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  1. Andy Smilie would be my choice.
  2. I agree Ryan Jack should be our next captain, this is what the thread is about is it not.
  3. Durham spouts to cause controversy and get his phone's ringing, he would have no qualms doing the same to us if Defoe had bagged the winner.
  4. I persevered with this shite game and my now tv lost signal 10 minutes ago at 1-0 , 1-3 now ffs.
  5. There is nothing not to like about it, sensible chat from proper bears.
  6. I have been wondering all day long just how the fuck did we manage to lose that game.
  7. pcbear


    Forster was never getting beat yesterday, it was just one of those days.
  8. Loyalty is our password fuck me the defeatists are preparing for ifs buts may byes.
  9. pcbear


    The ref/lino never had a clear view of it to be fair.
  10. A blind man can see the top to tail improvement at our club, it never happened today but we were miles better but hey that's football, still a gutter but what does not kill you makes you stronger.
  11. And your suggestion is what exactly? manager swap ffs wise up, if you do answer this chuck us a name.
  12. Kent is a good player I hope he is hurting like fuck after not showing his true worth today, and burning to make amends.
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