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  1. Cracking big old school guy, rest easy big man.
  2. Keep me posted on the release date, it sounds entertaining.
  3. I have an exercise bike in my man cave and my half hour flies by if watching anything Bears related on youtube, i seem to find a different one every other day now Battle Fever/Two Lads/and a few more whose name i cant remember. All on the same format of a couple or three guys chewing the fat over all things Rangers to be fair they are all pretty decent and i seen one last night when a guy (Scott) had an interview with Jim Hannah who had an interesting tale to tell, then you have Heart and Hand who i subscribe to but they dont pop up on you tube and four lads which i have not seen there either, Any more you recommend ? I like the chat format rather than the single one shouting at his web cam.
  4. Lucky my password and details were saved or i would have been fucked with no clue of them and a sale would be gone, its great with new sites but sometimes us cavemen just need a simple a b c, the designers sometimes assume the users are as clued up as them but it is usually the exact opposite, sorry mate that does not help you and if you email them you will get the standard covid 19 blah blah.
  5. Good info, i got there in the end and purchased, i had to login though which i had not done before so prob my non techy head fault, but if they are trying to flog stuff to anyone without a Rangers number it should be simplified, or a message on the page where it says no memberships available instructions to point you the right way.
  6. No memberships available when i tried to purchase.
  7. Bump for this, mon bears he was a goodun.
  8. pcbear


    I was going to join there, after clicking buy now it went to a page that said no memberships available.
  9. Just read that there, all the best Scott and hope everything turns out on the good side.
  10. That should have been a booking for Fernandez imo.
  11. And we will be dressed smart as fuck.
  12. All these designery people near put me to sleep as did Bisgrove.
  13. Well well, thats came back to bite their hairy arses.
  14. Wtf did you think was going to happen you stupid cunt,
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