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  1. Brackley Bluenose

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You fucking beauty!!! Cue meltdown at Paedo FC
  2. Brackley Bluenose

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Frankly mate this is huge for us so you’re talking shite. They’re fucked without champions league money. It’ll be the start of them crumbling.
  3. Brackley Bluenose

    Kyle Lafferty

    To be honest mate it’s not my place to determine different peoples opinion on the whole thing. I actually completely agree with you but us football fans are fickle folk as has been proven by McGregor. He’s come in and made us better and I’m reading very few people that now are against us signing him. Shite, but it is what it is.
  4. Brackley Bluenose

    Kyle Lafferty

    People being raging about us signing Lafferty because he left us high and dry is a completely redundant argument in my opinion we have a guy who did exactly the same now playing in goal. Being raging because Lafferty was a fucking donkey the first time round and shouldn’t step anywhere near Ibrox again because he’s fucking useless is a far more coherent argument.
  5. Brackley Bluenose

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    It’s crazy that winning the Scottish league results in you still needing to play four qualifying rounds. Even Icelandic teams came in after the tarriers this year.
  6. Brackley Bluenose

    Jamie Murphy

    Each deal is different to any others. In fact I remember it being reported that the deal was to be made permanent in the summer following the loan. Even the fee was agreed in January I’m sure.
  7. Brackley Bluenose

    Jamie Murphy

    Doesn’t even look like a footballer for me. Really strange signing, I think we must have been committed to signing him before SG came in the building because there’s no way he’d have taken him I don’t think.
  8. Brackley Bluenose


    If Gerrard trusts him to be part of the squad then I fully accept that he thinks he can do a job in a better team. Good luck to him, he’s living our dreams.
  9. Brackley Bluenose

    Can you smell it......

    Thanks mate I knew they’re wage bill would be higher didn’t realise it was as much as that! I don’t see them making the champions league
  10. Brackley Bluenose

    Can you smell it......

    What I don’t understand is why they’ve not spent any money really. I know they bought the striker but they got 7-8m for Armstrong so that was only a net loss of 3m. They have champions league money and sell on clause for VVD. They’ve kind of got us over a barrel a bit financially, so why are they seemingly self destructing? Can’t work it out.
  11. Brackley Bluenose

    Can you smell it......

    They’re on the cusp of full on meltdown over there after they get gubbed in Greece this week! Fucking brilliant
  12. Brackley Bluenose

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They lose on Tuesday and that’s a proper little crisis going on at Breezeblock Boulevard. Things do not seem well at all!
  13. Brackley Bluenose

    Young lads on our bus

    Superb post mate. Kind of put the hairs up on the back of my neck reading that. I know that feeling very well but some others, far younger than me, do not. Awesome.
  14. Brackley Bluenose

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Good riddance to the little prick, the kind of guy that will now backstab us with a parting message on one of his shitty social media platforms.
  15. Brackley Bluenose


    I’m more worried about being way too light at CB than midfield.