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  1. Gerrard will be linked with every single job that will come up, we better get used to it.
  2. Rangers and Rossiter are not meant to be.
  3. Plays half a season at Bury without a niggle, wtf.
  4. Good spot, there is the title winning margin overturned right there with these results reversed.
  5. We used to get back to the car after the four of us were dotted all around Ibrox, sometimes you would have thought we had been at four different games, the opinions varied wildly.
  6. We dropped 8 points v Killie alone drew 3 times with Hibs, lost at Livi etc and fuck knows how many times they turned one point into 3 with 90 plus winners, there was no ability gap.
  7. Fair enough comments. his mate that sits next to him every single game may well have a totally different view, that's the beauty of football and I will make my own assumptions once I see the guy play.
  8. We seem to collect duds at an alarming rate, let's hope this is the last skipload of them now we are hopefully nurturing youths and signing sensibly.
  9. I am looking forward to the first penalty shootout involving VAR it will take about an hour with all the fucking around.
  10. Yip, You can see a broken arm or leg, but not the demons inside someone's head, the family left behind are the ones picking up the pieces, rip Steph.
  11. Where did Cadden go? I thought he was going to be really good but he tapered off a bit.
  12. If Lampard makes a good go of the Chelsea gig, EPL eyes will be fluttered at Gerrard, as a young manager cut from the same cloth.
  13. pcbear

    Jordan Jones

    I never knew he was a Geordie or a North of England person.
  14. My thoughts as well, the club are prob doing a timeline on it and will want the exclusive on it is the only reason I can think of, as you say harsh dismissal.
  15. Cheers, Coopers lay off v Aberdeen there
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