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  1. I spoke to my mate this morning who got chucked out by the bouncers because he was so drunk, he ended up in a hospital in Paddington getting a brain scan (they never found one)after falling and clattering his head at Charing Cross station, he was ok and got discharged early this morning. Early kick offs/drink and little if any food is a dangerous no win tricast.
  2. I think he had been tranquillised, just when you needed a battling in your face performance he done fuck all which was exactly the same as Waghorn, he must have tossed a coin at half time to hook one of them.
  3. He is only stirring Warburtons duds atm, but so was Murty for his few games in charge, that was so fuckin tame and lacklustre today, shit performance top to tail.
  4. I watched the match today in the Walkabout at the Temple, Iain Ferguson was in there, what a cunt of a game.
  5. that the one? or an educated guess.
  6. So would I but my concern is that he wont "keep the heid" yellow carded first challenge then tip toeing around until the next lunge and off.
  7. Not much "exuberance" from the green end today.
  8. 5% of that, I was 86 quid to the good after the national, kept a little bit back for ale.
  9. You can discount most of that time as we were not around.
  10. is that guy that had the great got in without a ticket story.
  11. I am way overdue a payout on this fixture, my heart rules my head every single time, I think the odds were equally as generous a year ago but paid out on 90 minutes only, so I lost that one but it certainly never felt like a loss.
  12. Very generous imo, I have just lumped my grand national winnings on there, that's with PP don't know what the others are offering.
  13. We will have no chance.