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  1. Pass Marks

    What could he have done better? first goal Cardoso miss kicked two feet in front of him fuckin Maldini would not have read that, 2nd was a super pass and finish, harsh imo.
  2. It actually does matter, if its illegal and gets tugged for a retake there is no goal ffs. The sequence of events you describe are spot on but retake there is no sequence of events so imo it matters plenty.
  3. He just loves acting the cunt at every opportunity.
  4. Griffiths seldom had the ball between the lines and the one that led to the goal was way outside it, its prob been done to death here but i'm just on.
  5. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Class act, we are still in this, i can see Miller on for Morelos soon.
  6. Alves

    Alves has been signed for his experience and quality but has a habit of being red carded in derby matches, a half fit Alves sent off kicking out in frustration is better out the way, if he wants to use his tried and tested physio/doctor whatever so be it, its no big deal imo.
  7. T Shirts are spot on but with one major flaw, the little size label is green and white!!
  8. Pena

    Ace in the hole tomorrow, mark my words.
  9. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    Every one of your bench will start tomorrow.
  10. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    Whoever steps into our defence tomorrow needs to step up with 100% focus and play the game of their lives, McCrorie deserves a slot and this could be the making of him. Danny Wilson as well somewhere along the line?
  11. SPFL statement

    They are off their fuckin heads with an appetite for obsession that knows no bounds, I am quite glad that I don't understand what goes on in their heads, I am a passionate Rangers fan and I could not give one single fuck about their team/club.
  12. Those who understand need no explanation, Those who don't understand don't matter.
  13. SPFL statement

    Bullseye, that's a scary amount of money, the biggest thing ever though was the amount of grief every single one of us went through, you can not put a price on that misery.