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  1. Brackley Bluenose

    No passion, no heart

    Both of you - spot on.
  2. Brackley Bluenose

    Lack of Real Quality

    Baby steps. Definitely got plenty to build on from here. I’m proud of what we’ve done in Europe this season given where we were at at the end of last season.
  3. Brackley Bluenose


    Load of pish calling out Tavernier. Proud we’ve given that a good go this season. Time to concentrate on bringing the league home where it belongs.
  4. Brackley Bluenose

    Loan players need to go

    The loan player model isn’t really working for us at all.
  5. Brackley Bluenose

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

  6. Brackley Bluenose

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    It is mental to observe how adults can swing in the wind so easily with their opinions from one weekend to the next. It’s fucking shite that we’ve dropped points this week but the truth is we’ll drop more, as will the tarriers. Hopefully get some new faces in through the door in January and sort out fucking disciplinary record out and I still think we’ve got a good chance.
  7. Brackley Bluenose

    Lack of movement

    You’re right but what compounds is it we have an array of central midfielders who only want to pass sideways or backwards. If you don’t have the capability to be able to look forward and play forward quickly they shouldn’t be playing for us. At one point today Ryan Jack tried to run with the ball and it was horrible to watch, ended up running into a player standing on his boot and giving a foul away.
  8. Brackley Bluenose

    Morelos discipline

    The fact that he’s such a maverick is both his fortune and his downfall. Unfortunately, he is proving too unreliable. He doesn’t have the willpower to stop himself from getting involved in confrontation. Anybody that has played the game will understand how much you’d love to play against someone like that because you know that he will react and there’s a high likelihood you can buy your team a man advantage by getting him sent off. Real shame because he’s such a threat when he’s on song.
  9. Brackley Bluenose

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Fancy them to get something at Tattie Dome Saturday as well.
  10. Brackley Bluenose

    January - We need three new strikers

    Does Morelos temperament and disciplinary record now put question marks on the kind of fee we could expect to command when he eventually goes as well? When it gets to the point that it’s costing his team points then there’s no doubt that becomes an issue.
  11. Brackley Bluenose

    It's not about being top of the league

    Gerrard being hammered for making changes to freshen up the team is mental 😂 breaking news: every manager in world football uses their squad especially when we’ve got a ridiculous amount of games in quick succession this month and having played with ten men for a huge chunk of Sunday’s game.
  12. Brackley Bluenose

    What A Surprise.

    I’m not for one second suggesting tonight’s performance is acceptable, the polar opposite, but unfortunately we will drop points like every other team do. There will be plenty more dropped as well. We are not at the level to expect to go on long winning or even undefeated streaks. Hopefully that will change but the league is too competitive now and we aren’t that much better than most of the other sides. Proof is in the league table. Still in a decent position, roll on the weekend.
  13. Brackley Bluenose

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    Coulibaly was lauded in here for weeks as being the second coming. Never once seen him play better than a 6 or 7 and I don’t remember the last time he wasn’t poor.
  14. Brackley Bluenose


    Really, really hard to pick a MOTM today but I though him and Ejaria were absolutely outstanding. That was a proper Gutsy performance!
  15. Brackley Bluenose

    Allan McGregor

    I take people’s point about the jumping ship stuff but you’re spot on his ability was never in question. Seems odd actually that he never played at a higher level in England. Could easily hold down a number one spot for a top half premier league team IMO.