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  1. Brilliant tonight, for what it’s worth I thought Arfield was good tonight as well made some really good, punchy forward passes quickly when in possession. Need more performances like that from him.
  2. Didn’t think it was as good as the second half in Porto, thought we were sublime in that period.
  3. And if he scores it people would say it’s an inspired decision. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, absolutely no problem with Morelos hitting it given the form he’s in.
  4. Bipolar person’s diary strikes again. What a read 🚀
  5. Terrible tragedy, not sure how I feel about it all in terms of Duckenfield. The guy has been tried three times now and you have to feel that the law has ran its course. Doesn’t make it any easier for the victims and the smear campaign was despicable but I don’t think he should have been the fall guy for it all. It’ll live with him for the rest of his days.
  6. Even if it was we pumped Solihull who are sitting in the top three in the conference and they played their complete first team the night we played them.
  7. One spot away from clinching two champions league spaces for 21-22 season.
  8. Amazing that we’ve won that game 2-0 without even getting out of third gear. They played in the champions league quarter final last year. Sign of a good side, not playing well and still winning the game.
  9. What Rangers boozers are there in Harrogate mate? Or did you just mean pubs in general.
  10. Heard today that if us and the tarriers qualify through the group then there are two champions league places for Scotland next year. Qualifying route obviously. Anyone know anymore or is that bullshit?
  11. To be fair to the guy, my outward impression of him before watching him last night was that he was a complete waste of space. He tried really hard last night and for what it’s worth he went mental with his celebrations when he scored the equaliser so he clearly cares.
  12. Fucking buzzing! Enjoyed that, showed some amount of bottle to come back from 3-1 down. WATP
  13. Absolute scenes when that third went in. Grezda been superb to be fair to him
  14. Bullied a little at the moment
  15. Decent turn out 25 mins before kick off
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