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  1. I think you might be correct, Morelos is not though so that's good.
  2. The honeymoon period is well and truly over, not a single one of us wanted him to fail but its looking like that is exactly what is going to happen, just like the start of last season all of my hopes and expectations are fading swiftly.
  3. You takin the piss or what.
  4. Neil Warnock should have been our manager now, even short term he would have put us straight, while the net was cast.
  5. Hibs came here last week pumped to the eyeballs, Hearts parked the bus, we better get used to both scenarios pretty swiftly. On a side note after the adrenalin buzz of Ibrox Hibs were spanked by Accies on their own patch.
  6. Neil Warnock is the man we should have had instead of Pedro.
  7. It was, Millers in the crosshairs atm though.
  8. I just looked it up there John Duncan scored 2 Scott 1.
  9. Was not my first one but I remember one cup game at Stranraer? for some reason it was a midweek daytime game so we stayed off school and took ourselves down there, our PE teacher was linesman that day and spotted the lot of us stood by the cornerflag. Next day at school he had a word with us but never told anyone higher so we got away with that one.
  10. I have pretty much written off the last two lots of shares purchased, not fortunes but still close to 1000 pounds and worth what now?,I would need some convincing to go again.
  11. 65,000 there and Dundee manager was Davie White.
  12. And a hooker
  13. I remember big Lanliq and Eldorado bottles being lobbed about at random, I would much rather have a bit of paper bounce off my head.