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  1. I bet there have been more Rangers players capped for Scotland than tims.
  2. He just crashed his Ford Fiesta.
  3. They paid 10 million for him he only played a handful of games for Chelsea and I don't even think he scored a goal, the situation is nothing like Gilmours.
  4. EPL royalty, behave ffs Chelsea's record for bringing youngsters through considering they have the pick of the stall is shocking, the amount of kids they hoover up every season will make having that on your cv pretty worthless.
  5. Warburton probably said that at a Notts Forest presser out of habit.
  6. You have confused me, you said they develop them to sell on, if its not for financial reasons why would you do that?
  7. How much did they pay for and how much did they receive, btw its a piss poor list considering the hoover up 100s of "wonderkids" McEachran was at Chelsea since he was 7 years of age, was on loan for 5 seasons at different clubs and was eventually sold to Brentford for an undisclosed fee 750k mentioned, its not a lot for someone nurtured for 15/16 years, for every one they get money for loads will just disappear foc.
  8. This all day long, for every 100 "wonderkids" maybe one will make a career out of football.
  9. Can you name me some of them ?
  10. Superbly talented but probably no more so than another 30 guys kicking around Chelseas training ground, we will never know if he would have made it here so if its 500k for a skelf of potential with maybe sell on clauses inserted and if he does not want to be here so be it, I think we got Gattuso under similar circumstances so its swings and roundabouts.
  11. I can't imagine that was easy to organise but what a feelgood story that gets Joshs plight slap bang in the public eye. Big up to all involved.
  12. For all us without twitter, give us the list, is it as long as the Pedros pal list?
  13. Ashley and his cohorts had plenty time to draft a watertight contract aided and abetted by all the cunts in the boardroom at the time making sure every t was crossed and i's were dotted and any potential loophole negated, so its a bit unfair to say Ashley has run rings round King, a bit like a man in a wheelchair giving Bolt a 50m start in a 100m race.
  14. The guy who organised that whole thing is a poster from RM, we have some genuine good guys in our support and Stan is certainly one, I don't know the guy at all but his actions makes him a top man imo. Fernando is but a shadow of the man he was but it shows you the character of the man to be travelling to and fro regularly when it would be much much easier to stay at home feeling sorry for himself, its not his way though, MN is one evil disease.
  15. Govan Rear is dearer than the front, and gets more expensive the nearer to the halfway line you are, not sure how much the rear is bang on halfway.