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  1. My two bob's worth on this; I dont think we should have reference to the Bears Den in the advert - its irrelevant and could be confusing to those who dont know anything about RM (shame on them!) Perhaps a tag line like "The Best Rangers Fans' Forum" or something similar. I'm sure others can come up with something snappy. I would also suggest that for their contribution, all those who have stumped up the tenner get entered into a draw with the first prize being the signed shirt itself, and the second prize being our rep at the presentation. This gives 3 out of the 60 or so a reward of sorts for their contribution. If that person chooses to donate the shirt to the site to raise money for charity that is up to them, but for many of the contributors I am sure a signed players shirt would be a fantastic addition to their Rangers collection. For those donating from overseas it is obviously harder for them to attend, so they can proxy this to a friend or let the site pick another name out of the list.
  2. There is no vote. I totally agree with your final two paragraphs though.
  3. Of course it's not a cast iron guarantee CB, but with the work done on this by all bidders and D&P, it is almost certain a deal can be done with HMRC to avoid liquidation, as confirmed by Paul Clark on Radio Scotland on saturday afternoon.
  4. Wouldn't argue with any of that. MD has the same info.
  5. The info is 100% spot on, no doubt about it. However, we got very very close a week ago and it got fucked up which is why I made it clear that it won't be signed until tomorrow, so we have got to wait for official confirmation but I have no doubt it will go ahead tomorrow.
  6. The way things are panning out, with Ticketus removed from the CVA, and the discussions that have taken place between the Admin and HMRC, a CVA is almost certain to be approved. You can't say anything is 100% certain, but it's looking better today than it was on Feb 14, and hopefully tomorrow when the ink goes onto the paper we can start to move forward.
  7. Can't quite believe it looks like Whyte might get away with his fraud but it was by far the quickest and easiest way to do things in the view of those working the deal and the admin.
  8. Will be officially announced tomorrow, just letting you good people know first. As with everything, sources are private and you either take the info or not. I'm not over the moon with TBK, but I am absolutely feckin delighted that the club will not now be liquidated.
  9. TBK have won the race to take over Rangers, and will be announced as Preferred Bidders tomorrow. Final details have been ironed out over the weekend and agreed with D&P. Ticketus are involved, but Kennedy is not, at this stage anyway. The BK will now proceed with D&P to agree a CVA with creditors before the deadlines for further footballing sanctions to be imposed. Whytes shareholding to be secured In exchange for him not being sued for his PG by Ticketus. CVA likely to agreed as talks already taken place between D&P and HMRC and HMRC are not going to be too difficult to deal with, and as they will have the major say, this will see the CVA go through. The club will NOT be liquidated!
  10. Keep this thread on topic please. Anyone wanting to discuss bad jokes, disability or celebrities take it to off topic.
  11. And another £2.6M to us as Scotland only representative in the big cup again!!! Oh happy days
  12. Really disappointed with the line-up,as confirmed on SSN. McGregor Whittaker Weir McCulloch Smith Davis Edu Thomson Naismith Miller Lafferty I had hoped we would have went with Fleck and Boyd instead of Naismith and Lafferty. Still should be too good for a terrible timmy team, but we have to be up for it or they will outfight us. Personally, I'm gutted to be missing my first OF game since the 1989 Cup Final due to having a gallbladder operation a few days ago, and I hate watching us on TV in friendlies, so I cant imagine how bad this is going to be.
  13. Oh, and I meant to say, it will make the National News headlines by Sunday as well!! You heard it here first.
  14. I still stand by my prediction that STB and YNWA will be number 1 and 2 this week in the charts, and the rest of the music loving country will be left to go WTF????? And next week both will be back outside the top 100 again!!
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