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  1. Gary and Phils late dad was called Neville Neville god knows how that came about?
  2. That little shimmy in the 1st half leaving two defenders for dead was class, yip he has had a stormer so far.
  3. My pint glass that was down to the dregs after the Europa farce is now half full again
  4. That one passed me by as well, 1 -0 Rangers 2008 Charlie Adam blasted a shot which battered off Novo for the goal, Jig had about 10 shots at goal.
  5. This exactly, its been a solid performance giving me quiet optimism.
  6. My stream was perfect now its gone. help.
  7. He might be a better goalie than winger.
  8. We missed a trick there a good wide player with plenty goals in him.
  9. I just had a quick look on the page there £1690 atm.
  10. D Ferguson/I Ferguson and Durrant should have been our midfield trio bossing games for seasons on end, for one reason and another it just never happened. Ferguson was a classy footballer.
  11. Imo there are plenty good goalies around, Wes is ok but costs us loads of goals, any decent money should be taken.
  12. Sergio has had a taste of glory I think he will be thereabouts.
  13. Andy Robertson who looked excellent for Queens Park a few times against us was blanked and now heading to Liverpool for 8m.
  14. Like James McArthur he could have been nabbed for 500k a couple of seasons ago