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  1. Brackley Bluenose


    Anybody that’s watched Southampton over the last two years will tell that you that not only has Davis played very little football in that time but also he’s not a creative midfielder. He’s neat and tidy and keeps the ball moving but he’s no better than an older version of somebody like Jason Holt.
  2. Brackley Bluenose

    Kidding ourselves on

    Do you know what if we don’t win it we only have ourselves to blame. We just haven’t been good enough, unfortunately they win games like that at home.
  3. Brackley Bluenose

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Luckily for us celtic won’t win tomorrow but what a chance that was to close the gap. Fucking shite, don’t think we actually deserve it at this rate
  4. Brackley Bluenose

    Talksport @ 5

    He can’t stand the Tims and he has a soft spot for us, that’ll do for me!
  5. Brackley Bluenose


    Did Gerrard tell you that? Well documented that his father has been ill and he’s struggled with it. He’s maybe had one maybe two shaky games at most, most have them have had far more than that.
  6. Brackley Bluenose


    That says all I need to know about your opinion, stroll on.
  7. Brackley Bluenose

    Build my gallows at the start

    My favourite song without doubt. Went to Dortmund away in the late 90s when I was about 11/12 either champions league or UEFA cup and we literally sang this for the whole of the second half it was fucking class. Then Jens Lehmann popped up and scored I think to give them a draw at the death and we lost on penalties. Some trip
  8. Brackley Bluenose

    Next 5 games

    I was checking this earlier myself. They also have some injuries as well as a pretty manic fixture list in February. Their turn to feel the heat after we were fucking given two away games on plastic pitches after the break and they had two strolls at their midden.
  9. Brackley Bluenose

    Morelos incident

    Spot on. How many times does he need to be red carded before the penny drops? So frustrating because he’s such a fucking player.
  10. Brackley Bluenose

    Morelos incident

    For me he gives the ref a decision to make. Why get involved? Could have jeopardised the result, we are a far worse team without him.
  11. Brackley Bluenose

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    If you watch the McGregor one back mate he doesn’t actually even have eyes on Ferguson, he’s looking into the grass to protect his face. For me the biggest question with Morelos is - why give the referee a decision to make? Dont lift your foot and do anything that could jeopardise the result - when will he learn?
  12. Brackley Bluenose


    Could quite easily be an effective attacking midfielder. Granted he’s not a prolific goalscorer but he’s quick, he’s got a trick, he’s forward thinking and he sees a pass. Strikes me as a confident boy who wants to get on the ball let’s hope he’s got the stomach for it, he’s not at Dundee anymore. Good signing!
  13. Brackley Bluenose

    Should we not use the same tricks the tarriers use?

    On a side note just who the fuck sanctions their wage bill and ridiculous squad size. Serious questions should be asked of Brenda’s ability to build an effective squad. The just seem to bring in dross regardless of the dross that is already in their building.
  14. Brackley Bluenose

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    For what’s its worth the first winner I’ve had in yonks.
  15. Brackley Bluenose

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    I love him. I wonder if there’s ever been a game another Rangers player has covered more ground than him. Don’t know how he does it, pops up fucking everywhere from first to last minute.