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  1. On one of the podcasts someone said it's already been renamed the Rangers Training Centre for now.
  2. This!, he's the type of player you have to build the team around and his best position is central.
  3. Had a season ticket in the late 80's early 90's as a teenager and went to all the reserve fixtures when we were away from home and listened to the first team games on the radio whilst watching the reserves, saw some good players come through at that time guys like Charlie Miller, David Hagen, Neil Murray and Steven Pressley who were brought through by older pro's like Gus McPherson who was in his mid 20's and captain of the reserve side.
  4. Funny how Rodgers managed to wear one yesterday can't recall him wearing one the previous few years.
  5. Booted the ball away twice, once at a free kick the other at a throw in.
  6. Don't see many changes for Sunday probably only Katic and Aribo coming back in for Helander and Kamara and possibly Barker for Ojo but I expect wholesale changes for Livi in the cup on Wednesday.
  7. I don't think he's had a good game whilst reffing us for the last few years, shit scared to give us anything and can't wait to get the red card out when any of our players do something I honestly think we get a better deal from Clancy and Collum.
  8. Last sentence, wonder who their manager was then!
  9. After watching the training session for the game none of the starters from Thursday were involved so I would be fairly confident none will be involved in the 18 tomorrow so I'll revise my team for tomorrow with Halliday in for Kamara.
  10. Can't see anyone who started this evening featuring on Sunday except possibly Kamara who has had less game time than most of the first 11. My team would be Wes, Polster, Barasic, Edmundson, Helander, Kamara, Docherty, Aribo, Defoe, Stewart and Jones with Halliday, Hastie, Barker, King, McPake, Mebude etc on the bench.
  11. The Man U game was a one off challenge game at u21 level (and it was mostly a backup team at that level as most played against Mansfield in a friendly at the training centre the same day), the boys that won were u15/16 and were undefeated over their 5 games.
  12. That's us through to the final 5-4 on penalties after a nothing each draw
  13. I think Katic and Kamara will definitely start and possibly Murphy too.
  14. Depends on the other team from Gibraltar, they win we play Tuesday they lose we play Thursday.
  15. Sadly your last paragraph because we rightly imho called out Gollum we'll be tarred with the same brush as them.
  16. This was brought up by a Rangers fan on Snyde the other night comparing it to Jack's challenge on May which he was sent off for last season, Mark Wilson's response was it was a fair challenge he won the ball, so there you go folks as long as you win the ball it's fair game to try and do someone with the follow through.
  17. If you check the post it was made on Sunday after the Hamilton game
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