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  1. I'm in Turkey atm I assume a bar will pick up a Polish station so hopefully should watch this.
  2. England getting the Yardies in to launch near 100mph missiles at Smith, I'm also surprised more people in the crowd don't get injured when 6's are fired into them, that would give you some dunt if you are not paying attention.
  3. pcbear

    Left back

    Barasic should have been the man but a Croatian internationalist of obvious quality just looks poor in a Rangers jersey, why? fuckedifano.
  4. I never got the Fleck hype, he looks neat and tidy at Sheff Utd but Aribo has done more quality stuff in a few weeks than Fleck ever done, he did score a few crackers v them in a kids game at Hampden and I think that's where the next Wayne Rooney stuff came from.
  5. first seen him v Motherwell and thought exactly the same, he is made of Andy Carroll /Jack Wilshere material which is a shame because he would have been a proper footballer.
  6. Jamie Ness is at Dundee as well, never knew he was there.
  7. pcbear

    Joe Aribo

    Quality footballer and gaining confidence by the game.
  8. 😄Tell you what though, I thought Dougie Bell would have been brilliant for us, I called that one wrong.
  9. Remember that one over the last few seasons quoted by most pundits as none, we might want to reverse that stat now.
  10. He takes up some excellent goal scoring positions, he does not always get the ball but when we are attacking he is thereabouts sniffing looking for a pass to finish. and his finishing is decent.
  11. pcbear


    The last few games show that he does not have to be "Mr Angry" to have an edge to his game. The nutmeg king.
  12. pcbear

    The Goals

    2nd was brilliant, Jack robbing the Dane of the ball simple pass to Kamara who slipped it to Arfield who bombed forward at pace won a 60/40 against found Morelos whose first touch was off but regained control to put in Ojo who finished clinically, loved that one.
  13. He can go just where he wants if assists like last night are part of his game, that break inc the tackle and bounce up to thread the ball through was outstanding.
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