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  1. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    The lad was having a really poor game up until then and he was trying to gee himself up which seemed to work since he was much better after that, so what's the problem anything that improves performance should be applauded not derided.
  2. Would like to see Miller dropped for this one but can't see it happening so the only likely change from last week will probably be windass for niko
  3. Just poor refereeing.........

    In the last 5 years I've seen more poor decisions from refs than in the previous 30 years following Rangers. Is it poorer refs or a consequence of the referees strike or a bit of both but what can't be denied is that they are benefiting from these decisions far more than we are because we are an easy touch and the refs know they can get away with mistakes against us because the media won't pursue it and neither will the club.
  4. Miller

    The thing is he's never been able to do those things, his whole game has been based on him being very quick and hard working getting in behind scoring the odd difficult one and missing all the easy ones. His legs have been gone since he came back and he just gets in others way now.
  5. Don't see many changes for this one 2/3 at most, with the game on Saturday I can see Alves and Miller rested for Wilson and Morelos, and Tav back for Hodson. Hopefully Pena gets about 30mins because that means we'll be coasting it!
  6. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Confirmed £43M, a steal in today's market
  7. The list

    At least on gumtree we'd be guaranteed an offer for those 2 from a shady scammer looking for your bank details, but would our board fall for it?
  8. Pedros Local Assistant

    Instead of Lovenkrands, someone like Jonatan Johansson would be a better bet he has been coaching in Scotland with Morton and Motherwell in the last few years and is currently assistant for the Finnish national team.
  9. Can anyone get this?

    He did at Milan but Ancelotti was his manager so that rules him out
  10. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    He's in his early 60's around 63/64
  11. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    He can't take it just now because he is due a large pay out (I believe its 2M quid but I could be wrong) from Inter if he doesn't take another job before the end of the season.
  12. *** The Official Inverness CT vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Was about to say the same, absolutely pointless
  13. The "He can't play 4-3-3, he can only play 4-4-2" thread

    The problem with the system is not the ability of the players but their discipline to keep a solid team shape, too many of our players are caught out of position most notably the full backs but central to the system is the holding midfielder and we haven't had one in the 18 months or so he's been manager if for example you look at Barcelona whose system we use the holding midfielder Busquets very rarely ventures far from the centre circle and is always between his two centre backs protecting them looking at our holding midfielder we can usually find him on the wing, trying to go beyond the striker or on his arse if someone is challenging him anywhere but where he is meant to be! This lack of discipline comes from the management, Thierry Henry talked about the tactical discipline of Pep when he played under him at Barca, Henry was playing as the central striker in the 4-3-3 system we play and Pep wanted him to stay central and not drop off to the left wing like he used to do at Arsenal but in the first half of a match he did that and got a goal then at half time Pep warned him not to do this again and at the start of the second half Henry did it again and scored and Pep immediately subbed him, Henry said he never ignored his instructions again. Does anyone think our manager has it in him to do that if our holding midfielder or full backs are posted missing or our centre forward is nowhere near the box when we are attacking?
  14. Lack of the Counter...?

    We used to counter very quickly in the first half of last season, in fact we used to do a lot of things well during that time we pressed better won the ball higher up the pitch, the space between our defence/midfield/attack was smaller (many times Wes was the only player in our half), we scored more and created more chances and conceded less. Then St Johnstone game came along we got beat and the manager was criticised for the goals we conceded and the odd consolation goal we gave up in other matches so he changed it, now our back 4 sit along our 18 yard box so the don't get caught out with pace and therefore we mess about with the ball at the back more costing us more goals, there is so much space between our defence/midfield/attack that we are disjointed and struggle to perform as a team. Now if we went back to playing as we did then I am sure our results would improve although we would still be vulnerable to the break away goal I still think we would score more and concede less in the long run.
  15. 4-4-2 / 3-5-2

    This 100%, there is little wrong with the formation we play and changing it wont make a bit of difference if the same gutless wonders are still playing. We have only one winner in our squad and that's Miller, the rest are career losers who have hit the big time playing for us and cant handle it.