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  1. Did she take it back or do you still have it?
  2. Pining for these days, hope Gerrard has all the players tuning in, this is the team you play for.
  3. Barry Ferguson was a top top footballer.
  4. I have the one Sandy Jardine is wearing framed on my wall signed by him, Greig/Stein/W Johnston/Doddie and Big Peter.
  5. A title can only be awarded when it has been won/earned not just gifted to the club who are at the top of the league when strange times came along, I am no mathematician but sport being sport where upsets are pretty common place the eventual winners could be us, in not too many games after the break we have had a horror show, they might have had a similar fuck up on the resumption of the league, if it was impossible to reach the points total of the top team fair enough but it is a long wat from that, DMc stfu.
  6. You know what, all the time everything is rolling smoothly along, the powers that be can just about manage to keep things running, but stray off the beaten track and they have to think a bit on their feet then you see just how clueless the people in charge are, this is not just football but life in general.
  7. glad you did, took me a minute to catch on but nice one.
  8. I take it that's Ally's maw, she is his double.
  9. I have a bit of sympathy with the players, you are absolutely spot on with the wage comparison but the EPL has created a monster and obscene money for average players is the norm but they are never going to knock it back though, if your agent gets a player a three year deal at 50k a week he is never going to reply , naw fuck that I will take 10. The reset button will be pressed on life inc football after this tails off and imo with the unknown threat of a covid-20 or 21 maybe coming along and wrecking season after season no way will the tv packages on offer be anywhere like the mental money thrown about now. Anyone watching sky/bt atm? I certainly aint, the fall out from this season will be interesting as the clubs in the EPL may be in breach of contract to their cash cows.
  10. Antti Neimi likes this, he should have been capped for Scotland though ( anyone got that classic phone in clip?)
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