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  1. Jadams


    He's more intelligent than any other player on the pitch including ours. That's why he scored 20 times for England.
  2. Tap of the league They were absolute pish. Really like Greg Stewart, perfect for turgid Scottish teams like Hamilton that will put 10 behind the ball.
  3. Been rotten but 1-0 up What a player Morelos is, that centre half just bounced off him.
  4. Think I'd play the same team as Aberdeen but Helander instead of Katic, purely for this "tactical" reason Gerrard said around the Feyeenord game. Barker should come on too, they wouldn't have seen much of him in scouting so would probably terrify their defence
  5. Jadams

    Greg Stewart

    What position did he actually play ? Similar to Aefield but on the left ?
  6. Great game really enjoyed it. Brilliant result and always love seeing big Buff score
  7. They look much more likely to score than we do, lot of players on that pitch feart of getting stuck in. Still not convinced of the Helander 'red card' as much bt sport trying to tell me it was. Thought the boy knocked him off balance a little but it was a 50/50. And since when is a 50/50 header starting with a leading elbow to the head not a red card
  8. Great performance, looks really settles all of a sudden
  9. Wasn't over the line, there's a camera angle that proves it 😅 Much better second half. Thoroughly deserved it
  10. Some good words from Barker, hope he cracks on as he says 👍
  11. Why wouldn't Morelos play? Feyeenord won't know what will hit them
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