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  1. He’s added a forward pass to his game as well which is excellent.
  2. I think that’s a really fair comment. I disagree with people saying we were excellent, first half we played well and then I thought we made hard work of it second half. Quite sloppy in our decisions and gave the ball away a lot. Really hard fought win that feels sweet.
  3. His form is player of the year material, if he can keep it up. Outstanding
  4. Fanny, you’re no doubt one of the fickle cunts I'm talking about. Polar opposite opinions in the space of 45 mins.
  5. Fickle would be the understatement of the century.
  6. Don’t ever read the fucking match thread. Place is full of cunts that make the most irrational, ill judged, downright embarrassing statements. At 50 mins gone today the league was over and the team and Gerrard were hopeless. I hope they’re big enough to eat humble pie. As David Edgar recently said “the kind of cunts you hear nothing from on a Friday but you never hear the end of them on a Monday morning.”
  7. Mate we’re all hurting, but we really don’t need another fucking thread.
  8. I have no doubt our performance would have been so much better today had Morelos started. Morelos can keep a back four busy one his own. He backs his arse in, he runs across the line, he holds the ball up, he can chuck in a nutmeg and wriggle out of a tight space with ease. All of which gets you higher up the pitch and creates more chances for the team. I love JD but he’s a finisher, he can’t be used as a ‘front man’ so to speak. Give him chances and he’ll finish but today’s game needed more than that. It was even more criminal given that it was most of their defences first ever OF game and they’ve been pish.
  9. It’s cringeworthy. Same as the Sky replay thread! So petulant moaning about replays. That world famous TV broadcaster Sky (headquarters in London by the way) must also be over run with tarriers. I am away to cancel my subscription.
  10. Refereed the game well, it’s ok to actually admit that when that’s the case. We lost the game because we were honking, fuck all to do with him.
  11. He did try to get forward I’ll give you that but if you watch him he’s always trying to go onto his right foot because he hasn’t got a left. It’s not good enough at that level.
  12. Offers nothing going forward and in the modern game that’s a huge aspect of the role of a full back. Especially when you’re playing with 5 fucking central midfielders.
  13. I think he’ll come good but that’s a few shite games he’s had now. With us having such a big squad time to try someone else in there. Docherty or King should be given a little run to see what they’ve got.
  14. Our best player today. By a mile
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