheid? How is that Gerrards fault? The current players have a mentality issue. They can raise it against the tims and euro games but cant against the shite.
  10. He will be out the door in the summer for a knock back price.
  11. Obviously but this team bet a Braga team that's on fire the other night? The players have the mentality for european games but not the same for the shite for st johnstone etc.
  12. Morelos is the best player in our team, why is he fucking about elsewhere at this stage of the season? He has let us down again. Stewart has never been a striker in his life. The line up tonight was fucking dreadful.
  13. What about our main fucking striker no turning up for us the night? How the fuck is that Gerrards fault?
  14. You deleted that quite quick did you not? Sniff sniff
  15. The Sun absolute fucking clown.
  16. Our main striker fucking about on the eve of the biggest game of the season? Well done. Ive defended him through thick and thin but he his head is clearly elsewhere at this point. His value is also fucked at this point.
  17. He clearly cares about playing for us but has been horrendous recently, not the only one.
  18. A stuck Morelos 2+ goals on in willie hills earlier. What happens with that? Void?
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