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  1. Brackley Bluenose


    And to be fair that’s because he was fouled!
  2. Brackley Bluenose


    A tactical discussion - I like it. We’ll agree to disagree the very fact you’ve said he was fouled and it was offside is reason enough I would argue that he’s not at fault. I’d maybe argue in the first one as well could Coulibaly get in front of the Raoid player and protect a bit better? Second one I’d need to see it roll through. IMO Goldson is ball watching and it’s him whos lost the man. I don’t want both my centre halves in front of the near post which they would be if it was Worrall picking him up. I’d probably want him communicating with Goldson and asking Goldson to drop four yards and pick him up otherwise you’re leaving a massive space right in front of the goal in between himself and the left back which is definite no.
  3. Brackley Bluenose


    You’ve made an massive arse of that so actually you do need to watch it mate. Their goal (which was offside) started down the right flank and ended up being finished at the far post. No idea how Worrall would have been at fault for any of it? Strange. Worrall slid in to stop the cross on the cover for Flanagan.
  4. Brackley Bluenose


    Watch the game back, he misplaced a pass into midfield in the 81st minute and it was the first and only mistake he made on the night. No idea what game you were watching, as the comments on here have proven.
  5. Brackley Bluenose


    I’m a big fan of Katic but this is mental. Few times he’s been absolutely faultless, Rapid Vienna in particular.
  6. Brackley Bluenose

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Worrall has been good but I’m so happy to see Katic back in the team, love the big guy. Signing of the summer in my opinion.
  7. Brackley Bluenose


    Mate this all day. I don’t know where they find the time or effort.
  8. Brackley Bluenose

    Summer of 92

    If it was Brian’s I’d drink it.
  9. Brackley Bluenose

    Summer of 92

    Brian Laudrup could shit on my doorstep every morning and he’d still be the most beautiful specimen to ever walk this earth.
  10. Brackley Bluenose


    Hummel must be thinking they’ve got into bed with some absolute fucking cowboys over this.
  11. Brackley Bluenose

    Katic and Barisic

    I think he has featured since then mate. I don’t think he’d be on the bench either unless he was ready to play.
  12. Brackley Bluenose

    Would you have taken this start to the season?

    I think it’s important to realise that for SPL standards the league this year is the best it’s been in a very long time and I think all teams, including us, will drop more points this season. Gone are the days where we can expect hump teams weak in weak out, that’s just my opinion. I think when you look at the circumstances we chucked two points at Motherwell, Tarriers was just pish and Livi we were poor. The Aberdeen game we were robbed. I’m over the moon to be honest with how much SG has turned us round.
  13. Brackley Bluenose

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Hate is maybe too strong but the only Rangers player I’ve actively taken a strong dislike to. Can’t belive how many chances the boy had. Enjoy playing in a soulless Rugby League stadium you wank of a boy while we turn over decent European opposition at the Motherland.
  14. Brackley Bluenose


    Those kind of nights are his and your payback for the shitey times we’ve come through. We grew up with plenty great times but for the likes of your lad they’ve been few and far between. He’ll remember that forever.
  15. Brackley Bluenose

    Joe Worrall.

    It really is, avoided it after Sunday. Didn’t get too low after Sunday and not getting too high after tonight. I think everyone in the league will drop more points this season. It’s actually a fairly decent league for the SPL this year.