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  1. What a game?

    The guy stopping the free kick being taken never fancied the scrap, what a tit, ref was loving the red cards.
  2. Chelsea again kick off with no Englishmen in the team they have 4 Spaniards starting which is only one less than Barca.
  3. Still only 21 goals in 18 games, don't your strikers bring their club form to International matches? The strikers you mention are good players but the goal return is poor, don't you agree?
  4. I think they are being a little disrespectful in automatically dismissing Morelos. If your team is so top heavy with quality strikers how come Columbia only scored 21 goals in 18 games which is a pretty shite return considering three teams that finished below Columbia in the group scored way more goals 27,26 and 26.
  5. Greg Docherty

    The ball he rifled over when Morelos hit the bar with a header was class, we are getting closer to having a decent squad and who to leave out has not been an issue for a good few seasons with Jack and Dorrans still to come its looking bright.
  6. Legends match - 24th March at Ibrox

    Yea that's the one, Bain, Mather, Wallace, Green, Llambias i'm sure were all CEO's at our club, anymore for the rogues gallery?
  7. Jordan Rossiter

    If he has a long football career I will be surprised, albeit if he ever does get fully fit he can add two years on at the end. When he does get sort of fit and start a game he must be shitting himself wondering which body part is going to give up during the 90.
  8. David Bates

    Agreed, our goals against have been much improved with him in the team, he is young, reliable and can defend, he is worth a contract alright, how much and how long I will leave to the people experienced in dealing with such issues.
  9. Legends match - 24th March at Ibrox

    Ive forgot that guys name between AM and Traynor, anyone?
  10. West Brom players steal a taxi

    Great idea when you are mangled, no so smart next day.
  11. School photo

    Only one person in that photo wearing the correct uniform.
  12. School photo

    Not special K though.
  13. They have tried their hardest touting him the last three windows with no takers, Tierney is not half the player they think he is, again no offers.
  14. Rangers related picture thread

    Is that Galloway?