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  1. I seen a bit of that, Brentford were rapid on the break and could have gave Leeds a right doing.
  2. He is scrapping for a role in our most overstaffed position, which is unlucky for him but fortunate for us, has the potential to be a regular in the future but atm there is better in front of him.
  3. Why is that strip about, migraine inducing stuff, Hummel take note we like them traditional.
  4. We were going to sign that guy every season but it never happened, even when he played for Dumbarton.
  5. Fuck Jock Stein and Davie Hay was the first line of the one we sung.
  6. pcbear


    He looked terrible when he first arrived without match fitness, looks good now, as does the rest of our midfield.
  7. Hearts used to do this to us not so long ago, that was an excellent team performance today that if we went anywhere near that level in the games we fucked up it would be us at the top looking down
  8. What height is Ant? Glenn M is a titch and seems to be towering over him.
  9. A decent bit of footage of the games on the official site would not go amiss, Elfs reports are excellent and in infinite detail and prob all most of us have for updates but it would be good to catch up on the action.
  10. I remember his agent saying he was too good to play for us at the time of signing and would soon be a 20m pound player, did we sign his brother?
  11. Correc, they are pro footballers for a reason they are good at it, I reckon it is more of a mental thing than anything else, it's one thing strutting your stuff in the comfort zone, plenty wilt under the pressure and far less thrive. It's a tricky one to get right, and the proven mentally tough players that can do the business are way out of our price range so roll the dice and you might get a Morelos or a Webster.
  12. Every signing is a Gamble regardless of the money paid or country of origin and reputation counts for nothing until they are out there on the grass showing us what they are all about, We do seem to get more than our share who for whatever reason can not cut it.
  13. Did the papers get the wrong player when they said Arfield was on their radar? I like both Jack and Arfield and hope they are around Govan for a while yet.
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