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  1. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    What alot of people don't realise about VB members is the actual amount of work they do behind the scenes. This work is not coerced by anyone, it is sought out alone by the members. Members who spend the time writing emails and letters to journalists, footballing authorities, employers, etc. Members who will go and find out for themselves the information they seek. It appears that this irks alot of people who would rather wait for news info to come from media outlets like the BBC and then ironically slate them for it. VB has never been about the publicity for the group otherwise there would have been banners years ago, but we feel now was a good time for it. Whilst what we do isn't agreeable to everyone we do it nevertheless. I would like to thank those on here who have left comments of support, as for those who haven't then fair enough, what I won't have is comments slating VB for doing what we do by people who don't do anything. If you are going to slate us then do so constructively and tell us what you are doing to defend our club from our various enemies.
  2. The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    LSE closed tomorrow so defo no sale, so this 48hours raises questions.
  3. So you don't know answers, you aren't a member of the board, so you are willing to defend the position of someone based on what?
  4. Could I be right in saying that because of these loans it caused difficulties when people wanted their Gersave monies back? Because I know for sure of a few people who had to fight tooth and nail to get their money back and in some cases it took months. Or was the Gersave money seperate from the main RST account? Just a thought.
  5. How many t-shirts will need to be sold to get this loan repayed?
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Can I just add: Bwahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. 2 Long term, 4 short term? Thought I'd read that yesterday somewhere.
  8. Hahahahaha the retard in the yellow has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in ages. I bet he's kept in a box.
  9. There's a draft....shut that window

    Aye, apparently they can't find a fax machine in Africa
  10. Think using the Suville Calculator by this time next week it will be 1 or 2 lovable rogues having some banter Septic FC, Britain's Shame
  11. http://www.skysports.com/contactus/0,20299,,00.html Shame on Sky Sports, let them know it.
  12. FFS Walter thinks that was a very good performance
  13. Go out and come back in please