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  1. Tony Pulis

    K missing.
  2. Tony Pulis

    There is already 3 ex EPL managers in the SPL another in the post?
  3. MOH

    Aye goals aplenty, we probably enjoyed them way more.
  4. Tony Pulis

    Santa Pulis?
  5. new share issue.

    That's spot on, I lumped in twice and now the shares are now worth next to nothing so I will swerve this one unless convinced otherwise.
  6. Ryan Hardie

    Correct, even if Hardie done fuck all that would be exactly the same as Herrera has done in near every appearance. he has a bit of pace about him bulked up a bit and certainly knows where the goals are, mystery to me.
  7. Craig levein

    And mine today
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    What happened there ma?
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Nearly, another three to goI never seen that one coming.
  10. Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    Craig Levein anyone?
  11. Cardoso

    Correct, by a mile.
  12. Steve Clarke

    He is not the perfect candidate but they are a bit thin on the ground (non existent) but he is tried and tested plus as someone posted he has experience at big clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool, not the worst shout and its obvious we need someone asap to get us solid before 17-18 is a write off. No more fanciful gambling from the board please (and no Eck to take us the wrong way)
  13. Full rebuild required

    We seem to have a habit of collecting players nobody else will pay for in fact we will end up chucking money at them to fuck off, its not a recent thing only as we have been doing it for years, name me one other club anywhere in football that ends up repeatedly in the same situation, McCoist/Warburton and Caxinha all equally guilty, all the moves for everyone from Kyle to Pena sanctioned from upstairs, I get the shivers thinking about the shite that have had a peg in our dressing room. 12 yard skip required for Ibrox every close season (level load only) "sorry driver we just topped it up a bit"