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  1. Stating the obvious - We need to defend.

    Warburton seemed to put on emphasis on defence both in terms of recruitment and game preparation. Recruitment wise we signed Danny Wilson and Bombscare Bob Kiernan (adding Hill & the eternally pish Senderos this season) and got rid of a fairly solid performer in Darren McGregor who, for me, was no Franco Baresi, but much better than what we have presently In training, there has clearly been no focus as we have been un-done with the same issues all the time - conceding weak goals at set pieces, lack of concentration and communication across the back line. Every successful Rangers team has had a solid back line as it's foundation and we will continue to struggle, as we did again last night, until we have both the right personnel and right coaching for our defence.
  2. Andy Halliday - He is one of us!

    I like the fact we have a fan in a shirt too. Too many tourist players in football as a whole. That said though, we would all love to do that job but it doesn't mean that we have the ability. Halliday has all the heart we want to see in a player but he is limited in his ability. Firstly, he is a natural wide player playing in CM. He isn't going to get a game out wide as it doesn't tie in with our style of play and also because we have better wide players. In the middle of the park he is left wanting on too many occasions for me. I know if he ever moved on it would be with a heavy heart but he isn't the level of player we need to take us back to the top - fan or no fan
  3. Bad players or bad tactics

    The theory of Warburton's style of play is lovely. The prospect us playing attractive football from the back excites me as much as I am sure it excites most supporters. The difficulty though is that there are only a few clubs in the world who can consistently do this and achieve success without having to vary their tactics. Basically you are looking at sides like Barcelona who are filled to the gunnels with world class players - side's who's keepers are as comfortable on the ball as most team's midfielders. The system worked for most of the first half of last season because we had markedly better and generally fitter players than most of the Championship. Another factor was that these sides didn't generally have the experience of lining up against a team that played in that way. However, form the 2nd half of last season teams learned to play against us and to shut our system down. The alarm bells on that were already ringing loudly by the time we won the league and they have been screaming out all of this season. With the exception of the cup semi last season against the filth we have been found out in the majority of the "big" games we have played. If Warburton thinks he can maintain this style with the existing group of players & get results he is delusional and that is a worry for us. Our quality of player is not and will not (at least in the foreseeable future) be at a level where we can play in this style. I would love to say that we could have style and results but I don't think our current level of player allows for this. We need results and he needs to find a new way of getting these form the players we have just now
  4. Neil McCann on MW's football style!

    McCann is spot on. I've always thought he would be good in a management and coach role. He had a great brain as a player and his knowledge of the game is outstanding. Garner signing has always been a bit of a baffling one when you look at our style & the level of investment - perhaps a bit of a panic buy?
  5. Barton Suspended three weeks

    Ridiculous decision to suspend for 3 weeks - bearing in mind also this will be on FULL pay. Really starting to see a number of chinks in the armour on Warburton's man management style here. He clearly has bitten off more than he can chew with JB. This is a time when we need the best of our squad together and pushing in the same direction as we dwindle down the league but instead the club (& manager) is turning this into a circus which will only distract the players form the task in hand
  6. I agree re not stooping to their level but of much more importance is that we actually put a decent display on the park against them. Time for the club to do our talking on the pitch
  7. Club 1872 Statement

    I think there is some merit in raising the fact that only a smashed toilet made the news but the demand to ban them form Ibrox just makes them look daft.
  8. The Gaffers vision?

    I think the signing of more "senior" players is as a result of a number of factors. Firstly, I think in reviewing last season, the lack of experienced heads in the team meant that on occasion we were looking for leaders in the dressing room when things weren't going so well. Bringing guys like Barton, Hill, Krancjar in has added that dynamic. Secondly, the manager has spoken a number of times recently about the current transfer market and the sums being spent down south and this will have had a significantly limiting effect on who we can bring in within our budget. We need battle-ready players to come in for our 1st season back in the top flight and our financial ability dictates that this will come form guys who are right at the start of their career (1st team career anyway) such as Rossiter and Jordan Thompson or players moving towards the latter stages of their career (Barton, etc). Thirdly (and linked to the above), the expectation is that we are back in the top flight and will be challenging for the title. To do that we need players desperate to win titles. Guys like Barton, Krancjar have enjoyed high profile careers but have a pretty much empty drawer at home where the medals to reflect their career should be. This is a last chance for them to add some major trophies to their career record. Fourthly, and again linked back to number 2, in signing older, high profile players we are further raising the profile of the club as a place where younger, hungry players will want to go if they are seeing guys like Barton going instead of playing in the EPL. Fifthly, the manger will also be looking at what has worked in the SPL in recent times and the clubs we are up against. The likes of the Sheep have filled their squad with experienced journeymen which has seen them do well in the last couple of years and it would be foolish to ignore that. Some youngers players struggled with the physicality last season (Odouwa as an example) so it may be he feels the need to have more experience in the squad to protect younger players. Personally, I think the balance is just about right within the squad in terms of the age range of players for the stage we are at. Over time I would absolutely like to see us in a position where we are producing our own younger players (or buying in younger players) but the aim just now is to make sure we come back with a bang and then look to kick on from there.
  9. Miller

    He has been completely rejuvenated this season under Warburton and whilst he might not play as regular a role next season in the first xi, he will continue to have a massively positive effect on the dressing room. hes an excellent pro and a great example to the younger players, not just as to what it takes to make it generally, but also what it takes to make it as a Ranger
  10. Journey over

    It has indeed but the journey is far from over. For us to be back we need to be back at the business end of the top league and we've yet to show we can take our place back there. the end of this season has shown that we are by far not the finished article and that we need to strengthen. hopefully we can do this and take our rightful place back at the top of the premier league
  11. Wilson or Keirnan

    Both - they are horrific individually and as a pairing
  12. It would be great to see a scheme like this although hard to implement due to the nature of current [layer contracts. Achieving something that rewards player performance as opposed to them merely turning up for a pya cheque would be a big step forward
  13. Good luck to Ian Black tonight

    Hope his side get pumped - piss poor excuse for a footballer and a cunt of a guy
  14. Late goals

    Our ability to push on for the full 90 minutes is one of the major differences between us under Warburton than under McCoist. That goes down to fitness in large part and a desire to win that seemed completely lacking last year in particular. That said, I would much rather see us put the game to bed earlier than we have in the recent games!
  15. Your Stance On Selling Our Players.

    There are arguably only about 5 or 6 clubs in the world (Barca, Bayern, R Madrid and 2-3 clubs in England) that are not "selling clubs", ie, where each player does not have a price that woudl be accepted for their players. Especially since the post-Bosman era, players are a commodity and commodities will be traded. We are much lower down the football foodchain than we once were - partly due to previous financial mis-management and partly due to the gulf created by our lack of TV revenue versus the major European league's getting great TV contracts. That means, like it or not, that every player will have their price, be it Wagge, Tav, etc. Our financial position is by no means secure in the long term given that we are surviving on loans and will be for the foreseeable future until a share issue comes along (and even then the share issue will have to cover the cost of the loans already granted). That makes us even more susceptible to bids from other clubs. The FM-style level of values that we place on our players isn't going to be what their true value is to the club as well. We have to remember where we are as a club and also the level of player we currently have on our books. Whilst is it far better than what we had over the year or 2 before, there are no Messi's or Ronaldo's in our current squad and the price at which we sell will be reflective of this.