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  1. Here's an idea - let's keep all the talk about Boyd in the existing Boyd thread and not start dozens of new threads about the same thing.
  2. Not quite that easy - depends on current levels of expenditure, commercial deals, player sales etc. Also, GW will have a clearer idea than any of us to what extent the institutions would support further funding.
  3. If (and it's a big if) 28,000 are sold remember that prices increased by 20% so that's the equivalent income of 33,600 at last year's prices. So very little change in income from year to year despite the boycott.
  4. Someone better tell Deloitte quickly - STV obviously know better than the auditors.
  5. Update to what I posted earlier - we actually raised £35.5m in share capital. There were two tranches of shares issued pre IPO - £7.7m and £5.6m. This is the money that effectively funded the purchase of the club and initial trading losses, not the IPO money. The costs of £5.7m are in relation to all of that, not just the £22m IPO. The costs of the IPO were about £2.5m. Costs of the other share issues were about £3.2, which is very high but more risky than the IPO.
  6. There is more detail in the accounts in general than we have ever seen before. So much for a lack of transparency.
  7. Please don't quote Accountancy Age. It's like quoting the Sun on matters of high finance. I reiterate, if the board's projections indicated that we would run out of money in 13 months, that does have an impact for the audit report. You were fixated on 12 months. There is no 12 month rule. You now agree.
  8. I'm with you on all of that. Nothing in any of my accounts posts should infer that I trust anyone involved.
  9. Perhaps: - lower loss this season - break even next season - new share issue (primarily fans) for the season back in top tier ("player investment, overhaul them, blah blah...") ?
  10. From the accounts: "Profits from the sponsorship business unit are expected to increase in season 2013/14 by more than 70% on season 2012/13."
  11. Page 27 answers these questions: http://www.rangers.co.uk/images/staticcontent/documents/AnnualReport2013.pdf
  12. That's the whole point - this season we have Puma, Blackthorn, Sports Direct/retail, other sponsorship deals etc. There is likely growth across a number of income streams.
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