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  1. Watched it yesterday mate, belter.
  2. Apparently so. You’d have thought the ideal time to do (if it is happening) would have been the couple of months the team weren’t using the dressing rooms as opposed to when the stadium is back being used.
  3. I’m sensing learning difficulties.
  4. I’ve heard a good few players that have played with and against Stewart say he’s a really good player and often that’s the best judgement of a player you can get. He’s also Rangers through and through so really hopeful that it can work out for him at Ibrox.
  5. Aye very good, let’s judge the boy on a meaningless friendly against a league one team in his first game at Ibrox. Absolute fucking rocket.
  6. Let’s give the guy a good fucking 10 games before we make any comment, I remember cunts this time last year lauding Coulibaly like he was Makalele ffs.
  7. Thanks mate! I was just about to ask the question. It’s not true what they say about you, you’re actually a good old boy.
  8. On the flip side of that if we sold Tav, Morelos and Kamara tomorrow we’d make a huge profit on all of them. You will always get signings that don’t work out in football. Sir Alex Ferguson for all his success at MU had quite a lot of failures. It happens.
  9. Was it just rumours about work being done on the changing rooms at Ibrox? Just seen pictures from today’s game with the dressing room ready and there’s been no change.
  10. Btw anybody noticed the blue polo top the players were wearing in Portugal. Looks class but not seen it up close yet. Anybody got a link or a picture? Got white piping on the collar.
  11. Been listening a lot lately to podcasts with former players and it’s really opened my eyes to the mentality side of the game. What’s really clear to me is playing for us carries a huge burden and unless a player can carry that burden it will make even a very capable player look absolutely shite. I dare say that’s what’s happened to Grezda, he just hasn’t got the minerals to cope with the pressure of playing for a big club like ours.
  12. You’ve got to be class to join in with the lads otherwise you just make yourself look a dick. Clearly still got it though.
  13. Funny one Boyd I remember him being a bit of a monosyllabic almost mute of a guy during his first Rangers spell and now he wants to be on everything giving his two pence worth. Fair play to him just never would have had him down as one to go into the media. One of those players who knew where the back of the net was and was great at it, but fuck me if didn’t half feel like you were playing with a man down at times because he didn’t do much else.
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