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  1. Jadams

    Glen Kamara

    £50k incredible deal 👍
  2. "McGregor gets away with it time and time again...oh he's been sent off" Andy walker 🤔
  3. Only Andy Walker ! Oh and Chris mutton would have been same tbh
  4. 🤞5-0, a good thumping from us is long over due
  5. Are we back in the first round of Europa League qualifying if we come 2nd ?
  6. Great result, but defensively Motherwell were terrible
  7. Agreed 👍 Unfortunately I think the PR is irrevocable now
  8. His goal pushed his price up, his hook made it sky rocket 🥊
  9. Haven't read the full thread, but have Rangers said anything about the attack on our club captain ?
  10. Unreal stuff 👍 The scum will be upping their PR game to try and get him banned for anything in any game
  11. Jadams


    They've already had their two home cup finals this season and won neither 👍 nothing left to play for
  12. Hopefully we get 4 penalties The whole country would be frothing
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