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  1. Hearts are playing like they're competing for the league
  2. Davis a fraction of the player he was before January
  3. Right out of jail there 15mins to go to get a goal
  4. Even though we've been pish, this game has been tainted by that no-yellow handball Either teams are seriously raising their game against us...or we make them look good
  5. Jadams


    What a player ­čĹŹ
  6. An unbelievable goal, how many players...??
  7. Great win great goal. The right and desire was all there to see.
  8. We should be pumping st mirren with our reserve team, never mind 8 or 9 first team starters + Defoe and Patterson at RB Got to play ­čĹŹ
  9. "Could have easily gone either way" ­čśé
  10. Jadams


    And a brilliant defending header near the end from a deep ball iirc
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