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  1. Singing sectarian songs does nothing but damage our club and its reputation. Sing it on your wee buses but keep it out of Ibrox. I'm a Rangers Football Club fan, end of. Couldn't give two fucks about King Billy, Northern Ireland or the UDA.
  2. I remember the first time I saw a bird in her kegs on the net!
  3. Is she a Gook? And also, are her eyes meant to be so far apart??
  4. Only if its a video of you licking each others back doors
  5. Rangers fans should be captain for the night.
  6. What Milan legends are coming?
  7. Brodus Clay is the worst thing I have ever saw. Looks like a genuine spastic!
  8. Strange question, but the Great Khali looks awkward on his feet at the best of time but tonight I noticed his ankles look very skinny. Does he have a fake leg/foot? right before that shite dude on the bike came in he was standing on someone with dangerously skinny right foot!!
  9. actually really surprised with that ending. Made up for the pishy first 1hr 1/2!!!
  10. Bad times for Drew? I dunno. Losing streak could lead to a big winning streak
  11. half of this PPV has been ads, backstage pish or stretcher shite. WWE is now prob only 10% matches
  12. haha 40 inch tv? must look so small, my 60 inch bad boy is AWESOOOOOME
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