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  1. Said nothing of offence, talking facts. You’re clearly a snowflake as well as someone who talks utter shite. I tell you what is embarrassing, your post heralding Leverkusen as one of the greatest teams in the world the other night 🤣
  2. I don’t know you and I only comment on it because you’ve publicly discussed it before. It’s a terrible affliction that I hope you’re finding ways and more coping mechanisms to have better hours and days. It does not take an expert in the field to work out that sitting behind a screen having arguments and being vilified by folk cannot be helping you in anyway.
  3. Seen you comment on the poor status of your mental health before on these pages James, have you ever considered the significant detrimental impact it probably has on your mental health arguing with folk on the internet all day? Just a thought.
  4. Guessing for page after fucking page what MIGHT happen? 😴 Nobody fucking knows, go and spend some time with your family or take up a hobby.
  5. What I can’t get my head around is by the 3rd April it’s going to look a lot worse than it is now, so how can they resume then?
  6. Really poor to be hammering the boy when he’s playing in an absolutely honking team right now. None of our players are playing well. Barisic doesn’t look like a decent player anymore, neither does Morelos. Doesn’t mean they’re shit. Confidence is huge and sadly everyone is lacking it at the moment.
  7. Didn’t think they were anything special at all to be honest. In fact Braga were a far better team the night they came to Ibrox.
  8. Those pesky revolutionary guards.
  9. Not happening. We will drop more points and they know how to eek out points in every game. I also don’t fancy us to do much in either OF game. You can’t just turn it on and off like a tap. absolute clusterfuck what’s happened last couple of months.
  10. He does look overweight no doubt about it. Have a feeling he’s only playing to keep him in the shop window and to appease the fans during an already unstable time for the management staff.
  11. I was never in the out camp but after tonight I see no choice. Absolutely soul destroying after being so well placed not even two months ago. How the fuck have we got here? I’m gutted he’s no longer the man. I really wanted him to be the guy and it was looking like he was! Hope that kills you. Never, ever seen a collapse like it. From any team not just Rangers.
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