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  1. It ain't to hard though is it, he has been gone weeks now. Question - Do you want to work with the Rangers? Answer - yes/no delete as appropriate. Same question for a manager, any mm, eh or maybe move on.
  2. Aye and scratched past Motherwell done 7-2 by Dolly.
  3. I think negativity breeds negativity, after a drama or a shit result its best to give the bears den a wide berth or you will be rifling the cutlery drawer for the sharpest one.
  4. I would think most fans would like a look at the games, even a weekly half hour round up (training, interviews and match highlights would tick the boxes) the official coverage is nigh on non existent.
  5. He was interviewed for the post so that alone tells me he is interested, otherwise why apply/go along?
  6. The amount of shite players with attitude to match that Warburton signed is scary.
  7. I think at the moment where we are Neil Warnock would be a perfect fit.
  8. Good luck Frank.
  9. He will be safe enough here then.
  10. Robertson said that when interviewed last week, Jim White does ma tits in on talksport fawning over every guest, its embarrassing Jim back off a bit.
  11. Even Big Wayne Shaw would not eat that pie.
  12. I think loads of our fans underestimate the amount of quality applicants that would love to come to our club, in whatever role/position
  13. I just read that the job has been offered to Ross Wilson (newsnow Rangers)
  14. That's the way to spell it, my spellings fine when sober.
  15. Within around 10 seconds of the kick off the Dundee striker missed a sitter, Tavernier was everywhere except where he should have been, Hodson turned his back on the ball for the first goal (he stands square on and the ball hits him) and BM done exactly the same at the free kick for the 2nd.