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  1. Dude will be along shortly asking for transparency.
  2. Have you asked for trannsparency from any other groups? And if so what replies did you receive?
  3. As has already been said, they only have to ask.
  4. You are now being childish as regards the actual wording of the Donate button even after I've given you an explanation. Running costs in terms of running VB go towards causes we actively help. Nothing difficult to understand about that. Funds obviously goto causes after costs are met. This is of course unless a specific donater wants his donation to go toward a specific cause e.g. Erskine.
  5. Nothing hard at all. Hope that answers your questions.
  6. If non-members wish to donate then they can use the Notes section to ask how their money will be used and that information will be forwarded to them.
  7. Ok, Dude fyi all monies received by VB are used towards VB causes be it those mentioned above and other projects that VB members know of. At any point any VB member can ask what the monies raised were, what monies were used for and evidence of such. Transparency is available to all VB members. As also has been pointed out no member of VB is ever asked for monies. Your bicker about 'running costs' is childish at best. As has been explained VB admin cover the cost of the site, any donations under the 'running costs' tag will go towards VB projects. Is that clear? Noone admin or otherwise profits from any donation. On the odd occassion when VB does sell flags or badges to its members these are sold at cost price, again no profit. Once again I'll say, in the name of transparency any VB member can question anything about monies raised and will receive said information. VB is answerable to noone but it's own members.
  8. It came from The Blue Knights facebook page the other day. https://www.facebook.com/TheBlueKnightsRFC?fref=ts
  9. I would to, it's folly for the board to leave questions unanswered.
  10. Why silence someting like this? This is a non-story being spun against the current board when the loan was took out over a year ago when we had no other credit facilities. It's easy to spin manure into silk if your buyer wants to wear a shite shirt.
  11. I don't doubt this loan is real. Bear in mind though, we had very little lines of credit and this was at a time when other forums/groups were calling to starve the club of cash and refuse to buy ST books, so it's easy to see why the club would have took this loan with uncertainty in mind. Do I agree with it, hell no, but if that money went towards keeping the club afloat at the time until ST monies came in then what else could the club possibly do?
  12. Certain bloggers are renting their arses to McColl and Co to disrupt the current board. The board is within their rights to protect their status. Ban those bloggers who wish to do Rangers harm. Simples? Because lets face it, McColl and co have shown nothing to let them give us their backing other tan assumptions and rumours.
  13. The time for amateur boardroom experts and accountants is now over, lets all get behind the club and the team. Giving creedence to boardroom warfare does nothing but play into the hands of our enemies.
  14. Anyways I'm away to bed, have fun
  15. I stated that the bonuses were ridiculous. As is Ally's wage. I have issue with both.