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  1. We should be pumping st mirren with our reserve team, never mind 8 or 9 first team starters + Defoe and Patterson at RB Got to play ­čĹŹ
  2. "Could have easily gone either way" ­čśé
  3. Jadams


    And a brilliant defending header near the end from a deep ball iirc
  4. Aye he knew at that point that was the 3 points, as they're already played their dodgy goal and penalty cards already.
  5. The manky in the background slabbering away to himself about being top of the league ­čśů game in hand ya dick, see ya
  6. That corner was like a heat seeking missile for Katic's forehead
  7. Regardless of the sheep result, I think before December, most people would have taken the fact we took more points in December than the jungles did...and qualified for Europe after Christmas
  8. A pivotal moment in the game...and the entire season! The ears on that ugly cunt Christie did give it away though, those things have got a mind of their own
  9. Re the "no complaints", I got the impression that was specifically about the penalty and Morelos sending off...and nothing else.
  10. Scored that winner at Queen's Park in the 90th minute ­čśü
  11. That video gives me the chills Was too busy celebrating in the house to remember any highlights of it
  12. Jadams


    Worth every penny on that performance
  13. Let's get fucking into them the second half and come away with what we deserve
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