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  1. Man Utd are fucking dung. Team is full of average premier league players, how the fuck does that even happen after spending 1.3 billion?
  2. Joshua would have wiped the floor with him. Can't see it going ahead now.
  3. A done it once this year and only got £15.00 back? Surely home tickets aren't that price? Will just continue giving it to someone locally now as long as they go on our bus.
  4. Scored a double to beat Tims 2-0 at Firhill. Got a good future ahead of him.
  5. £509 for SE4, £26.00 increase from last year. No to bad a suppose.
  6. It was a hispanic slur, bit weird considering Molinari is Italian.
  7. First medal of the year and shot a 75. A 7 at the par 3 first and a 9 at the par 4 17th killed it. Chunked the first tee shot about 10 yards 😂😂 felt like a played no bad apart from that, just glad to get back out on the course.
  8. Also backed Olesen at 125/1 with 10 places at Sky Bet. Has done well at the Masters the times he has played and likes to draw the ball.
  9. Was Zebra the 4 month option or what? I've took it past couple of years.
  10. Aye that rings a bell mate, think it was the same then. We teed off in afternoon and they gave us a wee voucher for a burger instead of a bacon roll becuase it was later.
  11. I got an Itison voucher for 2 people and lunch for £98.00 quid last year. Played it in the middle of the warm weather in the Summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. One thing though was the amount of goose shite on the fairways and greens, some of them were covered. The course is so low on the water table I think it can turn into a muckhole when it has been wet. I've heard a few horror stories after spells on wet weather.
  12. Betway paying out if your player leads on any day at the end of the round. Max stake of £20.00. Fired the £20.00 on Paul Casey, playing well at the moment and has a good record around Augusta. Outsiders I fancy are Snedeker and Cameron Smith.
  13. Brainless bastard. Obviously using him as an example to put off any other person doing the same.
  14. ShanksRFC


    Mentioned in another thread earlier that he should be first out the door in the Summer. Hes a decent player but he isnt captain material.
  15. Should be first out the door in the Summer IMO.
  16. Good footballer but he should go now. We would have won that game yesterday if he stayed on the park, few million scrubbed off his value with his usual antics.
  17. Been very average in past couple of games. Won't take long till their players start upsetting the mood again if they continue getting beat.
  18. Mind boggling that he got the job when he is clearly unwell. Can hardly string a sentence together.
  19. No smoke without fire, cunts a loose cannon who is clearly partial to 3-4 day benders.
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