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  1. That’s the one! Fucking magic, thanks for posting!
  2. Seen a wee video of them all singing every Saturday wee follow after they won the semi - the keeper was playing the drum! 🤣
  3. What an absolute beast of a man, fucking loved him.
  4. We were pish in the final, wished we’d gone for it rather than holding out to try to take them to penalties. Granted that’s how we got to the final by being superb defensively and taking chances when they came our way but once you’re there don’t go out with a whimper. Cried that night because I thought it would be the last time I’d ever see us in a Euro final. Hope to fuck I’m wrong.
  5. Absolute bull shit story never happening in a million years. Not their model at all and certainly won’t fit into the new managers high paced press.
  6. I don’t even see the debate about Worrall and Katic, something has happened for Katic not to be playing. He’s our player and IMO he’s miles ahead of Worrall.
  7. He was never going to be the creative midfielder people thought he was going to be. Or in fact make us any better he’s barely kicked a ball for a poor premier league team in two years. Not reakky the type of player we should be going after IMO.
  8. Had this chat with a mate today because I agree his value has probably taken a hit. However there’s so much money floating around the premier league for example £20 million is a drop in the ocean, someone will still take a punt on him. Look at Fulham they spent £100 million and they’re going to get relegated with 6 games to spare. I personally think we should cash in, I’m also inclined to think he’ll probably want to go as well. I think the signing of the new contract was just to secure us a better fee.
  9. That is fucking outstanding 🤣
  10. Regardless of today, he was never staying anyway.
  11. Kris Boyd made a really good point earlier. He said that at any other club his behaviour would see him not be included and left out the team as punishment. However because he’s the only real quality we have (bar Kent) he thinks he can do whatever he wants because there will be no consequence to his actions and he’ll be the first name on the teamsheet. Those saying he’ll learn and that he’s only young, fuck me even in one season he’s had ample opportunity to learn and still gets upto his stupid antics. Let’s face it, if we’re honest with ourselves, he should really of walked in the game at Ibrox as well but he got away with that one. Without question cash in and reinvest, the tarriers four or five last minute winners have given them a cushion that absolutely flatters them.
  12. Load of shite. Ref had not a bad game. Sinclair isn’t even looking at Tavernier, Tav almost runs into him as he’s trying to get to the ball. Kent could have also been given a red card and you’ve failed to mention that. We got beat after our mistakes and our striker being a fucking dick - again.
  13. I hope Morelos never pulls on our jersey again.
  14. What a fucking shit bump after his dick head striker has made us play the vast majority of the game with a man down and we’ve outplayed them all second half and our captain makes a stupid error which hands them a winner. Fuck off
  15. Fuck sake never a red 🤣 Talking absolute shite, I’ve not read one other person on the forum say it’s not a red card! He’s a fucking rocket and he’s let us down again. Enough is enough
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