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  1. pcbear

    Scotland v England U21s

    Another belter of a hit.
  2. pcbear

    Scotland v England U21s

    Hardly getting a kick here, England look bigger and better all round.
  3. pcbear

    David Bates

    0-0 h-t, it is on you tube, I only caught the last 10 of the first half but it was pretty much all England pressure, Middleton on for the second half.
  4. pcbear

    Stewart Robertson - Fair Play

    It is also 100% factual.
  5. A simple message from the club/ Hummel/jd stating manufacturing problems due to unprecedented demand along with some dates when they will be available would be ever so helpful.
  6. pcbear

    Bluenoses are born not manufactured

    I spotted that one, Copland Streetwear has it the other way around on their wall art quote "same as my one"
  7. pcbear

    Bluenoses are born not manufactured

    I am more concerned my lines 3 and 4 are in the wrong order, I have all sorts of quotation marks, commas on my real thing, thanks for the heads up though.
  8. pcbear

    Scotland v Portugal

    Steve Clarke will be their next manager.
  9. I have wall art at home with this on. Bluenoses are born not manufactured We do not choose we are chosen. Those who understand need no explanation Those who don't understand don't matter. I have seen loads of stuff with this on, canvas prints and phone cases etc with line four in the line three position, which order would you put them in?
  10. pcbear

    Scotland v Portugal

    The ones with short memories, that would have been a disaster.
  11. pcbear

    Scotland v Portugal

    What sort of attendance at the game?
  12. pcbear

    Scotland v Portugal

    Hampden will be bursting at the seams tonight.
  13. pcbear

    The "h*ns"

    I defo remember" Go home ya H***" belted out by the full Rangers support at the scum streaming out of the ground after we had beaten them, just how that got turned on its head and directed our way is a mystery to me.
  14. pcbear

    Our crowds early 80's

    79-22k 80-20k 81-18k 82-17k 83-22k 84-21k 85-25k 86-36k (Souness time) 87-38k