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  1. Brackley Bluenose

    Jon Flanagan

    Couldn’t give a shit about the off field stuff, good player. Gerrard has played with him and he considers him good enough that’s good enough for me.
  2. Brackley Bluenose

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Fuck me hows your luck sheep shagging bastards! I’d have been gutted if we’d have got Burnley!
  3. Brackley Bluenose

    Out?: James Tavernier

    He’s so up and down, at times he looks fantastic other times he’s like a Jack Russell playing with a balloon.
  4. Brackley Bluenose

    Willie vass training pictures

    “.... and then they told us we had to stop singing The Billy Boys!”
  5. Brackley Bluenose

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I thought they were terrible second half after such a good first half. Played the second period like a friendly, so slow and pedestrian. Literally had the Ashley young free kick and the Kane header as the efforts in the whole second half. I think that’ll be a huge monkey off their back mind you winning that and I fully expect them to beat Panama so that’ll be 6 from 6 which they’ll get a big lift from. Sterling gets a lot of shite and deservedly so but fuck me any chance of Delle Alli kicking a ball.
  6. Brackley Bluenose

    New Rangers Fan Zone

    Follow with pride
  7. Brackley Bluenose

    Jordan jones

    Would go past people for fun up here
  8. Brackley Bluenose

    Scouting Setup Mark Allen interview

    Just the one minute for that in depth interview then.
  9. Brackley Bluenose

    players to spain

    I tend to agree with you mate but financially I don’t think we are anywhere near being able to afford to charter our own plane anymore.
  10. Brackley Bluenose

    players to spain

    I doubt we’d take our own flight for a party of 40-50 people to Spain.
  11. Brackley Bluenose

    players to spain

    Thanks mate. Yeh it’s lovely, but secluded from the town but for a football team heading out there that’s undoubtedly a good thing
  12. Brackley Bluenose

    players to spain

    Anybody know if the team are staying in Mijas by any chance? Just seen a few pictures of them training there and it looks like same hotel I was at a few years ago, Huddersfield were there at the time. La Cala Resort think it was called.
  13. Brackley Bluenose

    What is Mark Allen’s role?

    Let’s hope one the new scouting system really is starting to bear fruit because of it had much to do with the January window I might be hanging off the Kingston bridge come October.
  14. Brackley Bluenose

    Big gab amato?

    😂 Ooooft
  15. Brackley Bluenose

    Big gab amato?

    None as bad as catholic paedophilia however.