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  1. What time would you have it? Its live on ESPN and UEFA rules state NO live football is to be broadcast on Satuday between 2:45pm and 5:15pm (5:30KO? - not exactly great time). If its not 12 noon Saturday, we have Saturday night at 5:15pm we could have played it, Sunday ESPN have Man City v Newcaslte from 12:30pm and have Sarasens v Leicestire tigers at 4PM and Inter v Juv after that live so no room on Sunday. While it is not ideal, its the only slot availible to us to hold the match.
  2. no so get your arse to Ibrox lol and to who asked - its free for all, adults, juv and conc. our smartcards have been activated for the game
  3. 1 minute to hold on - this is like 3 points for us, fantastic!
  4. people writ us off, we wont get a point out of the 6 games, - well we are fucking close at getting 3 at old trafford!
  5. I recon about 5 mins extra time too - if we can score in 94th min..... COME ON RANGERS!!!!!!
  6. fast, pacy and better than davis atm plus he is a winger, we need one to cross balls in
  7. Weiss on, Davis off. Beattie on, Edu off. We can get this if we go for it actually. With valencia 4-0 up aswell....
  8. rather 1 point that none, if we go for it, we leave ourself short at the back...
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