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  1. Got a bit about him, absolutely loved! Even his email address right at the beginning 🤣
  2. Can’t wait to see the next update on the picture. I feel like i’m on catchphrase....
  3. Decent from open goal to clarify that. Enjoy listening to the podcasts, always very fair IMO
  4. The guy is a banger, he clearly approached this whole situation looking for an argument because that’s what he knew he’d get, like most of his exchanges on here. He revels in rubbing people up the wrong way. As I’ve said before perhaps it would be beneficial for his mental health if he didn’t spend his days arguing with folk on the internet. One scan of his twitter will show you the level of attention seeker he is... replying to somebody commenting on people on furlough with a picture of him in hospital. Such an odd guy
  5. So true, in footballing terms £4m is such an average amount of money nowadays.
  6. So the only thing Dundee got out of the yes vote in the end turned out to be them handing their biggest rivals the title, Couldn’t make it up 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Well if it wasn’t already Scottish football is officially in shit state! how naive were these fuckers?! Penny for Nelms thoughts tonight; he must feel like the biggest Dick on the planet. What a cunt he’s made of it
  8. I'm dreading this evidence seeing the light of day. I hope I'm wrong but very ounce of me thinks we'll end up with egg on our faces, a laughing stock and let down by our board yet again. Surely if it was damning enough it would involve the police already? Anything that doesn't clearly show a smoking gun will just get laughed off and we don't have enough support from the other clubs to gain any traction as has been proven over the past month.
  9. fuck me Castore. What a riddy, never heard of them in my puff. Which big clubs where kits from manufacturers you've never even heard of? Embarrassing
  10. Never thought I’d say this but English has come out of this saga with a lot more respect than I had for him previously.
  11. None of us have an inside track on this but can you honestly see them calling the leagues null and void when there will be huge legal ramifications, I just don’t see it happening. They’ll wait as long as they have to go restart football even if it’s without fans and even if it impacts next season. That’s my only small piece of comfort in all this mess. I still think we’ll have the opportunity to win or lose on the park. Clearly we don’t have much of a chance but stranger things have happened as they say.
  12. It reeks of clutching at straws. They’ve got fuck all and will be majorly regretting the big bold statement the other day
  13. I still think it highly unlikely UEFA will null and void the leagues come 23 April so all we can really do is play our part on the park as and when that happens.
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