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  1. pcbear


    Air hostess style?
  2. Just for walking on the Queens highway.
  3. pcbear

    Kenny Miller leaves Livingston

    David Hopkin done well there and got them promoted, where did he end up?
  4. pcbear

    Kenny Miller leaves Livingston

    He seemingly can not count on many in theTony Macaroni stadium who think he is pastas best.
  5. pcbear


    Remember the first one who got a game for Southampton when Souness was manager he was not a footballer at all, came on as sub and was then hauled off,
  6. pcbear


    One of Tom Millers better ones. Back to Sadiq you reckon he might be George Weahs 2nd cousin?
  7. pcbear

    Borna Barisic

    If it being replaced it should be with grass.
  8. pcbear

    Phillipe Sandler

    If you are better that Goldson or Katic you will get a game theres your guarantee right there.
  9. pcbear


    Whilst also guaranteeing your investment, bit like Wilfred Zaha signing a new CP deal last week he will be gone long before the deal is up but Palace will rake in 70-80m for his transfer.
  10. pcbear

    Kyle Lafferty

    Will be chomping at the bit, good little player.
  11. pcbear

    "Setback plus Thank You"

    Im sure we could get together on here and get you the best seat/box in the house after a slap up meal or whatever takes your fancy. Best of luck pal.
  12. pcbear

    Borna Barisic

    A rocking Ibrox is a big selling point. If you are used to plying your trade in front of 10-15k it would blow you away, add to that Aucenhowie, Gerrard and that package makes us an attractive place to be playing your football.
  13. pcbear

    Borna Barisic

    As a fanbase we are way too quick to hand out hero status, the true legends of our club earned the respect over many seasons but I know football has changed and one club. even long term men will be few and far between, it was a tidy debut and he looks a player and I hope he fulfils his football dreams here, but like everyone it would take only one phonecall from a megabucks EPL payday then it is goodbye, but if that day comes we will not be sold short on the valuation placed on him by our club so win/win.
  14. pcbear

    Mark Allen Interview.

    Football is all about fate, if Pedro had done enough to get by he would still be here and we would be fucked like wise with Murty if he had made a fist of the job we would also be fucked, and if McInnes had got the gig make that a tri cast. The way things slotted into place with Gerrard tells me it was meant to be.