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  1. I just youtubed that, first time I have see a nutmeg at the rugby, his little disguise passes are suberb fuck knows how his team mates expect them.
  2. Maverick, he trys and executes some outrageous moves on the park.
  3. Just had a look on flashscores to see what matches were on today, a whole load of friendlies have been played, you can guess who scored one for Osijek.
  4. I wish it was the big useless Brazilian centre half they used to have that chucked something, classic headline right there.
  5. pcbear

    Just think...

    We need players like Kent to be consistant when we are men down, he was miles off it last night.
  6. Than Over a 3/10 Flannagan yip every time for me, he is fuckin rotten, I bet he passed more to a Saints player than his own team mates tonight.
  7. Not playing Patterson imo was an error, flat as fuck down the rhs.
  8. My link went on to that game just as the thumb scored, goalie was shite.
  9. We will have to do this ourselves and rely on favours from nobody, (Livingstone away was a nice little bonus) but that will not happen too often, keep 100% focused ignore all around and win, simple eh!
  10. That is a tough one, RIP young Ayden, the family facebook post nailed it.
  11. WBA and Leeds are trying their level best to fuck up promotion in the last 10 games between the pair of them there has been one win 6 draws and 3 defeats.
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