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  1. He actually never unless you were watching different ones to me.
  2. The goalies are howling.
  3. Gibson and Jamieson I thought had been released.
  4. None of whom we have as yet signed.
  5. Some tasty players being linked but i will be much happier when they are standing on the club crest at Auchenhowie with the scarf above their head telling the press how delighted they are to have singed for the famous.
  6. Good player.
  7. The axe needed swinging, lets hope the stock of some of the English ones are still high and they can be shifted asap. Warburton might have them job lot.
  8. Could have had him for sweeties when at Hamilton, good player and a Rangers fan but considered not good enough!
  9. I thought he was nailed on for the Sunderland gig.
  10. Huge error by Souness that was, he strolled it for a couple of seasons after that, Tugay was a player Advocaat thought was done but played in the EPL for about 6 seasons after us.
  11. Correct, getting played like mugs here. I am signing for Rangers/i am not signing for Rangers, fuckin simple. If i want to be baffled i will head for rhe cryptic crossword.
  12. He works with HMRC.(These fuckers know everything about everyone) Just how much money do people need? this is not aimed at Dorrans but ffs the normal man in the street would have to work a year to earn what they get in one single week, 10 years in the case of the top top earners, and that is just wrong, gas/electric/water/groceries etc all cost us the same, so what do they do with their dough?
  13. If that's the case pull the plug now, he aint going to drop whatever % and equally we are not going to double/treble our offer.
  14. Derek McInnes